Dream Interpretation: competitions. Value. Interpretation

31.08.2019 Dream book
Dream Interpretation: competitions. Value. Interpretation

In real life, sports competitions cause us a lot of positive emotions. But what is the dream of competition? The dream interpretation will help to decipher your night vision. Moreover, the more details of your dream you could remember, the more accurate its interpretation will be.

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Interpretation of the Family Dream Book

In this interpreter, the meaning of your sleep depends on the sport that you saw in your night dreams:

  • If you dreamed that you came first in running competitions, dream book warns that in reality excessive overfatigue will lead to a breakdown.
  • Were in a dream Judo sparring party? On the alert, be on the alert, danger can warn you.
  • Had a chance to watch in a dream a football match in which your favorite team won? In real life, this means that your dream will remain a dream.
  • Had a dream that the basketball team for which you were a fan lost a lot in the competition? Dream Interpreter warns that some of your so-called friends are actually deceitful and hypocritical people.
  • Have you seen a skier rushing down a snowy track in your night dreams? You need to carefully monitor your behavior and try to avoid rash, rash statements. Otherwise, you may get into an unpleasant situation.

Interpretation of the Universal Dream Book

In this dream interpretation, the interpretation depends on whether the sleeping person participated in the competition or another person:

  • If in a dream you were engaged in a team sport and at the same time you were uncomfortable, in fact it is quite difficult for you to decide whether you want to work in a team or start your own business.
  • We watched in night vision, how someone else participated in the competition, but did you feel relaxed? Such a dream characterizes you as a person who does not like to bother, relying on his colleagues in everything.
  • I dreamed that you were a participant in unusual competitions for you? The dream book advises you to try to find a new interesting activity for yourself.
  • Did you just see sports battles in a dream? In reality, you spend a lot of life energy on competing with someone. No need to waste your time, just do what you love.
  • If an athlete participated in competitions in your night dreams, he recommends remembering whether he was an experienced person or even a junior. It also matters what his result was. In this case, you can understand for yourself how your potential is revealed. Perhaps you can achieve something else in your field of activity.
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Interpretation of different dream books

Different dream books also pay attention to the sports competitions seen sleeping in his night dreams:

  • Dream interpretation of the competition explains the dream of Felomen’s willingness to fight for the goals he aspires to.
  • In the English dream book, participating in dream running competitions means the following: in real life, a victory over an opponent is possible in the struggle for the feelings of a beloved woman.
  • In Tsvetkov’s dream book we can find out why swimming competitions take place, in which the sleeping person takes part: in reality, he will have to carry out several tasks simultaneously. li>
  • According to the New Family Dream Book, run to dirty rivals with a large group of people - to the fact that in reality you will fall on a happy holiday.
  • According to the Esoteric dream book, if you could become a winner in the race, you can become a leader in some matter. Especially such a vision is favorable for people who are related to commerce.
  • The psychological dream book of badminton competitions that you observed in a dream explains in this way: in real life excessive modesty prevents you from demonstrating your strengths and knowledge in which important thing. If you played badminton yourself, you are a decisive person, able to make extraordinary decisions.
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Interpretation depending on some details

There may be some more details that will affect a more complete interpretation of the dreams associated with the competition:

  • Did you dream that the competition did not take place for some reason? In fact, you will have to make adjustments to some of your plans.
  • Did your acquaintances participate in the dreams? You have a pleasant meeting.
  • If the sleeping person saw himself in a dream as a fan, in reality he will also be worried about something.
  • If he was a judge, in reality he will have to take up solving other people's problems.