Diet oatmeal cookies with banana: recipe, ingredients

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Diet oatmeal cookies with banana: recipe, ingredients

The aromas of fresh pastries in the house are never superfluous, in fact, like the pastries themselves. Even when you or someone from your household is on a diet, you should not die of hunger and longing for baking. There are many delicious tea additions. And today we will talk about how to cook dietary oatmeal cookies with a banana. There are many recipes for it. Let's start trial tests in our own kitchen.

Oatmeal cookies for slimness

If the cookies are dietary, this does not mean that it is cooked on water and cereal. And eat such pastries should also be careful. It’s hard to resist: the cookies are very tasty, and so I want it again and againList of products for its creation:

  • Dry Hercules flakes - 100 grams.
  • Any sweetener - take to your taste. In extreme cases, use sugar, but in an amount of not more than half a glass.
  • Chicken eggs. For our recipe for dietary oatmeal cookies with a banana, 2-3 pieces are needed.
  • Banana - 1 piece.
  • Baking powder - half a teaspoon.
  • Vegetable oil - for greasing the pan.
  • Salt is literally a few grains on the tip of the knife.

The process has begun

We arm ourselves with a deep bowl and a whisk. You can take a mixer, a plug.

For dietary oatmeal cookies with a banana, you need to mix eggs, Hercules, sugar, salt and loosening powder in a bowl.

Let the oatmeal swell for twenty minutes.


Banana peel. Grind it with a knife. We cut into medium or small cubes. Enter into the resulting dough just before the formation and baking of the products.

Put on a baking sheet, bake

Now more about how we will form blanks and bake homemade oatmeal and banana cookies.

First, turn on the oven in the network. While it is warming, we get down to business: grease a baking sheet with vegetable oil. A tablespoon or dessert spoon soaked in clean cold water, we take a lot of bananas and oatmeal and spread on a baking sheet. Leave 2-3 centimeters between the workpieces. This is necessary so that the cookies do not stick together during the cooking process, because it will increase in volume.

Bake until golden. Ten minutes later, the finished oatmeal diet homemade banana cookies can be removed from the oven. Cool and drink tea.

With cottage cheese and banana

dietary oatmeal cookies with banana without eggs

Make homemade baking even more healthy and suitable for a healthy diet can be enriched with cottage cheese. The dairy product should have a low fat content (from 5%). List of ingredients:

  • 250 grams of dry oatmeal;
  • low-fat cottage cheese - 180-200 grams;
  • egg - 1 piece;
  • banana - 1 piece;
  • a bag of vanilla sugar;
  • take the sweetener to taste (you can also take sugar - 1/2 cup);
  • lean unflavored oil - grease the form;
  • nuts or raisins - optional.

Here are the products for the embodiment of the diet oatmeal cookie recipe with banana and cottage cheese. Cooking this baking is also very simple.

Step by step recipe

Read the description of the step - repeat. The result is a tasty and healthy cookie.

Rinse the cereal with clean cold water and salt it. Now again, fill them with a fresh portion of water. Leave for swelling. It will take about thirty minutes for the oatmeal to absorb the liquid and become more suitable for further manipulations.

Add the cottage cheese, egg, vanilla sugar and regular. Randomly chop the peeled banana and introduce it into the main composition. If desired, add nuts or a handful of raisins.

We will form the blanks in a convenient way. You can lay out portions of the mixture (in a spoon) on a baking sheet at a distance of 2 centimeters. It is imperative to moisten the spoon with water each time before seizing the curd-oatmeal. You can wet your hands in cold water and roll balls from the mass. Press round workpieces from above with your hand. You can also use a fork.

When all the blanks are on the baking sheet, send it to the preheated oven for 10-20 minutes. Watch the appearance of the baking: as soon as it turns golden, you can take it out and cool.

As you can see, this is a fairly simple recipe for dietary oatmeal cookies with banana and cottage cheese.

With bananas and nuts

A wonderful wholesome snack of delicious ingredients is cookies with nuts and bananas. Here's what you need to implement the recipe:

  • A pair of very ripe bananas. There is absolutely no sugar or sugar substitutes in the recipe, so the sweeter the bananas, the sweeter the finished cookies will be.
  • Nuts. We take them in an arbitrary amount. Any nuts that you like are suitable.
  • Egg - 1 piece.
  • Oatmeal - 130-180 grams.
  • Vegetable oil - grease the bottom of the pan.

Let's start the implementation of the recipe

We begin to cook oatmeal and banana cookies by washing the oats. Pour clean, cool water into the bowl into which the cereal was poured. Mix the oatmeal a little and add the resulting liquid.

We recommend not to cut the bananas, but to crush them with a fork. We need a banana gruel. Mix it with oatmeal.

We’ll also add nuts to this. You can grind them or add them to the cookie mass in the form in which they are.

The base is ready. It remains to place it on a baking sheet and make cookies.

Lubricate the bottom of the baking sheet with a small amount of vegetable oil.

We spread the mass of Hercules and nuts with bananas at some distance from each other.

In a hot oven at a temperature of 170-200 degrees, bake cookies until golden brown.

Dietary oatmeal cookies with banana without eggs

oatmeal and banana cookies recipe

Very tasty and very nutritious, despite the fact that the delicacy is dietary. These calories are not empty. They benefit the body. There are nuts and dried fruits, known for their positive qualities. List of ingredients:

  • Hercules flakes - two glasses.
  • Yogurt or low-fat kefir - 1.5-2 glasses.
  • Bananas - two large and ripe.
  • Dried fruits - 50 grams.
  • Nuts - 50-100 grams.
  • Natural honey - not more than half a tablespoon.

How to cook

We’ll rinse the Hercules and put it in a deep bowl. We will also send a fermented milk product here. We give the cereal an hour to swell.

Peel and chop the bananas, as we prefer. You can cut them into cubes, but you can also crush them into gruel with a fork.

Dried fruits are washed several times in hot water. Carefully select possible trash. We cut into cubes.

We chop the nuts with a knife. Decide for yourself which fraction is tastier for you.

We spread honey in oatmeal with yogurt (kefir). Mix these ingredients thoroughly. Add nuts and dried fruits. Mix again. At the end of the dough for dietary oatmeal cookies, spread the bananas and mix again.

Smear the bottom of the baking sheet with refined vegetable oil. We spread out the mass for cookies using a spoon of a suitable volume. Do not forget about the distance between future cookies.

We heat the kitchen oven to 180-200 degrees. Inside it we place blanks for 10-20 minutes. As in previous cases, its readiness is indicated by its golden ruddy color.

With apple and banana

Another recipe for delicious oatmeal cookies. The aroma of a green apple makes tea drinking even more lamp-like. Let's make some apple pastries. List of necessary products for cookies:

  • One large green apple.
  • One banana.
  • A glass of low-fat kefir.
  • Two glasses of Hercules oatmeal.
  • Baking powder - half a bag.
  • Honey - a teaspoon.
  • You can optionally add a handful of nuts and a handful of washed raisins.
  • A little vegetable oil is needed to lubricate the sheet on which the cookies will be baked. Literally to wet the brush.


on a baking sheet

Pour kefir into a bowl. Next, add the oatmeal and mix. Put the mixture in the refrigerator for half an hour. When the flakes increase in volume, we will continue to prepare the dough.

I’m washing an apple and a banana. We take out the swollen Hercules and mix it with honey. Three apples on a grater and send to the dough. Grind the banana as you like. We also introduce it into the dough.

Mix, add baking powder, nuts, raisins, if you decide to make cookies with these components. If you cook diet cakes without them, then the treat will have a slightly different taste. Try both options to find out which one is worthy to become your favorite.

Grease a baking sheet with butter. We heat the oven. We spread the dough with a spoon or form balls with our hands and then press them.

Baking time - 10-18 minutes. We take out the finished golden cookies.

In any version of the above recipes, you can use, for example, cocoa or cinnamon. These ingredients give the pastries an even brighter flavor and color.



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