Dream Interpretation: Cross the river. Value. Interpretation

31.08.2019 Dream book
Dream Interpretation: Cross the river. Value. Interpretation

Sometimes we see various bodies of water in our night dreams. Of course, we care about how clean the water was in them. After all, such a detail significantly affects the interpretation of a dream. But why dream of crossing the river? In this case, the dream interpretation will help us with advice.

Interpretation of Felomen’s dream interpretation

In this interpreter, the vision in which a person swims across the river promises him various changes.

  • If the water in the river was clear in a dream - pleasant events await you in reality.
  • Had to swim across the river to the other side - the dream book says that changes for the better will begin even before the dreamer could to suggest. Such an interpretation takes place if in a dream he managed to reach the opposite shore. Sometimes such a dream can mean an increase in the career ladder.
  • I dreamed that you sailed through a muddy pond - this is an unpleasant change. Especially if in your night visions you have not reached the opposite shore. It is possible that you may be drawn into some dubious business.
dream book to swim the river

Interpretation of the dream book Denise Lynn

This dream book is trying to convey to us the meaning of a vision in which a person had difficulty trying to cross the river. Here she draws an analogy between the water stream and the course of life of the sleeper.

  • In your night dreams, it was difficult for you to cope with the flow - in real life you do not always need to try to rush things. Maybe you should wait a bit.
  • In this dream book to cross the river, but at the same time having difficulty finding a convenient way, means the following - in fact, you are faced with some formidable emotional obstacle. It may be difficult for you to decide how to behave in a difficult situation. A dream encourages you to think carefully and choose the best option for solving this problem.
why dream of crossing the river

Interpretation according to different dream books

Different dream books also paid attention to night visions, in which someone tried to swim across the river.

  • The Wanderer Dream Book gives us two explanations for this situation. If the sleeper crossed the river easily, following the current - in the near future he will be lucky in everything. But the attempt to swim in a dream, the water flow against the current promises a person temporary difficulties, which he will eventually cope with.
  • According to the Women's Dream Book, to swim over a river in a dream for the weaker sex means the following - in reality her life will change dramatically. And how favorable the changes will be for it depends on the degree of purity of the dreaming reservoir.
  • Dream Interpretation of Astromeridian gives an interpretation of the vision in which a person swam across a river with dirty water - in fact, he should wait for a catch from ill-wishers who want to denigrate him good name. But the dreamer will be able to reveal all the intrigues and restore his reputation.
  • At Gustav Miller we can find out why we dream of crossing the river on a boat - the dream book believes that such a vision symbolizes a pleasant meeting with friends.
  • Azar’s dream interpretation thus deciphers the vision in which you swam across the river - it may be to the fulfillment of your hopes.
  • Small Velesov dream book promises you that it is possible to make a profit, and its amount will depend on the depth of the water stream .
  • According to the Modern Dream Book, cross the river in your nights dreams also means a new period in the life of the sleeper. But it will be good or not, it depends on how clean the water was.

Interpretation of dreams depending on the degree of purity of water in the river

If you dreamed that you swam across the river, try to remember how clean or dirty the water was in it.

  • It was dreamed that the water in the pond was very dirty - this is a harbinger of a difficult life period. To overcome it, you need to be as careful and collected as possible.
  • If in a dream the water in the river was slightly unclear - in the near future you may encounter minor problems and worries, with minor quarrels. Just try to weigh your every word so that conflicts can be avoided.
  • I happened to see that the surface of the water was not only clean and transparent, but also calm - this is a good sign. You can achieve independence and prosperity.

Interpretation depending on some nuances

If the sleeping man had a chance to swim the river, the dream book offers us several options for deciphering.

  • In your night dreams you confidently moved forward through the water stream - this characterizes you as a brave and courageous person, who is not afraid to take on risky business.
  • You dreamed that you calmly crossed the river, lying on your back - in reality your undertaking will be successful.
  • If you saw yourself swimming on your back against the stream, and even trying to do it with your feet forward - in fact your non-standard thinking does not give in to the understanding of others, but it helps you find the right solutions to achieve your goals.
  • If in a dream the river on which the sleeping person was floating was shallow - the dreamer will be in little trouble. But it’s best not to pay much attention to them, since gradually everything will form by itself.