9 exercises to help with knee pain

08.04.2020 Medicine
9 exercises to help with knee pain

Squats with the support on the wall

Take the starting position, standing in several tens of centimeters from the wall, on which you can lean your back. Next, you need to crouch until the gluteal muscles and shoulder blades come into tight contact with the surface. Bend your arms at the elbow joint, press the back surface against the wall above you, palms in the direction of view.

Slowly lower the pelvis down. Upon reaching a 30-degree angle in the knees, stay in this position for 15-20 seconds. Keep knees out of the toes, as this can result in personal injury. Do 5 to 10 working approaches.

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Straighten your legs in a sitting position

Take two stools, place them opposite each other, take a seat on one of them. Place one leg directly in front of you on the second stool. Then tear it off the surface, keep it in front of you for the maximum amount of time. The peculiarity of this exercise is the static stress, due to which the joints, ligaments and tendons are strengthened. Perform the above manipulations for both legs 8-12 times.

Imaginary steps while sitting

Take a sitting position, while legs should be firmly on the floor . Raise one limb toward the ceiling, leaving the knee joint bent. Then do the same with the other. It is necessary to perform the elements as slowly as possible in order to feel the load on the joint. The lead time is from 1-2 minutes, gradually increasing the duration of the load.

Lunges forward

This exercise is also aimed at strengthening the muscular system, it is power. You need to find it in a room where it was convenient to take at least a few wide steps forward.

Stand in the foot position shoulder-width apart. First, lunge forward with one foot, lingering in a position where the front is bent at an angle of 90 degrees, and the rear holds a static position. Then do the same with the other limb. It is necessary to do 3-4 approaches (lasting about 40 seconds) for each leg,

Steps using the bench

Strength exercise develops muscles perfectly , which in turn helps strengthen joints. Starting position: stand in front of a bench 30-40 cm high, legs shoulder-width apart. Slowly, with a straight back, put on a hill with emphasis on the knee joint, first one leg, and then the other. After that, take the opposite steps alternately with both limbs (i.e. up-up and down-down). Do the exercise for at least 1 min., Gradually increasing the load. With significant pain in the knee, the step height may be reduced.

Classic squats

Exercise directly affects the ligaments, helps strengthen the knees. People suffering from severe pain in this area, it is better to refuse to perform squats.

Straighten your back, put your legs not too wide, do not push your socks apart. Squatting, focus on the heel, i.e. mentally give the load on the back of the foot. Otherwise, you just overload your knees, which is not the proper technique for doing the exercise.

Effective half-squats

For those who feel painful classic squats, there is another variation of their performance. Squat not completely, but a little before reaching the right angle at the knees. This will reduce the impact on the knee, which in some cases will be even more effective than performing with full amplitude.

Leading the leg back

Starting position : lying on his stomach, his hands rest on the ground on both sides of the head, legs together. The lower limb must be raised high towards the ceiling. Hold it for several seconds, while avoiding bending in the knee structure. Then repeat the same with the other leg. It is advisable to perform the exercise in 3 sets of 10 repetitions per limb.

Raise a straight leg while lying

Take a place on the floor, lie on your back. Place your hands along the body, bend one leg at the knee joint. Lift it as far as possible, using the second limb as a supporting one. In this position, you must linger for 5 seconds. Next should be changed legs. The recommended load is 2-3 sets of 10 reps.

The effectiveness of the training course depends largely on the diagnosis and the severity of the problem. In the process of training, it will not be superfluous to gradually begin to use weighting cuffs for limbs, to increase the training time. At the same time, it is worth giving up sharp movements, shock loads (i.e. running), difficult twisting.

Choose the exercises that are most suitable for you, observe discipline, and do not forget about constancy in training. After a few weeks of such classes, you can see positive changes in the knee joints.


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