Can sperm end: myths and scientific facts, opinions of doctors

02.09.2019 Medicine, Men's health
Can sperm end: myths and scientific facts, opinions of doctors

In women, the programmed follicular supply of the ovaries is gradually consumed throughout life. By a certain age, menstruation ceases and the extinction of reproductive function begins. The male body retains the ability to conceive offspring even after 50 years, but doctors say that the optimal reproductive age is in the range of 20-40 years.

can the sperm end

It is also known that the number of intercourse is limited by certain natural factors. But does this mean that representatives of the strong half of humanity, who have an active sex life, may have depleted stores of seminal fluid? Does sperm end in men, like healthy eggs in women? Let's try to figure it out.

How sperm are produced

Sex cells begin to be produced in the male body from the beginning of the puberty. This process continues until the end of life, therefore, representatives of the stronger sex are able to fertilize their whole lives, unlike women who, at the age of 45-55, face such a phenomenon as menopause. Spermatozoa form in the testes, filled with seminiferous tubules, and then with a stream of fluid fall into the appendages, where they mature and wait in the wings. With irregular sex life or its complete absence (if the seminal fluid does not ejaculate for a long period of time), the "old" germ cells are destroyed by the body during phagocytosis.

can the sperm end the opinion of doctors

How long does the sperm ripen

Can the sperm end if there are supplies exhausted, and new germ cells have not yet had time to mature? This period is quite long and is 70-74 days. During this time, sperm cells are completely renewed, and newly formed cells can be "stored" in the body of a man for a month. Outside the body, the ability of sperm to fertilize depends on external conditions. Sperm cells die in the vagina of a woman within a few hours due to the aggressive effects of the environment, and those that managed to penetrate the uterus can remain viable for up to a week.

How many sperm are produced

With regular the body of a healthy man can form about 250 ml of sperm daily through sexual contact. However, only 12% of them will be suitable for fertilization, because 75% die, and half of the "survivors" may have various defects. In general, spermatogenesis is controlled by gonadotropic hormones that are produced by the pituitary gland and steroid hormones produced by the testicles. With a relatively constant level of these substances, the body produces 2-5 ml of sperm. One milliliter can contain from fifteen to one hundred and twenty million cells.

cum ended

How much sperm is produced for a man’s life in the body is difficult to calculate. This process depends on the regularity and quality of sexual life, the presence of concomitant diseases and bad habits, nutrition and ecology, professional activity (working in conditions of electromagnetic radiation or elevated temperatures increases the risk of negative changes in cells).

How much sperm a man produces for a life? French researchers were able to average the total data and calculate that a stronger sex, having entered into a relationship an average of 4450 times during its existence, spews 800,000 million sperm, of which only two will fertilize an egg and give birth to two children (this is the average number of children in a French family ) A man who ejaculates in a day from the age of 15 until the end of his life expels 18,000 billion sperm.

No ejaculation - what to do?

What if the sperm runs out? Objectively speaking, it cannot end. At the peak of pleasure (even if a man made several sexual contacts in a short period of time, which led to ejaculation), a certain amount of seminal fluid is released. Another question is the possibility of ejaculation as such. Its absence (and there can be countless reasons for this, starting from the psychological component and ending with serious illnesses) does not indicate that “the sperm has run out.”

what to do if sperm runs out

Can sperm end

Experts unequivocally say that sperm cannot end. Sex cells are produced throughout life, the stock is gradually updated, and the "old" sperm are destroyed (therefore, after a long period of abstinence, there will always be "fresh" seminal fluid, not "stagnant"). If a man performs several sexual intercourse over a short period of time, which ends with ejaculation, then the amount of sperm after each subsequent contact will decrease. But the supply will be restored to its previous level literally in the next day, so the question (can sperm end) is meaningless. In addition, the production of seminal fluid in old age is slightly reduced. As a result, ejaculate is formed less. At the same time, in half of men 80-90 years of age, it was possible to detect the presence of live sperm in the seminal fluid.

Common sperm myths

Can sperm end? This is one of the common speculations about the male reproductive system. We repeat: in reality, the process of formation of new germ cells continues throughout life, so sperm cannot end. Many more claim that with prolonged abstinence seminal fluid may “stagnate” . To this, scientists also answered. It has been established that abstinence does not affect sperm quality.

Does the body deplete ejaculation, or why are athletes recommended to abstain from sex before competitions? These requirements are unfounded, because sex in the usual mode for a man does not affect the physical condition. Moreover, an experiment was conducted in the United States on this occasion. Before the competition, one group of athletes refrained from intimate relationships for five days, and the other did not. Both groups had no differences in the results before and after the experiment.

does the sperm end in men

A real man should develop a lot of sperm? The quantity of ejaculate and quality are not connected in any way. On average, 2–5 ml of sperm is secreted during ejaculation, which is quite enough for successful fertilization of a woman, if in general the man is healthy. But as for those fountains with which actors of pornographic films water their partners, then most often this is ordinary kefir.



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