Cellular ceiling: installation features, photos and reviews

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Cellular ceiling: installation features, photos and reviews

False ceilings are often used during the renovation of residential and public buildings. They can be of various shapes and sizes. One of the popular varieties is the mesh ceiling. This type of construction includes many types. How to choose and mount a mesh type ceiling, will be discussed later.

Design description

A mesh ceiling (photo below) is a type of suspended structure. It can be made of panels, battens, other elements. They are called cells, can have a different shape. According to people who made repairs, such modules are easy to install on their own. At the same time, the cost of such finishing remains invariably acceptable. This is a practical design that is suitable for different rooms. They are suitable for both residential premises and offices, shopping, entertainment centers.

You can hide wiring or other communications that spoil the appearance of the interior. A large selection of different materials for decoration allows you to choose the best option - this is another plus that customers note. The presented type of decoration for the ceiling is in harmony with many interior styles, as a result, the room will look original.

It is worth noting that the materials from which the cellular ceiling is made may be different. You can choose the right option according to the type of room, its microclimate and the features of operation.


The presented version of the ceiling finish has a lot of positive qualities. It is made from materials that are resistant to environmental hazards. However, they do not emit toxins harmful to the health of substances. Installation can be performed at any time of the year. In this case, the base, hidden behind the plates, does not need to be prepared for subsequent work. This saves on the purchase of building materials for decoration.

The design of the mesh ceiling can be very different. You can choose not only the optimal color, but also the texture of the plates. The interior will look original and spectacular. Surfaces can be glossy or matte. If you wish, you can create multi-level ceilings or combine plates with other materials.

You can mount a variety of fixtures in such a ceiling. Here, for the imagination of the master, there are no boundaries. It can be spotlights, LED strips, other lighting devices. They will allow zoning.

Cellular types of ceilings are made of non-combustible materials. They can perform soundproofing functions. The only drawback is the inability to mount the type of decoration presented in rooms with a low ceiling. Masters warn that the room will decrease even more.


The cellular ceiling in the apartment is rarely installed. This is due to insufficient ceiling height. But there are different options. If the height allows, you can mount the presented decoration not only in your house, apartment, but also in the office, shopping center. There are several design options that are made of aluminum or mineral material. There are also plastic cells.

The ceiling can be rack, cassette, grilyato. Their installation does not cause difficulties even for a novice master. They can be made in the form of a lattice, blinds, have a rectangular, square, triangular, hexagonal or other shape.


The surface texture can be different. It can have a metallic, specular sheen or be white, porous. There are cells that have the texture of wood, geometric shapes and more. The choice of finishes of the presented type is great today. Some varieties are more suitable for interior decoration in the office or office. Masters claim that you can choose a ceiling for the house that will create comfort.


Cells are made of different materials. The most popular option is aluminum. He is light in weight. False aluminum mesh ceiling can imitate silver or gold. Shades of the surface can be different. Manufacturers offer many options.

Armstrong type coffered ceilings are very popular. They are made from mineral raw materials. It is not only aesthetic, but also environmentally friendly material. It allows you to maintain the optimum level of humidity in the room, acts as a sound insulation. Such ceilings are installed only in dry rooms - experts warn. If necessary, one of the cassettes can be removed without the aid of a tool. This is sometimes required in order to inspect the wiring or other communications hidden under the finish.

There are also cellular PVC ceilings. They can be used in wet rooms. Such material is not afraid of moisture. At the same time, the cost of such a finish remains acceptable. In this category, there are also many options for shades, textures, drawings.

Cassette option

Cassette-type mesh ceiling is often made of aluminum. It is mounted in the bathroom, kitchen, as well as on the terrace or loggia. The plates from which the structure is assembled are called cassettes. One or more of them can be replaced if necessary.

mesh suspended ceiling

The cartridges are mounted on the supporting profile. It is attached to the base of the ceiling and along the perimeter of the walls at a given level. The guides are selected according to the weight of the structure. Installation is quite simple, but first you need to draw a plan on which the location of each cartridge will be indicated. Some of them will be illuminated.

The cassette ceiling is made of different materials. It can be not only aluminum, mineral components, but also wood. This greatly expands the range of applications of such ceilings. They can be installed in classic or retro interiors, as well as used for design in modern styles.

Installation features

A mesh suspended ceiling is relatively easy to install. An exact plan with the location of each cassette is preliminarily created. Next, communications are mounted that will be hidden under the ceiling. Most often, an electrician is mounted here. It must be connected to each lamp, while the wires are laid in a corrugated pipe.

Next, the frame is mounted, it consists of longitudinal and perpendicular-transverse rails. All frame elements intersect at right angles. The distance between them should correspond to the size of the cassettes. If you make a mistake during installation, the cells cannot be mounted correctly.

Before installing the cassettes in the prepared cells, holes for lighting devices are cut in the appropriate places in them. They must be installed in accordance with the wiring created earlier. This is a relatively simple job, but the finished result looks impressive in different interiors.


A mesh ceiling is one of the most popular varieties of the presented type of decoration. This design consists of frame racks, they have different lengths. The choice depends on the characteristics of the room. So, there are grillato ceilings with the size of slats from 60 to 240 cm. The design assumes the presence of special connecting inserts.

A variety of grillato ceilings are on sale. They can be standard, pyramidal, in the form of blinds or multi-level gratings. Cells can have a very original configuration. The choice of design for such finishes is huge.

Installation of grillato cellular ceilings is also carried out according to a simple scheme. First, along the perimeter of the walls, a guide profile is mounted at the desired level. This is a corner called molding. After that, establish a longitudinal profile. It has a configuration in the form of the letter "T". The length of such a profile is usually 2.5 m. The same cross-sectional profile has a size of 60 cm.

Then mount the spring suspensions. They allow you to align the structure from the rails. When the frame is ready, install modules that consist of the corresponding profiles and cutouts of the U-type.


This type of mesh ceiling is installed in accordance with simple instructions. The height of the room is measured. Further, in accordance with the drawing prepared in advance, marking is carried out. All the communication systems that are needed in this room are arranged under the ceiling.

When calculating, you need to take into account the size of the plates. Most often they are issued in the form of square cartridges. The calculation is performed according to a certain technology: the length of the room is divided by the size of the side of the cell. It turns out the number of plates that need to be mounted on the ceiling on one side. If there is a residue that will be less than the length of the cartridge, it is divided by 2. The result obtained corresponds to the distance from the wall to the first cartridge. In this case, the plates will be located symmetrically. The width of the room performs the same calculation.

Next, you need to perform the appropriate markup. On it establish the angular profile with dowels. The pitch of the fasteners is at least 50 cm. Special suspensions are also used, they are attached with anchors to the base of the ceiling. With their help, suspensions with rods are fixed.

Then the T-profile is mounted, which serves as the main, as well as longitudinal and transverse crossbars. This allows you to mount the cells in which the slabs are installed.

Installation recommendations

Installation of Armstrong mesh ceiling must be performed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Most often spotlights are installed in such plates. The plates in which the lamps are supposed to be installed must be installed first. Their connection is carried out with the appropriate supply. They are mounted even at the stage of marking.

If the lamps weigh a lot, you need to further strengthen the structure. To do this, it is hemmed to the ceiling in the place where the lamp will be mounted. This is a mandatory requirement that is put forward during the operation of the ceiling.

It is worth noting that the installation of the ceiling must be done after finishing the walls and floor. No "wet" work in the room should be carried out if Armstrong slabs are mounted here. If they absorb a large amount of moisture that is present in the air when pouring screeds or gluing wallpaper, the material will swell and become unsuitable for use.

Installation of mineral plates is carried out at a temperature of at least + 15 ° C and humidity up to 70% .

Rack-mount option

The mesh ceiling can be assembled from battens. This type is distinguished by a fastening system: seams on the surface become invisible. The decoration looks almost monolithic.

Such a ceiling is mounted from battens 2.5-15 cm wide. Their length can be different, but the maximum value is 6 m. Even in a spacious room, you can use a similar kind of cellular ceilings. First, marking is necessary, it is best to carry out such work using the laser level.

Installation of rails

To mount this kind of cellular ceilings, you need to perform a few simple steps.

At the required level, a line is drawn along the perimeter of the walls - this is the lower boundary of the future ceiling. The minimum distance from the finish to the base is 5 cm. On the walls you need to install corners. They are mounted with dowels. Then the guide profile is mounted. The first bar is 40 cm from the wall, then the distance between the profiles is 1 m.

Then, spring-type suspensions are installed that will not allow the structure to sag. One edge of the rail is mounted on a corner on the wall. He is pushed tightly against the wall. The second end of the material is threaded into the corner from the opposite edge, this allows you to firmly fix the rail. Subsequent installation is carried out on the same principle.



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