Do-it-yourself mortise lock installation

01.09.2019 House, Repair
Do-it-yourself mortise lock installation

If you need to install a mortise lock for a wooden or metal door, you do not need to contact a specialist. You can do it yourself. For work, you need only a set of special tools. It is important not to rush and carefully follow the instructions.

How to choose a mortise lock:

  1. The element should not occupy more than 30 percent of the width of the end of the front door, and 70% of the interior.
  2. Purchase the device in special departments with a guarantee.
  3. Locks can be right-handed or left-handed. To choose, you need to know which way the door will open. If you have not decided on this parameter yet, then you can buy a universal element. In this way, you can change the position of the latch.

Tools for installing mortise door locks

Before starting work, make sure that all the devices are in place so that you do not have to interrupt work in the process . To install the mortise lock you will need:

  • electric drill;
  • grinder;
  • hammer;
  • a simple pencil;
  • roulette;
  • chisels and drills in the set;
  • screwdriver;


Correctly insert the lock do on a hinged door. Otherwise, you can damage the awnings and the door will stop closing.

lock for a metal door

Place the canvas on the end, propping it with wooden blocks. The latter can be covered with a cloth so as not to scratch the surface of the door. At all stages of installation, check the operation of the lock. A slight deviation when marking or cutting can ruin the operation of the locking mechanism. Below, we’ll walk you through the installation of a mortise lock for a metal door.

Step 1: determine the location

Before proceeding with the installation, you must determine the location of the locking element. From the bottom of the canvas measure 1 meter in height and put a mark. This is considered the most convenient arrangement of the door handle. Attach the locking mechanism to the mark and circle the outline.

Step 2: Prepare the hole

How do you install the mortise lock next? The recess is drilled with a drill. In the resulting circled rectangle, you need to make holes. Remove remaining nicks with a file. It is important that the lock fits tightly into the socket.

Step 3: mark up

Insert the lock into the canvas and mark for future mounting. Drill holes for the bolts.

Step 4: install the handle

Attach the lock to the door leaf. Measure on both sides of the place where the handles will subsequently be installed. Drill and insert it into the body of the door. Screw in all parts with a screwdriver. Make holes and install handles. Fix the locking plate.

mortise lock for the door

Installing a mortise lock for a wooden door

The preparatory phase of work is similar with installation of a locking element in a metal door. You also need to mark the place of cutting and draw a outline. Next, the process goes in several stages:

  • A groove is cut with a pen drill. The hole should be 2 mm larger than the width of the lock. Thanks to this, the mechanism will effortlessly enter the well.
  • To make the cavity smooth, without chipping, it needs to be smoothed with a chisel and a hammer.
  • Clear the groove from sawdust and insert the lock there.
  • Attach the locking plate to the end and circle it with a simple pencil.
  • To make the panel flush, make a notch with a hammer and chisel.
  • Remove the lock and attach it to the side of the door . Use a ruler to measure the place under the handle and keyhole. Drill holes in the marked areas.
  • Try on the lock. If at this stage deviations and other errors are noticed, they need to be corrected.
  • Install the larva in the keyhole and fix it with the screws that came with the kit. If everything works, you can screw the bar.
  • Lubricate the latch with a paint compound that can be easily washed off. Close the door and turn the key, then open. A trail of paint will remain on the door frame. This is the place for the latch to enter.
  • Use a chisel to make a groove under the tongue. The second bar also goes deep flush, like the first. It should go flush with the canvas.
  • The whole structure is fixed with bolts.
metal door

If during operation all the steps were followed, the mortise lock should open and close without difficulty.



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