Bulk pie with cabbage on kefir: recipe step by step with a photo

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Bulk pie with cabbage on kefir: recipe step by step with a photo

Bulk pastries come to the rescue when you want a homemade pie with minimal effort. Sometimes it takes time to prepare the filling, but the work is rewarded with an appetizing result. But with the test usually there are no problems. To make sure of this on our own experience and at the same time tasty to feed home, bake bulk cake on kefir with cabbage. Recipes with step-by-step instructions are included.

In addition to cabbage, you can add some other delicious ingredients to the filling. We suggest right now to start implementing your plan and pamper your loved ones.

Quick classic

The first recipe for yogurt pie on kefir with cabbage belongs to the classic. Lovers of this vegetable will be delighted. We check the availability of components and, without delay, proceed to create a quick bulk pie with cabbage:

  1. Fatty kefir - two glasses.
  2. Lean oil, without flavoring - a little less than half a glass .
  3. Soda - half a teaspoon.
  4. Eggs - three pieces.
  5. Premium flour - one and a half glasses. Please note that in the process of kneading the dough according to the recipe for bulk cake on kefir with cabbage, you may need to add or, conversely, reduce the amount of flour. This is about half a glass.
  6. Vegetable oil - for preparing the filling.
  7. Onions - 1 copy.
  8. Fresh cabbage - medium forks.
  9. Carrot - 1 piece. Add it optionally, if someone prefers without carrots, do not deny yourself.
  10. We take salt and pepper to taste. You can add any seasoning suitable for the occasion. It will be great if you have a bunch of greenery. We’ll send everything to business.

We will prepare the filling

bulk cake with cabbage in the oven

Filling with cabbage for bulk cake is done a little in advance. By the time the test and filling are connected, the filling must be cooled.

My cabbage, free from covering leaves (remove 2-4 pieces). Shred the cabbage is not long. Peel the onion from the husk and chop, as you like, but not too large. If you use carrots in your filling, we will also wash it and, having cleaned, rub on a grater of any fraction.

We heat a frying pan with a thick bottom and high sides, after adding vegetable oil. Stew cabbage, onions and carrots (if we use it). Do not fry much. It will be enough to slightly passer the vegetables until soft. In the process, add salt, add spices and herbs.

The basis of the pie is the dough

The filling is ready for the bulk pie with cabbage on kefir. The dough recipe is even simpler.

In a bowl deep enough, mix the eggs and salt. Beat in any way at hand. It can be a mixer, which, without a doubt, is more convenient and faster. But the whisk or fork will also fulfill their task with dignity. Add kefir to the eggs. Pour soda and mix again. Soda is quenched by a dairy product. Now we pour a little vegetable oil.

We finish the preparation of the recipe for the bulk cake with cabbage on kefir, adding one and a half glasses of flour. If necessary, pour another half a glass and intervene in the main composition. The finished dough should have a rather thick, but at the same time, plastic consistency. It’s like a pancake.

Fill the cake and bake it

distribute the dough

A delicious liquid cake with cabbage will appear on your table very soon. It remains to bake it. Turn on the oven. While it is warming up to standard 180-200 degrees, we will form a cake.

We will use our favorite baking dish. First you need to process it inside: grease with vegetable oil. You can fill in two ways:

  1. We put most of the dough on the bottom. On the surface of the dough, distribute the filling. We cover it with the remaining dough, while leveling the surface with a spoon.
  2. This method is used if you want the filling to be distributed throughout the cake. Just mix it with the dough and pour it into a greased form.

We send the workpiece to a hot oven. Bake a pie with cabbage in the oven for at least forty-five minutes. We check for readiness with a skewer. If necessary, give another five to ten minutes. We don’t rush to take out the finished cake from the oven. Leave it with the network disconnected inside the oven for another ten minutes. We take out the form with the finished cake. Let it cool slightly right in it.

Cut into portioned pieces and treat the household.

With cabbage and egg

Try to implement a recipe for a bulk cake with cabbage and boiled eggs. List of necessary components:

  1. Fatty kefir - 1.5-2 cups. Remember that fatty fermented milk product makes baking tastier and more tender.
  2. Raw eggs - 2 pieces.
  3. Margarine -100 grams.
  4. Premium flour, pre-sifted - 2 cups.
  5. Half a teaspoon of soda.
  6. Salt (in the dough) - a third of a teaspoon.
  7. Boiled eggs - 3 pieces.
  8. Half a fork of white cabbage.
  9. Vegetable oil - according to the circumstances.

How to cook

delicious cabbage pie

Boiled s eggs are exempt from the shell. Dice in a separate cup. Shred the cabbage, stew it in a pan, adding salt and spices, about 15-18 minutes. Cooling down.

In a bowl where we will make the dough, mix kefir and soda, starting the process of extinguishing. Now we’ll add salt, eggs and thoroughly mix all the liquid components of the bulk dough for a pie with cabbage recipe. Introduce the melted margarine and flour. Having received a homogeneous mass, we will continue to create our pie.

Lubricate the baking sheet with butter. Pour most of the batter. Put the cabbage. Scatter chopped eggs on its surface. Fill the second part of the test. You can make a pie in another way: mix cabbage and an egg. Pour part of the dough. A layer of mixed egg-cabbage filling. Layer of the remaining dough.

If you wish, you can add any greens to the filling. In both cases, we level the surface of the pie. Bake, as usual in a hot oven for 45-50 minutes. Cool the finished cake and then turn it over to the dish.

With sauerkraut

Perfect a different taste will turn out when sauerkraut is involved in the recipe instead of fresh. Try, all of a sudden, this will be exactly your option.

List of necessary products:

  1. Chicken eggs - 3 pieces.
  2. Fatty kefir or yogurt - 1 a glass.
  3. One and a half or two glasses of flour.
  4. 80-90 grams of margarine.
  5. A small bag of loosening powder.
  6. Salt and sugar - to taste.
  7. 500-600 grams of cabbage.
  8. Onions of medium diameter.
  9. Vegetable oil, without flavoring - 2-4 tablespoons.

How to make a liquid cake with sauerkraut

As usual, start the process with the filling. If the cabbage is too acidic, it is recommended to wash and soak it for about half an hour.

In a skillet, heat the vegetable oil and fry the chopped onion until golden. Now add sauerkraut here. Stew the vegetables under the lid over very moderate heat for about 15 minutes. DoneLet’s cool the cabbage, you can proceed with the implementation of the recipe.

In a bowl, mix the eggs, salt, sugar. Margarine slightly melt. We need it to become very soft, but not yet liquid. Mix margarine with kefir and send to the rest of the ingredients. Pour baking powder. Finish creating the dough by adding the whole rate of flour. Beat with a whisk, a mixer or a fork (spoon) - it doesn’t matter.

The baking sheet is processed inside with oil. We form a cake blank, as in previous cases: a dough layer, a filling layer and a final dough layer. We send the future pie into the bowels of the red-hot oven for 45-50 minutes. We will check the baking readiness with a toothpick. We keep the finished pie with cabbage in the disconnected oven until it cools down almost completely. We take it out, divide it into portions, invite everyone to taste it.

With minced meat or meat

A hearty pie with cabbage and meat products will satisfy your hunger in a matter of minutes. Here is what you need to make this pie appear on your table today:

  1. A glass of fat yogurt (yogurt).
  2. Chicken eggs - 2 pieces.
  3. Butter or margarine - 50-70 grams.
  4. Sifted flour - 2 cups.
  5. Salt - to taste.
  6. Baking powder - one bag.
  7. Any meat - 400-500 grams. You can take minced meat or pork pulp, chicken is also great here.
  8. Vegetable oil for the preparation of the filling - as needed in the process.
  9. Fresh white cabbage - half a fork.
  10. Onions - one head.
  11. Carrots - 1 piece. Carrots are added at will.
  12. Spices and herbs - optional.

Step-by-step preparation of a pie with meat and cabbage

bulk kefir cabbage pie recipe

Shred the cabbage, salt, slightly mimic it to let the juice run. Raw meat is chopped finely. If you have minced meat, then at this stage we don’t do anything with it, but only unfreeze it. Onion free from inedible elements. Shred it in half rings or quarters. If we use carrots, respectively, wash it, peel and rub through a grater of any fraction.

In a frying pan, heat the oil. Spread meat or minced meat, fry for ten minutes. Add onions and carrots. Salt, sprinkle with pepper. Fry the meat until cooked. In another pan, slightly stewed cabbage, adding half a tablespoon of vegetable oil and salt to taste. Combine the prepared meat (or minced meat) with cabbage. Mix the filling. We give time to cool.

We will prepare the bulk dough for the cabbage pie in a deep bowl. We break the eggs, mix them with salt, kefir and slightly melted margarine. Pour a glass of flour and baking powder. Mix and look at the consistency. If the dough is liquid, we introduce another half a glass. Stir again and look. Depending on how much gluten is in your flour, we will introduce an additional portion of flour. As a result, the dough should resemble a pancake dough with its consistency. It is neither liquid nor thick, it slowly slides from a spoon.

We include our oven in the network. We treat the baking sheet or mold from the inside with vegetable oil. We put half the dough into the mold. We distribute it to close the bottom. Place the meat filling on the dough. Fill the remaining half. We bake a bulk cake with cabbage and meat for 45-5 minutes. Before turning off the oven, it is recommended to check the degree of readiness.

Any of the bulk cakes, the recipes of which are collected in this article, can be coated with vegetable oil on top when it is ready and is at the rest stage in the disconnected oven.



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