Deep-fried curd balls recipe. Essential Ingredients and Simple Tips

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Deep-fried curd balls recipe. Essential Ingredients and Simple Tips

Cottage cheese is a very healthy product that contains a lot of calcium, protein, as well as minerals and vitamins. Unfortunately, children are not always able to feed them. We suggest you cook the deep-fried curd balls (a recipe with a photo will be presented in this article). This not only delicious, but also healthy dessert will certainly appeal to your children. In addition, the dish can decorate the festive table.

deep-fried cottage cheese balls recipe

Essential Ingredients

If you have long wanted to treat your family something delicious, then let's cook the curd balls in deep fat, the recipe is actually quite simple. A dish can be prepared very quickly, but it takes a little food. It can even be served for breakfast, as these balls are not only tasty, but also nutritious. Let's quickly check the list to see if we have all the products. We will need:

  1. Wheat flour - one or two glasses. Everything will depend on the density of the test. What kind of flour to take? Preferred premium.
  2. Salt - half a teaspoon. You should not take more, otherwise the balls will be brackish.
  3. Sugar - one glass. The amount can be reduced by almost half.
  4. Soda - half a teaspoon. It will not be necessary to extinguish it.
  5. Sunflower oil - about two glasses. Perhaps it will take you much less.
  6. Some housewives also add vanillin.
  7. Eggs - two pieces. You shouldn’t take it anymore, otherwise deep-fried curd balls (for the recipe see below) will turn out not so soft and tender.
  8. And, finally, cottage cheese. Without this ingredient, we cannot make our balls. We need two packs of 200 grams each.

The products are prepared. It remains only to find the right dishes, it’s better to take not too high, otherwise you will need too much oil.

curd balls

Recipe for deep-fried curd balls

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Take a deep bowl, break it eggs there. Add granulated sugar and salt. Mix everything thoroughly. You can even beat with a mixer until a homogeneous mass is obtained.
  2. Put the cottage cheese from the packs into a bowl. Mix everything thoroughly again.
  3. Now you need to add the flour, knead the dough not too steep.
  4. Nip off small pieces, then form round balls.
  5. Take a saucepan or bowl in which our dessert will be fried.
  6. Turn on the stove. Pour the sunflower oil into the pan, the balls should be completely immersed in it.
  7. Fry for several minutes. Then put it on a plate. Blot excess oil well with a paper towel.
  8. Deep-fried curd balls readyBon appetit

Tips from experienced hostesses

Experts give practical advice:

  1. For the preparation of deep-fried curd balls (recipe, as well see the required quantity of products above) it is best to take odorless sunflower oil. A great option would be "Oleina" or olive. Do not take butter or margarine, they will burn too quickly.
  2. Balls should be lowered into boiling oil. Just be very careful to prevent burns.
  3. Instead of cottage cheese, you can use the curd mass, in which case the amount of sugar should be reduced by half. Otherwise it will be too sweet.
  4. The cottage cheese is best mixed thoroughly, or you can even beat it with a mixer. Why is this done? To make the finished product tender and homogeneous.

In the middle of the ball, you can make the filling. It can be pieces of fresh or canned fruit, as well as nuts.

In conclusion

The recipe for curd balls is quite simple deep fried. This is a great opportunity to please family members. Even children will enjoy eating a ruddy dessert with great pleasure. Only one problem may arise ... you will not have time to notice how the dish with balls is empty. And if you cook them for guests, then be prepared for the fact that they will ask you for a recipe



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