Arches “Palermo”: design features, purpose, installation

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Arches “Palermo”: design features, purpose, installation

Arched structures are used to build buildings and decorate interiors from ancient times. These elements were not only decoration of buildings, but also carried the load, served as an additional strengthening of the building.

The history of the arched arches

The word "arch" comes from the Latin arcus - "arc". The design appeared in ancient times. Stone architecture developed gradually, and the buildings began to be decorated with arches inside and out. Most often they were used in the construction of cathedrals, temples. The vaulted windows and doors looked unusual.

arch in architecture

Today, the arch is a popular element for interior decoration around the world. There are many forms that allow you to create a unique, unusual design.

Arched design allows you to decorate the doorway or zoning the room. It can be made for any style of interior. Type, shade and design are selected according to the shape of the opening and the design of the room. It does not burden the space, leaves it light and airy. Manufacturers offer ready-made interior arches. You can install them yourself. The arch made according to individual sketches can become the central element of the interior. The price of goods depends on the material of manufacture, design, manufacturer, size. You can choose a budget or expensive luxury model.

decoration of several arched arches

Installation methods

The Palermo arch has a semicircular shape, is modular (consists of from several elements). Manufacturers offer ready-made designs made of natural wood (oak, walnut, wenge, teak, cherry, pine), from MDF, particleboard, plastic, gypsum. Wood and plaster structures are heavy and expensive, but they are more durable, stronger, and look beautiful. An arch can be made with your own hands from bricks, artificial stone, drywall, wood, stucco elements.

Package Contents

The package for arches depends on the model and may contain a different number of elements. Elements of Palermo door arches:

  1. Arched element.
  2. Internal plate.
  3. Upright.
  4. Decorative castle.
  5. Expander.
  6. Impost.
  7. Docking strip.
  8. Self-tapping screws and decorative stickers for them.

Preparation for installation

Before buying, you need to determine the style of the product, the shade. Make the necessary measurements of the opening. Arches are sold unassembled. They are packed in cardboard boxes. They contain images and diagrams of assembly of structures, the color is indicated, a list of components.

Before installation, you need to check the presence of all parts of the structure, their integrity. Damage, chips, scratches, cracks are not allowed. Old trim is removed from the doorway. Close up irregularities and cracks. A frame is prepared from a bar or metal guides. Sometimes it is necessary to expand the opening, it is adjusted to fit the arch.

Prepare the necessary tools: saw, tape measure, level, drill with drills, liquid nails, a hammer, self-tapping screws.

Work stages

Installation of the Palermo arch is carried out according to the scheme, which is enclosed in the box with the goods. Installation begins from above. Gradually moving down:

  1. Measure the width of the opening. Mark the future design using the level.
  2. It is easier to assemble the arch on the floor, then fix all its parts to the doorway. It’s easier to carry out the work with an assistant.
  3. First, on both sides they collect the arched elements and install a dilator (if necessary). For work, use the level and tape measure.
  4. At the next stage, the installation of the internal horizontal plate is carried out. It is cut in height and width of the doorway, leaving a margin of 7-10 cm. To prevent the veneer from bending at the place of the cut, the edges are lightly sanded with sandpaper. The inner intermediate plate is inserted into the finished upper part of the structure. Work is carried out carefully, otherwise the decorative coating of the parts may be damaged. The plate should exactly fit into the grooves.
  5. All elements are fixed with self-tapping screws.
  6. After that, the impressions (left and right) are set. They differ in appearance. It is important not to confuse. Dowels are clogged into them, which are inserted into pre-prepared holes.
  7. The next moment of work is the installation of side racks. It is carried out using a level, the racks should be strictly vertical.
  8. The last stage is the installation of vertical internal plates. They are inserted similarly to the upper part (in the grooves).
  9. Decorative stickers are glued to all screws. They are included in the package. Arch "Palermo" is installed.
    zoning the space

Decoration of the structure

If the arch has no external decoration, it is decorated independently . Most often complement the arches of natural wood. They are polished, varnished, painted to match the interior, stained. If necessary, the design can be changed along with interior decoration several times. Home-made designs are decorated with stone, mosaics, tiles, wallpaper, plaster, pieces of a mirror, pebbles, fabric. Finished arches purchased at a hardware store do not require processing. They are coated with veneer, film, paint, plastic.



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