Doors “ElPort”: reviews, review, manufacturer. Door Factory el’Porta

31.08.2019 House, Repair
Doors “ElPort”: reviews, review, manufacturer. Door Factory el’Porta

The interior doors of ElPort are unique high-quality products that are distinguished by excellent aesthetic characteristics and durability. According to their technical parameters, the doors of this manufacturer are in no way inferior to the original Italian models. Customer reviews only confirm their reliability.

In this review we will consider in detail the characteristics of el'Porta interior doors, talk about the most popular models and their advantages.

About the manufacturer

manufacturer of the doors of the elport

ElPorta appeared on the Russian market relatively recently. But even in a relatively short period of time, she managed to gain great popularity. Today, the brand occupies a leading position in the number of wholesale and retail sales. This proves once again that buyers appreciated the products of this brand.

Doors "ElPort" reviews deserve only positive. This is due to the individual approach to the client, the unique design of the products, as well as the use of safe natural materials.


Where are el'Porta brand products manufactured? Doors of this manufacturer are manufactured in our country on foreign equipment. Thanks to well-thought-out production technology, it is possible to comply with all quality standards. Expensive materials make the brand’s products more popular and durable.

The ElPort door production workshop is located at the Ryazan factory. From there, goods are transported throughout the country. The use of various technological operations helps to achieve unique characteristics of the door leaf. It becomes like natural wood. The use of the “edgeless” system guarantees abrasion resistance, long door service life, as well as excellent product performance. The Japanese polypropylene coating provides ElPort doors with additional protection.


How to find the right Elport doors? In the customer reviews of products of this brand there are a large number of models with different styles and technical specifications. Among the product lines of this manufacturer are models with additional fittings and other elements. There is also a whole series of glass doors that will help to give the room originality and uniqueness.

Today on sale you can find models belonging to the following series:

  • Porta-Z.
  • Port-X.
  • Software.
  • Classic.
  • Legno.
  • Vetro.
  • Twiggy.

Folding and sliding models

Let's consider what their feature is. If you are looking for a suitable model for a small room, be sure to pay attention to the el'Porta sliding doors. The most important element of this design are durable silent rollers. The manufacturer also uses high-quality silicone linings and bearings, which ensure silent use of the structure. For mounting one door leaf, at least two rollers are used. This ensures a smooth ride and comfortable operation.

If there is not enough space to install the sliding system in the room, you should pay attention to the folding doors of ElPort. For their production fragments of the door leaf are used, interconnected using special movable systems. One of the elements is fixed motionless, while the others move on rollers along metal guides.

Materials used

el porta doors

So, what do you need to know about this? Door manufacturer ElPorta uses only high-quality natural materials. No harmful toxic substances are used in the technological process. For this reason, ElPort doors can be installed in bedrooms, children's rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. The door leaf does not deform even under the influence of severe mechanical stresses.

For installation in bathrooms, ElPort doors of the Aqua series are best suited. They withstand direct liquid and can be placed even in rooms with a very high level of humidity. Thanks to the thought-out design of the door leaf, the room provides almost complete sound insulation. Special rubber door linings make the opening and closing process completely silent.


How will the ElPort door look in the interior? Here a lot depends on the model you have chosen and the material of its manufacture. Today, the following options are available in the manufacturer’s product range:

  1. Eco-veneer is an environmentally friendly material. The door frame can be made of solid wood or MDF by pressing with further multilayer application of varnish. There are no pores on the finishing layer, so the doors are resistant to stains and high humidity. Eco-veneer can also completely repeat the texture of natural wood and visually practically indistinguishable from it.
  2. Euro-veneer - this material has similar characteristics. However, its structure is slightly improved, which eliminates all the shortcomings of the eco-veneer.

Veneering of the door is carried out using special technology. Its use minimizes the likelihood of peeling of the finishing edge. The coating is additionally protected from above with acrylic varnish. This allows you to protect the door from direct sunlight, minor damage and mechanical stress.

What colors are the doors of "ElPort"? Customer reviews confirm that the manufacturer has no problems with choosing a color palette. The following shades are available for sale:

  • cappuccino;
  • wenge;
  • gray;
  • bianco;
  • anegri.

Thanks to 3D-Graf technology, environmental friendliness and absolute safety of the door leaf, as well as resistance to any type of exposure are ensured. By pressing on special equipment, a particularly dense structure is achieved, which retains its original functional characteristics for many years of operation.

Enamel is also used to cover some models. This is a multilayer material, which in its qualities is similar to enamel, but has higher performance characteristics.

Pros and Cons

The doors of "ElPort" received their wide popularity due to the many positive characteristics. These include:

  • high-quality imitation of valuable wood species;
  • high strength;
  • long life;
  • excellent sound and heat insulation;
  • wide range.

Judging by the reviews, the ElPort doors also have their drawbacks. For the most part, they relate to sliding and folding models. The problem is the low sound insulation and significant heat transfer between the shared rooms. In addition, if such doors are not properly closed, the roller often jams in the space of the guide profile. This is a design flaw.


In this review, we examined in detail what the doors of ElPort are. Customer reviews mainly indicate the high quality of the products of this brand. Doors "ElPort" are reliable and environmentally friendly. In their production harmful toxic substances are not used, which allows them to be installed even in children's rooms. The manufacturer also gives a guarantee on all its products.

All production of ElPort doors is carried out in Russia using high-quality foreign equipment. The manufacturer produces doors of modern design. The range of finished products is characterized by a wide color palette, which allows you to choose the right model for almost any interior. There are also several options for coating door leafs, which makes it possible to choose the best option for installation in any conditions. There are models designed for installation specifically in rooms with high humidity. The manufacturer also offers sliding and folding models for installation in small rooms.



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