Adjarian Khachapuri “Boats with Egg”: ingredients, recipe, photo

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Adjarian Khachapuri “Boats with Egg”: ingredients, recipe, photo

One of the most famous and beloved dishes of Georgian cuisine are Khachapuri "Boats with Eggs". In the homeland of this dish, there are a huge number of recipes. However, each mistress has her own version of cooking khachapuri, her secrets and nuances. Today we offer you to cook a culinary masterpiece of Georgian housewives and pamper your household with delicious, fragrant and tasty pastries.

A little history

Experienced chefs always advise you to plunge into its history before starting to cook an unknown dish. "Boats with an egg" appeared in the Middle Ages in northwest Georgia. Since then, every housewife has sought to give the dish its own family flavor. If translated from Georgian, the name will mean "bread with cottage cheese."

khachapuri boat with an egg

One of the most important rules preparations that have not changed for centuries are equal proportions of cheese (or any other filling) and dough. Experienced housewives advise using even more toppings, so baking will turn out much tastier. Depending on the area, the recipe for khachapuri "Boat with Egg" will be different. Somewhere the egg is mixed with cheese or cottage cheese, somewhere the filling is laid down, and the egg is broken from above. Any Georgian cook will say that for cooking it is important not only to know the recipe, but to have patience and a real Georgian "hot" temperament.

Khachapuri from Adjara

It is said that people who once tried Adjarian khachapuri "Boat with an Egg" will forever remain fans of this simple, tasty and beautiful dish. If you decide to enjoy this type of khachapuri, then it is not necessary to go to an expensive restaurant. Today we will tell you how to cook a dish at home without special culinary skills and experience.

The cooking time is 40-45 minutes. The preparatory phase will take a little more time - 3-4 hours. The calorie content per hundred grams is 317 kcal.

Essential ingredients

If you don’t if you have enough time, but you want to cook a tasty dish, you can always use the store yeast dough. However, Georgian housewives never do that. They prepare homemade dough for Adjarian khachapuri “Boat” at home. A recipe with a photo and a step-by-step description of the cooking process will help novice chefs make the dish right.


  • 820 g flour;
  • one glass of warm water;
  • 6-7 eggs;
  • 120 ml of milk;
  • 35 g of pressed yeast;
  • four tablespoons (tablespoons) of sunflower oil;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • 420 g of Adyghe cheese;
  • one spoon (tablespoon) of granulated sugar;
  • 120 g of butter;
  • 110 g of suluguni cheese.

How to cook khachapuri with a boat egg

We will divide all stages of preparation into several steps. This is to make novice housewives more comfortable.

Stage 1

In the first stage, you need to start preparing the dough for the future test. Pour warmed milk into a small mug. Add yeast. Gently mix and put in a warm place. We wait until a foam cap is formed.

Stage 2

The second step is kneading dough. At this stage, you should stock up not only with all the ingredients for cooking, but also with a sieve. Sifting flour - a mandatory procedure. It helps the test saturate with oxygen, become more supple and airy. Sift flour directly onto the table. Add salt on top and mix gently. Spread the flour with a slide, making a small depression in the center. The remaining milk will need to be poured into this hole, one egg broken, water poured. Gently start mixing the dough, gradually introducing the yeast mass.

How to understand that the dough for making "Egg Boats" is ready? Firstly, it will stop sticking to your hands. Secondly, the dough in the eyes will become airy and silky. As soon as you achieve the desired result, leave the dough alone for two and a half hours. During this time, the dough will come up several times with a high hat. It is recommended to swap it.

Stage 3

The third step in preparing the “Boat with Egg” khachapuri is the filling. The cheese you took for the recipe must be grated. You can add a few tablespoons of warm water to the cheese. In addition, if you use several types of filling products, then at this stage they are added to the cheese. It can be cottage cheese, fresh herbs and so on. Gently mix all the products for the filling. We leave it aside.

prepare the egg boats

Stage 4

Now let's move on to the most responsible and interesting moment in the preparation of "Boats with an Egg" - the formation of baking. From a common piece of dough we tear off a small ball with our hands. Roll it a little bit in flour and roll it so that an oval is obtained. We form a boat. We gently pinch the edges, and twist the sides to preserve the filling.

We cover the baking sheet with parchment paper or lightly grease with sunflower oil. We lay out prepared boats on a baking sheet. Put the filling in the center of each product. At this point, the oven should already be heated to 220 degrees. We send the pastries to the oven for 25 minutes. As soon as you see that the edges begin to brown, we take out the dish and pour the egg into the center of the boat. We put it to bake for another three minutes.

There is one caveat here - not to watch the moment. It is very important that only protein is seized in the oven, and the yolk remains liquid. In this, as they say, the whole chip of such a dish as Adjarian khachapuri “Boats with an Egg”. We get the pastries. Lubricate the sides with butter. You can also put a small piece of butter in the center of the egg.

Secrets and subtleties of cooking" Boats "in Adjarian

Initially, the dough for this baking was made exclusively on water. No other additives (yeast, baking powder or soda). Modern housewives prepare yeast, puff or fresh dough. Georgian housewives add yogurt or yogurt to the dough. We recommend that you do not use a large amount of flour for the test. Let it turn out to be softer and stickier.

In the homeland of khachapuri, ripe cheese is never put in the filling. It will stretch and will not give the desired consistency. It is better to use young cheeses. This can be Adyghe cheese, suluguni, feta, feta cheese, mozzarella, etc.

As for the correct formation of boats, each mistress has her own cooking option. Someone cooks huge khachapuri, someone makes small boats. Decide for yourself. Above all, be sure to let them stand for a while until the filling is applied. At this moment, the dough is even more suitable, and as a result, the khachapuri become incredibly lush, but airy inside.

Adjarian khachapuri boat with egg

Butter is a special secret. Try to make one boat without oil, and you will immediately understand the difference. Butter should not only be spread on the edges of baking, but also must be put on the filling. But only at the very end of cooking. The liquid yolk should float a little in the newly melted oil. Tearing off the edges, you will dip the dough into an incredibly tender filling, consisting of cheese, butter and egg yolk.

If you intend to use salted cheese as a filling, it is recommended to soak it in water slightly in advance. Just chop a piece of cheese into small cubes and dip them in water. So the cheese will give salt faster, and the filling will turn out to be tasty, slightly brackish.

When there is no time to prepare the yeast dough, you can use the store puff. Just unfreeze it, form the boats and put the filling in the center. Puff pastry bakes faster. It would be a great option for a quick breakfast.



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