6 things that happen to the body after quitting alcohol

09.04.2020 Medicine
6 things that happen to the body after quitting alcohol

Alcohol is very insidious. He slowly mows up the health of even those who do not abuse it. If a person, after a couple of drunk glasses of wine or a cocktail the next morning, looking in the mirror, observes a swollen face and dry skin, and also catches himself with the thought that he really wants to eat and drink, it's time to sound the alarm. Refusal of alcohol will help to improve physical fitness. Within a couple of weeks after the complete exclusion of such drinks from your life, you will be able to see significant changes.

Getting rid of extra pounds

Abuse of alcohol often leads to weight gain. Ethyl alcohol inhibits metabolism. It is high-calorie, and also at times increases appetite. Sweet liquors are considered especially harmful from the point of gaining extra pounds. Beer contains a lot of carbohydrates and also negatively affects the metabolism. After refusing alcohol, the liquid is better excreted from the body, swelling subsides. After a week of absolutely sober life and proper nutrition, you can notice how the arrow on the scales confidently crawls down. Alcohol interferes with weight loss, so its use is contraindicated during almost any diet.

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Improving the condition of the skin and hair

Within a few days after a complete rejection of alcohol, you can notice an improvement in the condition of the skin, and a little later the hair begins to “come to life”. Explaining change is very simple. Alcohol strongly dehydrates the body. The liver reacts to poison very quickly and processes ethyl alcohol in the shortest possible time, after which the kidneys are also connected. Their work is aimed at removing decomposition products. The body loses a lot of fluid, resulting in premature wrinkles, dry skin. Hair becomes dull and brittle. The fluid exchange is disturbed, because of which there are bags under the eyes, the face swells. After refusing alcohol, the skin becomes more elastic, vibrant. Its color improves, small wrinkles disappear.

Achieving emotional and physical stability

Alcohol is addictive. Once in the body, it provokes a surge of energy, joy, positive emotions. When a period of restrictions sets in, a sharp breakdown occurs, and the state becomes suppressed. Such emotional leaps cannot but affect physical and mental health. A person becomes irritable, aggressive, quickly gets tired, even if he does nothing. Sleep problems may begin. After giving up alcohol, everything changes. The body's reserves are replenished. The man again feels a surge of strength, emotional stability. Sleep becomes strong and full, fatigue decreases. The quality of life is greatly improved.

Lowering blood pressure

After giving up alcohol, blood pressure gradually returns to normal. Against the background of drinking alcohol, hypertension is often observed, many people have heart problems. With alcohol abuse, the heart muscle cannot function normally and pump blood. All organs and systems suffer from this. Positive changes in the state of health can be noted within a couple of weeks after the complete abandonment of alcohol. The pressure decreases, normalizes and no longer "jumps" as before. Improving heart function affects overall well-being. These changes are significant, which is clearly noticeable if we compare the results of electrocardiograms of people during the period of drinking alcohol and after giving up addiction.

Improving brain activity

Alcohol adversely affects brain activity. The reaction rate to external stimuli decreases, attention and memory deteriorate. All this is due to the gradual death of nerve cells. Changes also occur due to a violation of the connection between neurons. Damaged and dendrites or branched processes that receive and transmit nerve impulses from neighboring cells. That is why under the influence of alcohol people become so inhibited. Restoring communication between nerve cells is possible, but it takes time. If you completely abandon alcohol, after 1-2 weeks the consciousness will become more clear. Other changes will gradually occur: memory, attention will improve.

Strengthening the immune system

The notion that people who drink don't get sick is a myth. Alcohol greatly undermines the immune system. If you abuse it, it can be much easier to get ARVI and other diseases. Recovery in such people is much slower. After refusing alcohol, immunity is restored. The body has a stronger resistance to infections, a person recovers faster. But the restoration of the immune system can occur up to several months.


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