Custard cake: recipe, ingredients, cooking features

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Custard cake: recipe, ingredients, cooking features

A birthday or any other holiday is complete without tea. And the main dish on the table is the cake. Buy it does not make any problems. What kind of cakes are not for saleBut most often the prices for this dessert are still high. How to be Make a delicious dessert yourselfToday we will share with you a recipe for custard biscuit cake. The article will also provide some simple tips that will allow you to prepare a delicious dessert.

cookie cake

Required Products

Many housewives like to buy cookies for tea. It is inexpensive, it is pleasant to all family members, and it is also convenient to take it with you on vacation. It can also help out if guests unexpectedly came or wanted to drink tea and cake. After all, cookies will become the most important ingredient for this. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the list of products that you will also need:

  • Cookies. What to take? Whichever you like best. Both sand and lingering will do. How much? It all depends on the number of people for whom you will cook. But it’s best to take two or three packs of 200 grams each.
  • Vanillin - at will. You can do without this ingredient if you do not like it.
  • Milk - two or three glasses. It is better to take a medium degree of fat content.
  • Granulated sugar - one glass. If you don’t want the cake to be too sweet, take a smaller one.
  • Eggs - one or two. We need it for the cream.
  • Wheat flour - two tablespoons. You don’t need to take a lot, otherwise the cream will turn out too thick.
tea cookies

Cookie cake with custard: recipe

The sequence of our actions will look like this:

  • We take a beautiful shape or a small tray on which we will serve our cake to the table.
  • Now we lay out a layer of cookies.
  • We begin to prepare the custard. Take a deep pan. We break the eggs, add the milk.
  • Beat everything thoroughly. You can use a spoon or using a mixer.
  • Pour granulated sugar gently. Stir.
  • Gently add a small amount of flour.
  • Turn on the stove, put the pan with the contents. Mix everything thoroughly so as not to burn.
  • As soon as the cream thickens to the consistency of fat sour cream, remove the pan from the stove.
  • We take it out in a cold place. The cream should cool.
  • Lubricate the cookie layer. Carefully level the cream.
  • We make four or five layers in this way.

The cookie cake with custard is readyInvite everyone to the table soon

Tips from experienced hostesses

Cookies with custard cake (the recipe was listed above) can be prepared even by a child under the guidance of adults. We offer you some more simple tips:

  • You can change the ingredients as you wish. Today they made a shortbread cake with custard, tomorrow - from cottage cheese, and the day after tomorrow - from crackers. You can continue for a very long time. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment.
  • To decorate the cake, you can use grated nuts, chocolate, as well as fresh fruits. A delicious dessert is obtained with bananas, kiwi and even strawberries.
  • Cookies can be dipped in milk. You will need it no more than half a glass. But the cake will turn out more tender.
  • Some housewives use breakfast cereals to decorate the dessert. Crocodile figures, cubs and others will look very original. And children will certainly appreciate your masterpiece of culinary art.
  • You can put the finished cake in the refrigerator for a while, it will be even tastier.
recipe for custard cake

In conclusion

A biscuit cake with custard is exactly what you need for tea drinkingIt will be appreciated by both your loved ones and guestsAnd most importantly, you do not need to wait when it is baked. Once you have prepared it, you can immediately put it on the tableYou will definitely be asked not only for a bite, but also for a recipe.



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