A guy is dreaming from Thu. on Fri Sleep from Thursday to Friday: ex-boyfriend, handsome guy, unfamiliar guy

31.08.2019 Dream book
A guy is dreaming from Thu. on Fri Sleep from Thursday to Friday: ex-boyfriend, handsome guy, unfamiliar guy

Dreams for the most part are reflections of our emotions and feelings, but sometimes they carry a secret meaning. Psychologists are sure that through nighttime stories, the subconscious mind tries to convey to us information about internal conflicts. Mystics are convinced that in a dream the finest line between the worlds and we can communicate with higher forces, receive messages, warnings and warnings from them about future events.

To understand whether sleep was important or not, you don’t need to just listen to your intuition and inner feelings, but also consider what day he dreamed. According to dream books and popular beliefs, a dream about a guy from Thursday to Friday is considered prophetic. But in order to correctly decrypt it, one should recall all the nuances and details. Also an important factor for decryption is exactly what kind of man you dreamed about, who you had him and what he did in a dream.

Former boyfriend

In most cases, former lovers appear in dreams in those moments of life when some problems arise in the current relationship. So, for example, if you just looked at him from the outside, but you didn’t have a dialogue, then be prepared for the fact that in reality you can quarrel with the current guy. The dream book advises taking this situation seriously, not provoking a lover, because a quarrel can lead to separation. If you had a dream from Thursday to Friday, the ex-boyfriend smiled at you, then in real life you are too frivolous about your current relationship.

dream book stranger

Most likely you underestimate the gentleman or look at his actions distorted. But the dream, in which your boyfriend was with one of his relatives, means that in reality you will find pleasant communication with your soulmate. Also, such a vision may portend reconciliation with relatives and gaining mutual understanding with loved ones. The dream also speaks of improvements, where the ex-boyfriend kisses or marries another girl. Another interpretation of this dream is the meeting of a new man who will conquer the dreamer's heart and become her companion.

Actions with the ex-boyfriend

If the ex-boyfriend dreams of Thu. on Fri., be sure to remember what emotions you experienced and what you did with it. This information will help to more clearly decipher what he saw. The manifestation of positive emotions and love for the former lover in night dreams warns: in reality you can make a rash action. A conversation with the former promises the disease of the current man. And the kiss speaks of quarrels in real life.

A dream in which you decide to make love to him is a signal of the subconscious that there is some unresolved conflict. To calm your nerves, you should make peace with the person you are angry with in real life. About surprises, good news and the onset of a positive period is a dream in which you quarrel with your boyfriend.

Sleep from Thursday to Friday: beloved guy

Many girls have feelings for the opposite sex, but it often happens that for some reason they cannot be together. And when in night dreams they see the object of their adoration, the soul is filled with hope and warm emotions. But in fact, dream books are sure that such dreams most often have a completely opposite meaning.

dream guy

A quarrel with a man you like in a dream means that in reality your relationship will reach a new level. Most likely, he will show interest in you, take the first steps. But kisses and intimate caresses, on the contrary, indicate that this relationship will end, there will be misunderstanding and your paths will diverge.

Dreams about a lover

A night dream story is considered positive, in which a handsome guy says out loud the name of a dreamer. This means that in real life a friendship will arise between them and over time it can develop into a romantic relationship. If you are chasing the person you like, then in reality he does not want to communicate with you. A conversation with such a person is a good signal, because such a dream indicates the emergence of a strong spiritual connection and mutual understanding.

A familiar man

According to famous dream books, if a familiar guy dreams from Thursday to Friday, it’s a positive sign, it portends good events. But in order to correctly decipher the dream, it is necessary to take into account all the details and nuances of a night dream. If in the story the dreamer saw a presentable guy in a white suit and recognized her friend in him, then such a dream means that soon her wishes will become a reality. But a man in a black suit predicts trouble and quarrels.

sleep from Thursday to Friday former guy

A few familiar guys in the dream promise financial well-being, business success, profit and goals. Negative interpretation, if a familiar guy dreams of Thu. on Fri and talking to the sleeping woman. This means that you may have problems with the work, perhaps you will even lose it. But sometimes such dreams speak of feasts and parties with relatives. It is important to note what the guy looks like in a dream. After all, a bearded colleague or colleague who is constantly shaved smoothly in real life warns you about upcoming health problems.

Dream Interpretation: an unfamiliar guy

Strangers most often appear in dreams before big changes, this is especially true of the dreamer's personal life. To see a stranger who is dressed for a marriage ceremony means that some kind of trouble can happen in reality. This may be due to the fact that your plans will not come true or someone will disappoint you with your act.

But a handsome guy in a dream promises you positive changes, and the prettier he was, the better the events will happen. Also, a dream with an unfamiliar handsome man may portend receiving long-awaited gifts and a change for the better on the love front. The appearance of a naked guy whom you do not know, in reality, is a signal of the subconscious that you are not satisfying your sexual needs. Also, such dreams, where there is an unfamiliar guy, the dream interpretation is interpreted as a warning that the dreamer is expecting some kind of disappointment, the planned may not come true.


Dreams with kisses can be deciphered ambiguously. For girls, such night dream plots can portend both love and romance, and minor troubles. It is important to consider the environment in which the kiss occurred. If according to the plot of a night dream you did it in the dark, then in real life expect quarrels and conflicts, perhaps problems will arise on the love front, and sometimes this means that troubles will be at work. But kisses on a bright sunny day portend the emergence of emotional intimacy and friendship with one of her colleagues of the opposite sex.

sleep from Thursday to Friday beloved guy

Very often a guy dreams about Thu. on Fri and kisses you when in real life you are not together and for some reason are far away from each other. Longing for a loved one and provokes the occurrence of such dreams. Kissing with a close friend in night dreams can mean that subconsciously you want this man and are ready to move with him to a new level of relationship. But sometimes dream books interpret such dreams as a symbol of your spiritual intimacy. A lover who kisses you in a dream can warn about gossip in reality. But kisses with enemies indicate that you will soon make peace with this person.


To correctly explain what the guy is dreaming of Thu. on Fri., you need to remember what he was doing. Often girls see in their night dreams how their lover is unfaithful to them. But such dreams are not always prophetic, depending on the details, the decoding can be very diverse. For example, cheating with a colleague promises the dreamer the destruction of her plans. Also, such a dream can warn of an impending quarrel with a loved one. According to Freud, those women who are not self-confident and constantly in fear of losing their partner see dreams of treason. Therefore, they try to tie him to themselves and limit his personal space as much as they repel his beloved man.

Other dream books believe that a betrayal of a boyfriend may be a warning about the occurrence in reality of small troubles with the law. Psychologists believe that sometimes cheating in a dream can turn out to be things. The girl on the subconscious feels her, and her experiences are reflected in the plot of night dreams. But you should not make a scandal and quarrel over a dream, because if it is not, then such accusations are inappropriate and have no ground for it.

Prophetic dreams

Dreams from Thursday to Friday can often portend serious changes in life. Therefore, mystics advise not to ignore dreams during this period. It is better to treat them with caution and try to carefully decipher the details. This is especially true of those night dream plots where the guy was present. A dream will not necessarily be prophetic, but it can carry important prompts from higher powers and the subconscious. Remember, even if the interpretation of the dream is negative, do not rush to be upset, because dreams often warn, rather than affirm. And, knowing about the impending problem, it can always be prevented and prevented. And if positive events are ahead of you, then rejoice in them, do not hesitate, or else spoil a good moment in your life, looking for a dirty trick.


The guys in dreams from Thursday to Friday almost always mean cardinal changes. And then, for the better or for the worse, it depends on the details of the dream and on yourself. Correctly found decoding of a dream will help not to make mistakes in the future, improve the quality of one’s life and simply help to learn about future events. It doesn’t matter if your lover or stranger dreamed about it, remember the situation that was in the night dreams, what he was wearing, what he was doing, whether he was talking to you. And then, relying on all these details, you can decipher the dream and find out its exact, correct meaning.