Cassette aluminum ceiling: overview, installation features

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Cassette aluminum ceiling: overview, installation features

There were times when the question of how to repair the ceiling did not arise. This problem was solved simply. A broach was made, the surface was covered with soil and whitened. Today, many solutions have appeared on the market of modern building materials that allow you to get something new and use design ideas in practice. You can choose the finishing option that is right for you. In this case, structural features of the structure should be taken into account. One of the best offers for the modern consumer is the cassette aluminum ceiling. This will be discussed in the article.

Overview of cassette designs

aluminum cassette ceilings 600x600

For the ceiling among Other market offers should highlight the Albes system, which has many advantages. They combine functionality and simplicity of form. A design feature is the ability to harmoniously fit it into space even if there are protrusions, recesses, and an irregular surface shape. The system has an acoustic substrate and various types of perforation. All this increases the sound absorption coefficient and allows to achieve a favorable acoustic environment.

Cassette aluminum ceilings "Albes" can be installed in rooms with high requirements for fire safety and humidity. They are available for two types of suspension systems. The first view is a hidden suspension structure, the second is an open suspension system with edges. The manufacturer offers several color solutions, namely:

  • matt metallic;
  • gloss white;
  • metallic silver;
  • matt white;
  • chrome;
  • super-chrome;
  • gold;
  • light beige.

Additional colors are:

  • black;
  • raspberries;
  • light gray;
  • wood texture;
  • copper.

Additional features of the Albes pendant type system

The aluminum suspended cassette ceiling can be additionally painted with powder paint according to the RAL table upon customer's request. Among the additional features of such ceilings, design materials, including non-standard color solutions, should be highlighted. With their help, you can simulate the surface of natural materials such as granite and wood. The ceiling can have the color of a chameleon or have the effect of old furniture.

Description of the matte white Albes ceiling

cassette aluminum ceiling

This cassette ceiling is represented by square tiles with a side of 600 mm. Products are manufactured in Russia, has a matte finish. The cassettes can be based on galvanized steel or aluminum with different types of perforation. This expands the scope and allows you to solve the issues of sound insulation. The frame is the suspension system T-15/24. Such an aluminum white cassette ceiling combines functionality and simplicity of form. This indicates the modernity of the solution.

Cesal: overview

aluminum Albes cassette ceilings

Cesal aluminum cassette ceilings consist of separate square elements with sides 300 mm This suspension system is a novelty among finishing materials. It is classified as a closed type. This means that after installation, the guide profiles will not be noticeable. The basis of the system are cartridges that differ in:

  • corrosion resistance;
  • fire resistance;
  • moisture resistance;
  • hygiene.

Among the advantages it should be noted:

  • reliable fastening to the rails;
  • easy installation and dismantling;
  • wide choice of colors.

Dimensions and purpose

Such a cassette aluminum ceiling 300x300 mm can be installed in rooms for various purposes. The system has a reliable fixation of the cassettes, so it can be used on objects with increased wind load, which expands the scope of the closed suspension system. Such structures may be needed for decoration:

  • residential premises;
  • sports complexes, shopping and exhibition halls;
  • children and educational institutions;
  • pavilions.

At home, you can install such a suspension system not only in the kitchen, but also in the hallway, bathroom, as well as on the balcony or loggia.

Tegular Ceilings Overview

These ceiling systems have a special Collec attachment. Elements of the external web have a fringing and are not fixed on a suspended base. They fit into cells and are held under the influence of their own weight. The material at the base of the panel does not matter. Such Tegular aluminum cassette ceilings can be acoustic, simple, premium and versatile. The latter have increased moisture resistance and functionality. This factor is the ability to choose a ceiling with or without perforation. The outer surface may have a rough melorelief structure.

Features of the installation

aluminum cesal ceilings

Cassette ceilings need to be mounted taking into account some properties of the technology. For example, when assembling a structure, it is important to make sure that a certain temperature condition is maintained. Before installation, you should bring the material into the room where it should be for a day. Windows should be glazed for lack of dampness. In the cold season, the space should be heated. If such conditions are not met, it is better to postpone the work to a later date.

If all of the above points are met, you can get to work. Cassette aluminum ceiling is installed in two stages. At first, it is necessary to carry out the installation of the supporting structure. Then the plates are installed. When working, systems of one form are used. Packages from different manufacturers are unacceptable, since it will not work to dock the elements together.

Preparing the tools

Start work with the preparation of all tools. Among them are the following:

  • hammer;
  • crayons;
  • knife;
  • pliers;
  • thin wire;
  • measuring tool;
  • pencil;
  • glasses for eye protection;
  • scissors for metal.

The wire can be replaced with twine. As for the construction tool, this is the construction level and tape measure. The suspension system has 3-, 6-meter rails and intermediate rails, the length of which is 1, 2 and 1, 6 m. The wall plinth has a length of 3 m. Suspensions are also used in the work.

The installation of the suspension aluminum cassette ceiling begins after marking on the wall. With the help of the level and the cord, it is necessary to beat off the line around the perimeter of the room. Then, a corner is installed around the perimeter of the room on the marked line. When fastening, nails, screws or special glue are used. It is important to consider the space for wiring and communications.

Next, you can begin the installation of the main system. Suspensions of the required length are selected, electrical wiring is carried out. We need to think about where the guides will be placed. At the next stage, their direction is marked. Suspension mounting to the ceiling is carried out with screws or nails. The wire is twisted several times along its axis. You need to think in advance where the lighting fixtures will be located. Additional suspensions are fixed in these places.

Work on installing wall profiles

cassette ceiling aluminum white

When installing aluminum cassette ceilings 600x600 mm need to mount a wall profile. To do this, determine the zero level, which should be below the base surface by 15 cm or slightly more. It is important to consider the location of utilities. On the wall, you need to measure the desired distance, and after the mark is transferred to all angles using a hydraulic or laser level. All corner points after that are connected by a line around the perimeter. At the received mark, you need to fix the profiles. The distance between them is from 400 to 500 mm.

Fixation is carried out with plastic dowels or self-tapping screws. If the base of the walls is strong material, you will need to drill holes with a perforator along the intended line with a certain step. In the next step, dowels are inserted into the holes. A profile should be attached to the line and fixed with self-tapping screws. With the rest of the profiles, you need to repeat the same procedure.


The cassette aluminum ceiling is installed using a certain technology. The next step is to mount the system components. To do this, the guides are based on a corner. They should be connected at an angle of 90 degrees. To check, you can compare the location of the diagonal in the square. If the length of the whole rail is not enough, you should use mounting locks. All elements are mounted on suspensions. It is necessary to check the level of the location of the guides. If the plane is large, it is better to use the hydraulic level: it will indicate differences.

A rubber hose should be purchased, but it should not be too thick. At the pharmacy, buy glass tubes and insert them into the ends of the hose. Marks are made on glass surfaces, water is poured into the hose. This simple device allows you to determine the desired level of any part of the ceiling.

After the main guides of the aluminum cassette ceiling are installed, you can begin to place additional guides in the spans. Their size is approximately 60 cm. If between the auxiliary component and the main one more than 60 cm, use a 120 cm guide.

The next step is to proceed with the installation of the panels. In such a ceiling, the suspension system is either visible or hidden. The latter option has no features, while the first has some nuances. To make the cassette invisible, it is fixed from the inside of the suspension system. To do this, make a connection with the guide elements. It uses a snap mechanism that connects the guide, cassette and lower comb. The next item is set at the same level. This hides the frame, leaving it invisible. Thanks to the use of cassette devices in the design, access to wiring is provided at any time. For this there is no need to disassemble the ceiling.

Installation of panels or cassettes

When installing a suspended aluminum cassette ceiling 600x600 mm at the final stage, you need to mount the panels. This step is the easiest. Decorative plates are installed only after checking the angles between the rails. They should be 90 degrees. Plates are simply inserted into the cells. To do this, edge them into the hole and turn them into a horizontal position. Further, the element simply drops onto the profiles.

The edges of the plates should not be noticeable, otherwise you can be sure that the frame is not mounted correctly. At the final stage, you need to set the trim. It is worth noting that they are cut to size as evenly as possible. There should not be any chips. It is better to use a manual cutting tool. The edge of the wall should be as flat as the rest. On this, you can assume that the ceiling is ready, and enjoy its beautiful view.

The surface of the ceiling can be washed with water in the future. If panels made of plastic or glass are part of the system, they must be looked after with the mandatory use of special tools. Occasionally, ceilings with mineral fiber panels are on sale. These solutions are afraid of the effects of water, so it’s better to use a whisk to take care of them, which will remove dust from the surface.

Recommendations for cleaning and maintenance

If you installed an aluminum cassette ceiling in the bathroom, then you may have to clean it more often. Any marks, for example, can be removed with a rubber eraser, but it is better to refuse the use of abrasive cleaners. If you are overly concerned about the cleanliness of the ceiling, you can remove the panels and wash them. This recommendation is true only if it is not based on paper-based materials or gypsum that are afraid of water.

In conclusion

Cassette-type aluminum ceilings are very common today. They can often be found in store pavilions, sports facilities and other buildings. You can use such a hinged system for the home. It is good in that there is an opportunity to place communications inside. This is especially true when you want to fill the room with light and install a lot of lighting fixtures.

Such ceilings last a long time, and their additional advantage is the ability to repair if necessary. To do this, you do not need to dismantle the entire system - you just need to remove individual elements.



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