It turns out that skin health is directly dependent on water. Therefore, the more we drink it, the stronger the elasticity and smoothness of the skin increases. I’m talking specifically about plain clear water, not about all kinds of drinks. On the contrary, they remove fluid, and even more than they contain themselves. By the way, diets , in which water and salt are limited , greatly impair skin health. So be careful with them, and indeed you should be extremely attentive to all diets.
Dry skin ages faster. This means that to maintain the youthfulness of the skin, it is necessary to eat fats. The most useful are vegetable and fish oils. The first ones are contained in in seeds , nuts and olives . Also remember that free radicals are completely useless for our body. Therefore, include vitamin C in your diet.
Carbohydrate metabolism affects peeling of the skin. To improve it, you need to eat foods that contain nicotinic acid in their composition. It has beneficial effects on blood vessels and promotes the speedy healing of wounds and ulcers. Eat meat, fish and cereals .
As part of beef and lamb there is a special set of trace elements that strengthens hair very well. Therefore, eat meat so that your hair does not thin. Good luck