Dream Interpretation. Lice in your hair: the meaning and interpretation of sleep, which portends sleep, what to expect

31.08.2019 Dream book
Dream Interpretation. Lice in your hair: the meaning and interpretation of sleep, which portends sleep, what to expect

Have you seen in the realm of dreams lice in your hair? Dream Interpretations recommend trying to remember as much as possible the smallest nuances, since it is precisely in them in most cases that the true value of a thing’s vision for a person is hidden. In addition, it is also recommended to take into account the general emotional background present in the realm of dreams. Well, the most experienced dreamers recommend looking for the true meaning of images in the depths of their own subconscious.

Opinion of Gustav Miller

Thinking about what lice dream of in their hair? Miller’s dream interpretation assures its readers that in most cases such a plot is connected with the groundless experiences experienced by a sleeping person in the real world. However, the psychoanalyst argues that such an attitude can lead to sad consequences, since it is common for a person to attract into his life what he constantly thinks.

Lice in the hair (according to Miller’s dream book) can be a symbol of self-doubt . This interpretation is especially relevant for adolescents who have great ambitions, but do not have the proper experience. In addition, a vision in which parasites were present suggests that in the real world a person has some kind of complexes about his appearance. If the person does not get rid of them now, then he risks losing the chance of a successful future.

Interpretations from the Middle Kingdom

Do you have lice in your hair? A dream book from China claims that such a vision is a foreshadowing of deliverance from all adversities. Such an interpretation affects almost all areas of activity of a sleeping person. So if you experienced discomfort from a lack of money and loneliness, then get ready for the fact that your loved one will appear in your life, as well as the opportunity for stable earnings. Just do not forget to thank the Universe for such a gift.

The girl stretches after sleeping.

Crushing rot with your own hands in the kingdom of Morpheus is a sign that a person has been going to a long time the intended goal, however, those around him and even close relatives try to prevent him from doing so in every possible way. To achieve the desired result, try to focus on the goal, and not on what others say. Otherwise, ill-wishers will succeed in translating their plans, and a person risks falling into depression for many years.

An ancient esoteric guide

Had to comb out lice from your hair? The dream interpretation advises to prepare for promotion on a career ladder. Most likely, the authorities will notice the efforts of a person and arrange for him a small test, according to the results of which it will be possible to say with a high degree of probability whether the dreamer is suitable for holding a leadership position. Therefore, you should begin to responsibly fulfill your duties if you want to occupy a higher post in the future.

Louse enlarged.

Had to feel lice bites on the head? Such a vision can portend serious health problems for a sleeping person. Most likely, inside her body there is some kind of disease that at the moment has not shown itself. However, symptoms may occur at the most inopportune moment. In addition, if a person does not seek medical help on time, then the ailment can develop into a chronic stage.

A large family dream book

Lice on the hair (interpretation of dreams are described below) is a very private image in the kingdom of Morpheus. However, in order to make an accurate interpretation, one should recall the emotions that caused the parasites in a sleeping person. For example, disgust promises to be confused by a loved one. But apathy for parasites is a sign that you need to pay more attention to your family members in reality.

Mom sleeps with her baby.

Catching a louse in the realm of dreams and looking at it for a long time is a sign that the sleeping person immersed in domestic chores. Typically, such a story is for housewives who have ceased to engage in self-development and fully devote their free time to children and husband. However, the interpreter recommends putting aside all household chores and doing something more useful. After that, it will be possible to return to normal duties.

Interpretation of Sigmund Freud

Still can not understand what lice mean in their hair? A dream book from a well-known psychoanalyst recommends paying attention to the smallest nuances, which at first glance seem insignificant. However, novice dreamers should be prepared for the fact that in most cases Freud's interpretations are connected with the intimate life of a sleeping person. Therefore, the following interpretations are only suitable for adults:

Lice in the hair.
  • had a chance to see a louse in an intimate area - be careful when having sex with someone unfamiliar by man and be sure to protect yourself;
  • crush a small insect with the help of nails - to the need to start paying as much attention as possible to intimacy in reality;
  • to see a parasite in a beloved person is a sign that your second half cheating on you in reality.

Of particular note is the plot, which happened to not only feel the insect bite, but also to see ov on the head. After such a dream, a young and unmarried girl runs the risk of losing her virginity with a man whom she practically does not know. To prevent this turn, you should refrain from visiting establishments in the company of unfamiliar people, as well as drinking a lot of alcohol.

Values ​​from the Wanderer’s book

Had to get rid of lice in your hair? To interpret such a plot, it is important to remember exactly where the event occurred. If in your own bathroom, then you should expect favorable changes on the love front. However, if everything happened in the house of a loved one, then you should start to seriously worry about relationships in the real world. Soon, a third person will stand between the lovers who wants to break the bonds that bind them.

A young grandmother is sleeping peacefully.

To see a parasite on your own body is a sign that soon a sleeping person risks making a reckless act in reality, which can lead to an awkward situation. To prevent this from happening, one should competently evaluate one's own forces, as well as make informed decisions. This recommendation is especially relevant for a person who spends a lot of time in company with other people.

French dream book

Lice in your hair (at home) promise small problems with money, which will soon time will arise in a sleeping person. The reason for this will be excessive wastefulness of a person, so preventing an undesirable outcome will be easier than ever - you just need to refrain from unnecessary spending that can hit the budget. Although in fairness it should be noted that the situation will not be critical.

To see lice in a young child is a very negative phenomenon for a person who has real life have kids. Most likely, one of them is in terrible danger. Only a dreamer can prevent a sad fate. Try to analyze what exactly can threaten the child. For example, if he recently complained of stomach pain, then he should immediately go to the hospital with him.

Predictions of a Bulgarian seer

What else can nits or lice in your hair mean? In Wangi’s dream book, it’s said that after such a story one should refrain from making large financial transactions, since a sleeping person may become a victim of fraud. In addition, great caution should be exercised when signing important contracts, since one of them may contain a clause that will lead to complete bankruptcy of a person (relevant for entrepreneurs and businessmen).

The boy is sleeping with an alarm clock.

But recovering from parasites is a very good phenomenon. Soon, a person will have to forget once and for all about a problem that for a long time did not allow him to fall asleep calmly. However, to cope with all the difficulties will not succeed without the help of others. An alternative interpretation is that it is necessary to pay as much attention as possible to self-development. Otherwise, the person runs the risk of degrading and losing respect from others.


We hope you now understand what lice dream of. Modern interpreters often give very contradictory interpretations even for completely identical subjects. Therefore, try to correctly compare the written information with what is currently happening in reality. In addition, consider what your inner subconscious says, because the true meaning of certain images is hidden in it. Have a good dream.