Dream Interpretation: a lively little pig, a pig with piglets. The interpretation of dreams

31.08.2019 Dream book
Dream Interpretation: a lively little pig, a pig with piglets. The interpretation of dreams

According to the dream book, a small living pig, seen in night dreams, has more than one interpretation. If you look at the symbolic meaning of pigs, then on the one hand, everything is very good. A pig is considered a sign of prosperity and augmentation of wealth. But when you come in from the other side, you recall the saying "put a pig", which means - to hurt. So why dream of a pig with piglets or its cubs in a separate midnight story? What should be expected from life - wealth and blessings or, on the contrary, meanness? We’ll find out right now at this minute.

Nostradamus about pigs in dreams

dream pig

According to his dream book , a small lively pig is a good sign. They saw him in their dream, so get ready for the good news. On this, good surprises from reality are not over. In a dream, a piggy can also promise new love relationships, which are remembered for its passions that so impress the owner or mistress of sleep.

Many little piglets eat and grunt with pleasure and all this happens in your night dream in the presence of mother pig ? In real life, a good time awaits your family. Now everything is going according to plan, without unforeseen excesses. In general, an idyll consisting of satisfaction, stability and wealth.

A dream about a piglet running through a green meadow and generally happy — the dreamer or dreamer will have a pleasant trip.

Vangelia’s assumption

The seer interpreted these dreams, based on their intuitive knowledge and feelings. For example, a small live piglet from a dream book is a sign of profit only if it is clean, plump and, on the whole, causes only positive emotions in a sleeping person. I want to stroke and scratch him behind the ear - you are close to financial reward.

But when the cubs are dirty and skinny, the meaning of the dream changes dramatically in the direction of the negative. Thin pigs are a sign of illness and other troubles of the dreamer or dreamer. There may be financial failures and harm from gossip. In general, any troubles that you are unlikely to be able to guess. That's why they are pigs.

Vangelia has one more suggestion as to what a pig and piglets dream about. When in your night illusion you began to feed her along with the offspring, but at the same time you feel fear, rejection or any other negative emotions, then this is a bad sign. The fact is that a dream speaks of the help that you will render to those people (or to one person) that do not need it. We are always unpleasant if they use us. Here is just such a case. Dream Interpreter advises to be prudent and not to share the last shirt without thinking twice.

Explanation from Gustav Miller

what does a pig with piglets dream of

According to his dream book, a small living pig is a sign of pleasure. But this is true only in relation to pleasant animals with well-fed barrels and a happy look.

Here, as in many collections, there are some nuances. Suppose you saw in your daydream how many small piglets are behaving uneasily and fussy: running, grunting and squealing. A dream of such a plan has a slightly different meaning. These little pigs hint that events in your life will begin to happen and change at such a rate that you’ll never be bored.

By the way, seeing a skinny animal in a dream in Miller’s dreambook means experiencing a need in the near future.

As suggested by Nina Grishina (a collection of interpretations from the nobles)

little pigs

Admiring yourself, arrogance and gluttony develop in a sleeping one - that’s what small and pure dreams of e piglets, growing in night Grese with incredible speed and turning into full pigs. The dream interpretation advises to be careful with your vicious desires and not give yourself concessions.

Also a bad sign is a dream in which you find yourself among piglets. They surrounded you and poke dirty little spots. The dream says that a sleeping person is in wait for bad events. However, the incidents will not be tragic, but they will significantly spoil the general mood.

A dream in which there are a lot of black cubs of a pig means that various rumors are spreading about you in reality. And these rumors and gossip, without foundation, are very evil. Gossip can be harmful.

Dream interpretation for men

a man dreams of a piglet

Little piglets are the image of rivals and people who are located to the sleeping not too friendly. Moreover, you can see small pigs both before problems at work, and before negative incidents in a love relationship. If you saw pigs in a dream, be prepared to deal with these troubles.

A good sign is a night story in which a man managed to pick up this animal. However, it is necessary for the pig to have a pleasant appearance. It needs to be well-fed and clean.

Dirty piglets do not promise profit. Losses in finances and business await you.

A good sign will be the appearance in the night dream of piglets, if you are related to agriculture. It is generally accepted that the little pigs that you feed represent a good harvest in this case.

What does a piggy dream for a woman

A well-fed piglet, seen by an adult lady in a night story, may be a precursor of a relationship with a new man. It is not clear how the story will end. You may stay together, but it is equally likely that the relationship will go away. In any case, you will not regret them.

A young lady after such a dream can behave braver. The fact is that such a story promises her at least a marriage. And if you take to the maximum, she will marry a fairly wealthy groom. In addition, the feelings will be mutual.

But what does a woman dream of a dirty pig, skinny and, in addition, aggressive? A dream with a similar scenario hints that in reality the lady will fall under the influence of an unpleasant type. This man will be aggressive, selfish and impudent. In addition, the subject will be next to the lady for a mercantile reason - he will use her and her means.

According to Freud

To stroke a piglet that is clean and pleasant to the touch will be in a dream a person who loves entertainment on the side in real life. The dream says that the sleeping person, on the one hand, will become a participant in the events of an erotic plan pleasant for him. But on the other hand, this person will be tormented by conscience. The dreamer or dreamer needs to decide what is more important for them in reality - pleasure or retribution.

Pull a lot of small piglets out of the mud or slurry. An unpleasant dream is the cry of your subconscious for help. The fact is that today's relations with people are mired in lies and rudeness. It concerns the feelings between you and your partner (partner). What you expected from today's relationship has not come true and is unlikely to happen, keep that in mind and draw the appropriate conclusions.

Russian collection of interpretations of night illusions

Feeding a lot of little piglets is positive sign. You will soon be able to finally achieve what you want. Profit, joy and all kinds of benefits will fall right into your hands. The main thing is not to sour, but to continue moving towards your own goal.

Thin cyanotic young pigs talk about problems in the body of the dreamer or dreamer. Pay attention to your own health. Moreover, not only the physical state of the body, but also the mood of the soul will be important. You are probably too tired in pursuit of the desired. You need rest, a rethinking of the present moment and, as a result, the solution of mistakes (in the future).

If you feed the pigs in the midnight illusion and they become more attractive and thicker before your eyes, this will also happen in your reality.

Pocket Dream Book

It is dreaming that piglets are running along with their pig mother clearing and enjoy what is happening? In the life of a sleeping person, too, carefree times will soon come. It’s not worth relaxing very much, you’ll have to return to working condition. But you can and even need to take advantage of the provided pause.

Catch one or more piglets in a night dream. Sleep says your plans may not come true. Your language is to blame - it tells a lot to outsiders. Be careful what you want to talk about. Perhaps if you keep silent, then dreams will become reality faster and easier.

In a dream I had the opportunity to feed a piglet (or several) directly from my hand, offering something tasty? This is a sign that his relatives and friends are wonderful towards the sleeping person. A person is in a circle of loving and beloved people who are ready to help at any second.

Buying a cute little pig (or more than one) on the market - a dream bodes well and good news for the sleeping (sleeping).

Interpretation from the Lunar dreambook

See young pigs during the waning moon - well-being and implementation of plans. But this is only if the pigs had a dream about the waning moon and also were well-fed, healthy and, accordingly, peppy.

Cyanotic sleeping pigs “waned” - someone harms you in real life . Take a look around. You will definitely notice people who do not wish you well and are trying in every possible way to interfere with the well-being of your life.

Weekly dream book

pig in a dream for a woman

How to understand why in a dream the image of little piglets is on this or that day of the current week? The weekly dream book knows about this:

  1. On the first day of the week, to see a dream about piglets that are right at your place for serious business. If you manage to do it, get a reward.
  2. To have a dream with baby pigs on Tuesday. Be prepared for the attempts of some subjects to crank up the businessman behind your back. Someone wants to trick the sleeping (sleeping).
  3. Wednesday. Keep a cute little pig in your arms - to the good news.
  4. If you dream on Thursday, and in it you bathe piglets, there will be new things and pleasant acquisitions.
  5. To see pigs on Friday night - in reality it’s worth listening to your own intuition.
  6. Piglets dreamed on Saturday - you can fight back troubles.
  7. When on Sunday little pigs dream with their mother, be careful with new acquaintances. Also do not trust those with whom you have not had business before.