Deprive a member: possible causes, symptoms, diagnostic tests, doctor’s advice and treatment

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Deprive a member: possible causes, symptoms, diagnostic tests, doctor’s advice and treatment

Lichen is a skin disease accompanied by red spots, burning and itching. Lichen occurs in all areas of the skin, including mucous membranes. It can also be found on the genitals, including the penis. Sometimes localization of lichen occurs on it, and subsequently the rash may appear on other areas of the skin.

In men, lichen on the penis can appear as red spots, which is an infectious fungal disease. Lichen is most often observed in men from 40 to 60 years old, which is associated with reduced immunity. But cases of the disease are also common in young people.


Based on medical statistics it is determined that this violation appears for appropriate reasons:

  • the acute viral or infectious nature of the disease;
  • prolonged therapy with potent antibiotics;
  • hormonal interruptions for diseases of the liver and thyroid gland;
  • frequent stresses or constant nerve stress oia;
  • allergy to tissue, perfumes or food;
  • being in an environment where oxygen is saturated with aggressive chemical elements;
  • diseases of internal organs;
  • diabetes;
  • hypertension.

Often, red lichen is considered the result of a violation of individual hygiene. When secretions accumulate on the foreskin, this variety of fungus may appear.

The occurrence of lichen causes not only moral discomfort and anxiety for their own male health. The rash and growths activate quite severe pain and irritation. These signs are continuous in nature, regardless of the time of day or the patient’s action. Because of this, a man's sleep, appetite disappears and his mental state worsens. Against the background of deteriorating health, a person becomes irritable, his ability to work decreases, and seizures of impotence and dizziness appear. But lichen does not have a strong effect on urination and erection. However, sexual acts are painful, which leads to the abandonment of sex. Irritation causes involuntary combing, which leads to painful wounds on the reproductive organs.


Deprive may be of several types. It is pink, red, scaly, and scaly. Each of them has its own symptoms and signs.


Pink lichen on the penis, the photo of which is not applied for ethical reasons, is characterized by a rash of pink flaky spots. With the onset of the development of the disease, a pink rash is observed. Oval spots of different sizes of pink and reddish colors appear along the line of skin tension. A larger spot that appears earlier than others is called the maternal plaque. The central part of the spots acquires a yellowish tint, covered with small scales. Developing, the rash turns into spots that can reach 2 cm. At first, the formation has a pale pink hue, but with the development of the disease it becomes bright pink, and in the center acquires a yellowish tint. Lesions affected by lichen become wrinkled, peeling is observed. Foci of the disease can appear throughout the body. Such rashes may be accompanied by itching and burning.

pink lichen on the member


Red lichen is observed on the head of the penis. It is accompanied by lichen planus on the penis with a rash and papules. They may vary in size and shape, depending on the variety of red lichen found on the penis. With red lichen, the color can vary from pink to red and even blue. A distinctive feature of lichen planus can be considered the shiny surface of the rashes and the formation of plaques. The rash consists of flat pink-red papules with a purple hue. It is characterized by the appearance of small nodules with umbilical depression. With lateral illumination, a waxy gloss of papules is observed. With red lichen on the penis, a network is formed in patients, which is called the Wickham net. It is also accompanied by severe itching and wounds. The disease is chronic. It can be cured, but relapses are possible.

Scaly lichen, or psoriasis

Psoriasis is a disease associated with impaired maturation of skin cells, as a result of which it accelerates sharply. Peeling of the skin appears. Scaly lichen, when localized in other areas of the skin, can also capture the penis. The development of psoriasis can occur precisely with rashes on the head and skin of the penis. It is characterized by redness and peeling. Redness in psoriasis has a bluish tint, and papules appear on its background, that is, small nodules, and then plaques.

Pityriasis versicolor

When pityriasis on the head of the penis, at the initial stage of the development of the disease, a small pink spot can be observed. It can also acquire a yellowish-brown color. After this, a rash appears on the head. Color becomes white or flesh. With the development of the disease, the spots begin to peel off. Symptoms are insignificant: the patient practically does not feel discomfort. Possible symptoms include slight itching and burning.

If one of these symptoms occurs, you must go to the hospital so that specialists can diagnose lichen of the penis.

red lichen on a member

Carrying out diagnostic tests

Diagnosis of lichen on the penis is pretty simple. To confirm the diagnosis, a histological analysis is taken. The doctor carefully looks at the rashes and skin defects of the patient. Compares the formation of rashes, red rashes, pustules, peeling. Conducts a differential diagnosis. After which it is confirmed by histological examination. Diagnosis does not require any complex analyzes. The doctor will immediately determine the type of depriving, foci of infection and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Doctor consultation

When the first signs of a fungus appear, consult a doctor. Penile deprivation alone is not a dangerous disease, but if neglected, the disease can have extremely negative consequences, such as localization of red spots or rashes not only in the genital area, but throughout the body; decreased immunity; it can cause pain during urination or during intercourse, itching and burning. Therefore, if the first signs of infection appear, you should immediately consult a dermatologist or dermatovenerologist to exclude sexually transmitted diseases.

Do not wait until the rash spreads further to other areas of the skin. At the first signs, namely with red rashes and itching, you need to seek help from a specialist to prescribe the necessary treatment.

deprive on the head of the member


After the doctor diagnoses your lichen, you must adhere to its recommendations. Treatment for penile deprivation:

  1. Antifungal drugs.
  2. Antibiotics.
  3. Antihistamines.
  4. Anti-inflammatory ointments .
  5. Powders are antibacterial.
  6. Vitamins.
  7. Reduced physical activity.
  8. Use of condoms.
  9. Walking on fresh air.

The doctor prescribes antifungal drugs, depending on the type of lichen. In addition, lichen can be observed not only on the penis, but also on other mucous membranes, for example, on the tongue, in the oral cavity. Also, rashes can be observed on the body and limbs. Therefore, in the treatment of lichen, tablets and ointments or gels are most often combined, which are applied directly to the affected areas of the skin. If the disease is started and the immunity is reduced, then antibiotics are prescribed that will help fight the infection. Antihistamines are prescribed with ascorbic acid. In the common, progressive stages of lichen, corticosteroids, or corticosteroid ointments, are prescribed. In the event that itching and burning become a problem, it is necessary to stop unpleasant sensations. For this, anti-inflammatory ointments and antibacterial powders are prescribed. They are used locally on the affected skin.

In case of red lichen, B vitamins are prescribed. Regarding the daily regimen, it is recommended to revise your daily routine for quick recovery, pay special attention to proper nutrition and sleep. From food it is necessary to exclude all fatty, fried spicy, and, of course, alcohol is recommended to be removed from the diet. To prevent the spread of the rash, any irritating effect on the skin should be avoided. Therefore, temporarily refrain from washing and applying any ointments. If a rash occurs on the penis, the use of condoms during intercourse is recommended, if it does not cause discomfort. In case of severe burning, it is better to refrain from sex for the time being.

lichen planus on a member

Recovery may take two to three weeks to depending on the course of the disease and the method of treatment, which will be approved by the attending physician who deals with your problem. With the right selection of therapy, lichen is quite easy to get rid of. And, of course, it is necessary immediately at the first manifestations of depriving the penis to seek help from a doctor. The sooner you begin treatment for the disease, the faster recovery will be, and the less undesirable consequences will be for your health.



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