The mechanism of human recovery starts. Memory improves, cardiovascular activity and general well-being normalize. When instead of the usual 3 thousand calories, we consume 1000, the body will immediately take the missing calories from our fat reserves. This will not do any harm.

Fasting day is not fasting, but reducing calories. There are very tasty and easy diets for such days, these are the so-called well-fed days. The basis of them is protein. Such days are easier to carry, the effect of them is no less than that of the rest. Not everyone is ready for a sharp change in nutrition. Suitable for nursing mothers.

1. Meat day. Choose lean meats (chicken breast, veal, etc.). The body will receive all the necessary substances, especially protein, which is useful for muscle mass. You can add a vegetable side dish to the meat, but not potato. Tea without sugar or decoctions of herbs, berries, such as rose hips. Menu for the day:

  • boiled meat - 500 gr.;
  • vegetable side dish - 300 gr.;
  • tea or broth - 600 ml;
  • water (still) - as much as you want.

Meat should be divided into five servings. We drink liquid at every meal. For lunch and dinner, eat meat with a side dish. In other receptions without a side dish.

Dinner at 18-00. We cook without salt and sugar.

2. Curd day. When you use curd, the feeling of fullness remains for a long time. This is the maximum nourishment for the body, rich calcium , minerals and, of course, proteins. There are several options:

  • Cottage cheese and fruits, such as apples (0.5 kg of cottage cheese and 2 green apples).
  • Cottage cheese and sour cream (700 g and 50 g. Sour cream).
  • Cottage cheese and berries (650 gr. And 1 glass of berries).
  • Cottage cheese and meat (500 gr. TV. and 250 gr. lean meat).

3. Combined fasting day. This is a very satisfying day. You can eat cheese, coffee, sugar, soft-boiled eggs, low-fat cottage cheese.

  • In the morning - 100 gr. cheese and a glass of coffee with sugar.
  • For lunch 2 eggs and coffee, with or without sugar, as you wish.
  • For dinner 200 gr. cottage cheese.

During fasting days, do not forget to drink teas or decoctions as much as you want. Light fitness also does not hurt.

Before a fasting day, a light dinner is allowed, you need to enter the fasting day correctly. The exit is no less important. You can have breakfast with vegetable soup.

With the help of these days, you can gradually switch to proper nutrition. Get rid of the habit of overeating. It is enough to do fasting days once a week for one day or 3 days in a row once a month. This is a wonderful vacation for the whole body. And cheerfulness and good mood are definitely guaranteed to you.