Berlin apple and onion liver

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Berlin apple and onion liver

Berlin-style liver with apples and onions is a very popular dish served in many famous restaurants around the world. At first glance it may seem that this is a very strange recipe, a strange combination of meat component and fruit, but in fact you will understand that you haven’t tried anything tastier yet.

If you want to cook something unusual, but at the same time Since the time is simple and quick, tasty and appetizing, do not go past the liver recipe with apples and onions. The dish is prepared from a simple and affordable set of ingredients, but in terms of taste and appearance it is worthy of even a festive table.

Berlin-style liver

So, if you decide to cook this original dish, then We recommend stocking up with quality ingredients. To cook, you will need a large piece of good beef liver. It’s better if it is bought from a trusted butcher in the nearest market, and not in a frozen supermarket.

So that the liver with apples and onions will not leave indifferent even the most capricious gourmets and tasters, try not to add anything superfluous, Do not experiment, but strictly adhere to the recipe already verified by many housewives and professional chefs.

List of necessary information of ingredients

It’s worth mentioning that in some liver recipes there is vegetable oil with apples and onions, but experienced chefs recommend using butter to prepare this dish. This product not only gives the liver an extra creamy taste, but also makes it softer and more juicy.


  • 500 g of beef liver;
  • 2 apples (green);
  • a pinch of salt;
  • one spoon (tea) of ground paprika;
  • onions - one piece;
  • one spoon (tablespoon) of wheat flour;
  • ground black pepper ;
  • half a spoon (tea) curry;
  • 150 ml of milk.

Description of the preparation process

The first step is preparatory. Rinse the beef liver thoroughly and then examine it carefully. If there are streaks and films, it is recommended to remove them carefully with a sharp knife. Next, the liver will need to be steeped. You can put the whole piece in a bowl with milk, or you can cut it into portions beforehand. Which option to choose - decide for yourself.

The minimum residence time of the product in milk is thirty-five minutes, but you can leave the liver for a longer period. Some cooks leave the product in the refrigerator for twelve hours. Just soak it overnight, and cook it in the morning. It is convenient and it will not be necessary to languish in anticipation.

This procedure is necessary so that the ingredient, which is characteristic of bitterness, does not give it to the dish. Some housewives soak the liver in ordinary cold water. Such a moment is allowed, but it is better to choose a milk bath for the product, since milk draws out bitterness better.

After soaking, we take the product out of milk, wash it well under water, and then cut it (if the whole piece has been soaked whole). The liver can also be beaten off so that it turns out more juicy and cooked faster.

Second stage

Now we proceed to the second stage. We will cook the liver with apples and onions in a pan. Pour flour into a small flat plate. In it we will roll the liver, but first you will need to pepper the pieces, add spices and salt.

Roll each slice in flour, and then fry in a well-heated skillet until a brown crust appears. Three minutes on each side will suffice. We lay the fried product on a plate, which we cover in advance with several layers of paper kitchen towels. Even if there was excess fat, it will go to the napkin.

Third stage

It's time to tackle apples. Peel the green fruits, and then cut into eight parts. You should have long and smooth apple slices. Experienced chefs advise to take only green apples for a dish such as Berliner liver with apples and onions. Better if they are juicy, then the dish will turn out the same.

Add a little more butter to the pan where the liver has just been fried. Now the turn has come to fry the apples. Fry apple slices for several minutes. We advise you to closely monitor the status of the product. It is very important that the apples do not begin to creep. They should remain juicy inside, but strong outside.

Fourth stage

Now we take for onions. This is another indispensable ingredient in the dish. Peel the onion from the peel, and then cut it into large enough, but thin half rings. When the apples are fried, onions will take their place in the pan. Fry it with salt, paprika, curry and ground black pepper. You can add a little water so that the spices dissolve better.

fried liver with onions and apples

Serving the dish

Now it's time to collect our dish. Fried liver with onions and apple served on a flat large plate. In the center we spread a layer of fried sweet apple slices, then carefully place the liver pieces on them. Onions will go on top.

In some recipes, the liver with apples and onions after frying all the ingredients is placed in the microwave (for three minutes) or in the oven (temperature 220-230 degrees for 5-7 minutes). If time allows, then you can bring the dish to the ideal and serve it on the festive table. If time is running out, you can do without an oven, because the liver has already been perfectly prepared.

liver with apples and onions

As garnish for such a dish is usually served boiled rice, as well as a salad of fresh or pickled vegetables (tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, etc.). Fresh greens, such as bright basil or aromatic parsley, will look great next to the liver and apples.



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