Coconut in the aquarium: craft ideas, preparation, processing. How to choose a coconut

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Coconut in the aquarium: craft ideas, preparation, processing. How to choose a coconut

Judging by the reviews, many aquarists create various decorations for their pets. Coconut in the aquarium is a rather original decorative element. Being in water for a long time, the nutshell will not collapse. Of course, it will be pleasant to see it only if it is properly prepared and processed. For information on how to prepare coconut for the aquarium and what decorations you can make from it, see this article.

how to choose a coconut

For whom it is intended

Coconut shell will become a personal shelter for small cichlids, catfish, crayfish, shrimp and crustaceans. According to the owners, in such houses there may still be hides, plecostomuses and ancistruses.


Some beginner aquarists are wondering: why is the coconut shell considered the most common element of decor? There are several reasons for this. The appearance of rot, pathogenic bacteria and mold is not observed on a quality surface.

Because the coconut shell has negative buoyancy , it will be easy to sink to the bottom of the aquarium. Externally, the product also looks quite attractive and will be pleasing to the eye. Processing does not involve the use of harmful components and foreign substances. The exception is purchased products.

do-it-yourself coconut grotto

Where to start?

Many beginner aquarists are interested in how to choose coconut. Experienced craftsmen recommend taking into account the following nuances:

  • Coconut should be with a completely dry surface and an attractive shade.
  • If there is mold and rot, then this fruit should not be used. Also, a coconut that does not have any damage or deformation is suitable.
  • It is desirable that there is liquid inside the coconut. Check it out easily. Enough fruit shake. If you hear a splash, then there is milk in the coconut, which means that it is not spoiled.

After the raw material base is selected, you can start working.


You can quickly and easily prepare for the further installation of coconut in the aquarium with special tools. You will have to work with a knife, pliers, a drill and a hacksaw for metal. Installing coconut in an aquarium involves a number of activities. The life of the product will depend on how well you do everything.

How to cut a coconut in half?

First of all, you need to extract milk from the fruit. To do this, cut the nut. First, several holes should be made in it with a drill. Only after this can you start sawing the shell. You will have to work with a hacksaw for metal. If you want to simplify this task, then you should cut across the nut.

Halves of a nut.

Second step

At this stage, they are involved in extracting the pulp from the fruit . Three methods are provided for this purpose:

  • Pulp removal by scraping. The contents of the fetus are removed with a knife. The flesh is carefully cut into small pieces. Judging by numerous reviews, this method is quite time-consuming. In addition, you should be as careful as possible so as not to cut yourself.
  • Using ants. This method is resorted to in the summer. It is enough for some time to leave the sawn pieces of walnut on the anthill. Everything else will be done by the red ants.
  • By fermentation. In this case, sawing the shell is optional. The craftsmen in the nut make several holes, and then put it in a dense bag in the sun. Milk must be left. Sawn the fruit at the end. Under the influence of high temperature, slurry is formed from the liquid, which is easy to get.
how to cut a coconut in half

Preparatory work?

So that the coconut in the aquarium lasts longer, it is soaked in water. Preliminary a stiff kitchen sponge or metal washcloth thoroughly cleans the inside of the fetus. Often beginners ask a question: how much to cook coconut for an aquarium? The fact is that due to the chemicals used to process the shell, your pets may feel worse before being put on the counter. So that he does not stain water and does not harm the fish, experts advise boiling the shell for about 10 minutes. Then it is soaked for several days. It is advisable to change the water every 12 hours. At the end, the coconut cools. After completing these steps, the material is considered finished, and you can make a product out of it for the inhabitants of the tank.

How to make a coconut mainsail for your aquarium with your own hands?

A pretty house will be a nice house for fish. To make it, you need two halves of coconut. Also, the shell, in which the lower part is sawn, is suitable. According to experienced masters, from two halves the grotto will turn out flat. If you want to make a larger house, then you need to use the second option. In the product, it is imperative to drill or hollow out several holes so that the fish can safely penetrate into their home and swim out. Each house craftsman chooses the shape and size of the holes at his discretion. Judging by the reviews, the product will look more spectacular if it is made in the form of a pirate cache with treasures. It is enough to decorate it with the corresponding decor elements that imitate the treasure. They should be arranged so that they are visible through the holes in the shell.

About the manufacture of the "boat"

To make this decoration, you will have to spend a little time and effort. Before sawing the fruit in half, experts recommend finding lines through which the halves are connected. It is necessary to cut along the lines. As a result, two parts will come out of the shell. According to experts, dividing the coconut along is difficult. In addition, the hacksaw can come off and injure you. This explains why many craftsmen cut the shell across. It is not possible to cut through the lines completely. At the end, the nut breaks well with a hammer.


Make it from a large coconut. At the very beginning, the upper and lower parts are sawed from the shell of the fetus. The result should be a ring whose width does not exceed 100 mm. Then it is laid on a flat surface horizontally. Then a small segment is separated from it with a hacksaw. After it is thoroughly cleaned of pulp and installed in the tank. The bridge will look much more spectacular if it is landscaped. For this purpose, its surface is covered with pieces of moss. On top of it you need to put a plastic mesh. So that it does not fly off, experts recommend fixing it. Cotton thread is ideal. Now the design is ready, and it is installed in the aquarium. Two weeks later, the moss on the bridge will begin to sprout. As a result, he will cover the polyethylene mesh and the thread will dissolve.

how to cook coconut for an aquarium

Decor for vegetation

A pretty good hanging pot can be made from a walnut shell. This decorative element is made as follows. First, coconut is cut into 4 parts. Of these, only one, the most even, will be required. Further, the back wall for the pot is cut from plexiglass in the form of this part. Its thickness should be up to 3 mm. This workpiece is equipped with several through holes with a 20 mm diameter. They are needed so that water circulates well inside the product. In one hole, which is located in the center, a suction cup will be installed. Plexiglass blanks are fastened to the shell using epoxy glue. When it is completely dry, the product can be attached using the suction cup from the inside to the tank.



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