10 facts that a patient with pancreatitis should know

11.04.2020 Medicine
10 facts that a patient with pancreatitis should know

1. Pancreatitis is acute and chronic. The first is less common. Pancreatitis is considered chronic for a duration of more than six months. During this time, periods of exacerbation alternate with remission, but in general, the work of the pancreas is constantly dying away, since the disease slowly but surely affects the tissues of the organ. In acute form, the gland can recover almost completely.

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2. Pancreatitis has a progressive character: with each subsequent exacerbation, inflammation spreads over large sections of the organ and damages it more and more.

3. Pain is a key symptom of pancreatitis. But by its strength it is impossible to judge the degree of damage to the pancreas, because with necrosis, the discomfort decreases due to the death of nerve endings.

4. Three key principles for the treatment of acute pancreatitis are cold, hunger and rest. Before the doctors arrive, you should absolutely not drink or eat anything. It should lie down, in the presence of vomiting - only on its side. To reduce pain, you can squeeze your knees to your stomach or place cold on your stomach by pouring ice into a bag or into a plastic bottle.

5. In the acute form of pancreatitis, the use of enzyme preparations is prohibited. During this period, they are able to aggravate the course of the disease.

6. With a mild form of pancreatitis, it is often enough to starve for two to three days. In severe pathology, the time needed to be increased. During fasting, only boiled water or mineral water without gas is allowed. When the condition improves, non-edible crackers with tea, slimy rice broth, liquid mashed potatoes are allowed. Protein products (cutlets, steam omelet, low-fat cottage cheese) are introduced last.

7. Chronic pancreatitis is incurable, but with proper therapy, you can achieve long-term remission. The first and main thing is the strictest diet, excluding fatty, fried, spicy and alcohol.

8. The worst mistake is to" get used to "the constant pain that is characteristic of chronic pancreatitis, and self-medicate. Over time, due to disturbances in the work, the pancreas turns into a continuous scar, stops producing enzymes. If this happens for a long time, the pathology can develop into cancer.

9. At the recovery stage and during remission, but not during exacerbation, it is useful to massage the average daily part of the sole on the feet - there are reflex points. This stimulates the pancreas to produce its own enzymes and accelerates the elimination of toxins from the body.

10. It’s important to remove from life habits that trigger pancreatitis - alcohol abuse, smoking and unhealthy diet (fried, spicy, fatty).


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