Amyloid bodies in the secret of the prostate: what does it mean?

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Amyloid bodies in the secret of the prostate: what does it mean?

If you have any problems with by the prostate gland, then a man should seek help from a urologist. As a result of some complex examinations, as well as after studying the analysis of the secret, you can reveal the general picture of the functioning of this glandular organ. Using the analysis of the prostate, it is possible to identify the degree of damage prostate gland, reserve capabilities, inflammatory processes, as well as pathogenic microflora. In the chronic form of prostatitis, prostate secretion must be taken every six months. This is necessary in order to monitor the effectiveness of the prescribed therapeutic procedures, as well as change treatment measures as necessary. The secret of the prostate consists of many different elements. One of these may be amyloid bodies, which will be discussed in this article. So, let's take a closer look at the amyloid bodies in the secretion of the prostate. But first you need to study the general characteristics of prostatic juice.

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Characteristics of prostate juice

Prostatic juice is one of the constituent elements of an ejaculant. One third of the semen is this particular juice. It is necessary for the activity and movement of sperm. Without a normal, fertilized ability, a man cannot conceive a child. Conception can only happen if the composition of the secret is normal. An important role in this is played by amyloid bodies in the secretion of the prostate, or rather their absence. If a man has an inflammatory process, then conception cannot occur either. But what is the role of amyloid bodies in the secretion of the prostate? Before answering this question, you should familiarize yourself with exactly which elements can be detected during the analysis of the prostate secret.

Epithelial component

If the prostate in a man is healthy, then the epithelial cells are contained in it in small quantities. If this amount increases with leukocytes, then in this case it is customary to talk about the development of the inflammatory process in the prostate gland. At the first symptoms, a man needs immediate treatment.

Analysis in the hand


Normal in healthy When passing a prostate juice test, about 10 leukocytes can be detected in a patient. But if there are more leukocytes in this analysis, then, as a rule, prostatitis is diagnosed in such cases. In some cases, white blood cells enter the secretion of the prostate through the urethra. The calculation of white blood cells in this material is carried out using a counting chamber. The norm is considered if about 300 leukocytes fall per 1 microlite of the test.

Red blood cells

If the man is healthy, then red blood cells should not be present in the prostatic juice. But if they are still found, then their number should be single. But when the patient has prostatitis and an oncological process develops, erythrocytes are present in the prostate juice.

Lecithin grains

If the prostate secretion contains a large amount of lecithin grains , then the seminal fluid should become a whitish hue, and this already indicates the absence of any problems with health. But if there are few lecithin grains, then this may indicate the development of a disease such as prostatitis.

Prostate location


In general, analysis of prostate secretion can tell a lot. For example, if macrophages are found in secret, then in most cases this indicates a developing inflammatory process, as well as stagnation in the prostate gland.

Amyloid bodies

And what is amyloid bodies in prostate secretion? They are clots in the analysis. Speaking about the fact that these are amyloid bodies in the secretion of the prostate, it should also be noted that these elements have an oval shape. If the male body is healthy, then they should not be detected during analysis. Amyloid bodies in secret prostates increase when stagnation in the prostate gland. In addition, this phenomenon may indicate the development of an inflammatory process. Also, amyloid bodies in the secretion of the prostate appear during the development of prostate adenoma. It is worth noting that in the analysis of elderly patients, quite often, specialists find these elements. Normally, amyloid bodies in the secretion of the prostate should be absent.

Amyloid bodies under a microscope

Giant-sized cells

Data fragments may be present during the development of the inflammatory process. In addition, large cells may indicate stasis in the prostate gland.

Pathogenic flora

As a rule, pathogenic flora is detected with the existing inflammatory process, as well as with infection. If a pathogenic flora was discovered by a specialist, then it is necessary to conduct bacterial culture to establish the variety, after which effective therapy is prescribed.

Betther's crystallization

If these crystals appeared in the secret of the prostate, then this drying of the prostatic juice in the prostate gland. And this is a rather serious problem.

Atypical cells

When atypical cells are found in the secretion of the prostate, this may indicate the development of prostate adenoma, as well as an oncological process. Due to the number of these cells, it is possible to identify the stages of the disease, as well as control its development.

Doctor’s hand tests

In addition, if mucus was detected in the secretory fluid, this may indicate the presence of an inflammatory process. In addition, other tests can be prescribed to the patient, because the presence of any pathology can be seen in the analysis of blood, urine, using ultrasound, as well as other studies.

More details about amyloid bodies

We have already figured out what this means - amyloid bodies in prostate secretion. However, it is worthwhile to become more familiar with what this component is. Amyloid bodies in the secretion of the prostate, photos of which can be seen in this article, are a condensed constituent substance with a layered structure and an oval shape. In some cases, these elements may also have an irregular shape. If a man does not have any pathologies, then when analyzing the secretion of the prostate, these elements are not detected. But if there are amyloid bodies in the secret of the prostate in an adult, what does this mean? The presence of this component indicates a possible development of gland hypertrophy, inflammation or adenoma.

In addition, amyloid bodies are the last element from prostate juice, which indicates the possible occurrence of an inflammatory process due to organ malfunction or due to the penetration of bacteria.

Amyloid bodies in prostate juice

Analysis of the secretion of the prostate

Analysis of prostate juice is a laboratory study with which you can evaluate the function of the organ, as well as identify times personal diseases at the initial stage of their development, such as cancer, prostatitis, infertility. This study is widespread in medical practice, because it effectively determines the main causes of the development of the disease, does not need long preparation for implementation, and is also economically viable.

The secret of the prostate plays a very important role in the ability to fertilize ejaculate. Thanks to prostate juice, sperm are able to maintain their motor activity outside the body of a man.

Indications for analysis

As a rule, analysis of prostate juice is prescribed to men in the following cases:

  • soreness in the perineum or groin;
  • painful and difficult urination;
  • rapid urination, especially at night;
  • feeling of pain during urination;
  • urination in very small portions, as well as with a sluggish stream ;
  • determination of fertilization ability.
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Contraindications for analysis

It should also be noted that there are some contraindications to this analysis. They are as follows:

  • acute hemorrhoids;
  • body temperature up to 38 degrees;
  • acute inflammatory disease;
  • tuberculosis prostate;
  • cracks in the anus.

In some cases, a disease that was caused by inflammation of the prostate gland can cause a deterioration in the reproductive function of men.

Carrying out the procedure

A few days before the appointment of an analysis, a man should refrain from sexual intimacy. For a couple of days, you should also refuse to take alcoholic beverages, heavy physical exertion and visiting a bath or sauna. Before passing the analysis, it is best to make a cleansing enema. To get prostate juice, you need to perform a massage of this organ.

To do this, the patient is laid on his right side. You can also take a knee-elbow pose. Then, the specialist with a finger, which is inserted into the rectum, should feel for the prostate. Using stroking movements along the gland from the periphery to the center, the specialist should put pressure on the isthmus of the prostate, which stimulates the secretion of juice through the urethra. After this, the secret must be immediately collected in a sterile container.

If the secret is not released, the patient should urinate, while collecting the first portion of urine. It usually contains the secret of the prostate.



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