Dream interpretation: many flies in the house, kill flies, big flies. The interpretation of dreams

31.08.2019 Dream book
Dream interpretation: many flies in the house, kill flies, big flies. The interpretation of dreams

Do you see many flies in the house? Dream Interpretations say that in the near future shocking news awaits a person, which can be either pleasant or not. However, this is far from the only interpretation of such an image. For a more detailed interpretation, it is necessary to competently compare the nuances and night dreams with what is currently happening in real life. In addition, it is important to take into account the voice of one’s own subconscious.

Gustav Miller’s opinion

Why do men (many flies) dream about flies? A well-known psychoanalyst will help answer this question. In the near future, a person will find out some shocking news. To understand whether it turns out to be positive or negative, you must try to remember the emotions that caused insects in a sleeping person. For example, a feeling of anger or disgust portends something terrible. And apathy for flies is a good sign that promises favorable changes.

But for the fair sex, this image can personify annoying boyfriends who do not want to leave the beauty alone. An alternative interpretation is that at the moment the girl is completely immersed in household chores. To quickly rectify the situation, it is worth asking for help from the second half or close friends. Otherwise, homework will absorb the whole beauty.

Interpretations from the Middle Kingdom

Had a night dream, how many flies fly in the house? Then get ready for serious difficulties in the professional field. Insects from the kingdom of dreams personify ill-wishers among colleagues. The more trouble they brought you in a dream, the more difficult it will be to deal with them in the real world. However, if the sleeping person gathers all his will into a fist and repels the enemies, then career growth awaits her.

But to see with your own eyes a huge fly flying through the sky is quite a positive phenomenon for a person who is engaged in the real world of creative activity. Soon he will have a surge of inspiration and motivation, which will create a real work of art. However, if a talented person cannot overcome her own laziness, then nothing of this will happen and the opportunity will simply be missed.

Noble esoteric guide

Had to see many flies in the house? Dream Interpretation recommends that you start saving money in the real world as soon as possible. In addition, you should seriously think about finding an additional source of income. Otherwise, the dreamer runs the risk of being on the verge of poverty or even plunges into the debt hole with his head. Friends and close relatives should not be counted on to help, as they will not be able to provide material support.

Flies are sitting on the skin.

To see several insects that circled over the sweet jam in the realm of dreams is a positive sign. In the near future, a person will expect a large material profit, but someone from close relatives will want to prevent this. To prevent this from happening, you must be completely confident in your abilities. Relatives will not physically interfere with the work, which will be profitable, but may leave the dreamer without motivation.

A large family dream book

Many flies in the house can also portend problems that will soon come to the dreamer's family. In most cases, this interpretation affects the professional sphere of activity of people. In the near future, there is a high probability of being left without work and livelihood. To avoid this, you should start looking for a new lesson now, and try to avoid depression when the worst happens.

But with your own hands to kill a large insect and see how maggots come out of it - quite negative phenomenon, which speaks of imminent deception on the part of a loved one. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid such a turn. As a rule, such an interpretation affects the closest of people, for example, a soul mate. It is likely that soon she will change the sleeping person and nothing can be done about it.

Sigmund Freud's interpretation

No matter how strange it may sound, the well-known psychoanalyst believes that sleeping with flies is inextricably linked with the intimate life of a person. However, in order to draw up the correct interpretation, you need to pay attention to the little things, and also try to correctly compare them with what is happening in the real world. Here are just the most common images, as well as their interpretations:

The girl is sleeping on the bed.
  • accidentally eat a fly with jam - to serious diseases of an intimate nature, from which you will soon have to get rid of;
  • killing flies in the house with your bare hands is a sign that the sleeping person lacks sex in the real world, so you should find a new partner;
  • be completely stuck flies (for a girl) - the personification of hidden masochistic inclinations that a beautiful woman experiences.

And what can promise a vision in which an adult male saw an insect and own body? As a rule, such an image suggests that a person began to experience problems with an erection. Sooner or later, this can lead to the dreamer becoming disgraced in bed with a lady. To prevent this from happening, you should begin immediate treatment by consulting a specialist.

Values ​​from the Wanderer’s book

What can living flies (many) in a house mean? Dream Interpretation Terenty Smirnova says that soon a person will have to participate in some important project. Success in a common cause can forever change the usual state of things. But failure will necessarily lead to the fact that the dreamer will lose respect from the people around him. Therefore, you should take responsibility to fulfill your duties.

Fly (side view).

Hearing in the realm of dreams a distinctive buzzing of insects is a sign that in the real world a person expects attending an important event, as a result of which the sleeping person will have the opportunity to meet many respected people who can provide support in the future. It is possible that one of the people will give practical advice to the owner of the visions or even help him financially.

Mayan prophecies

Had to kill flies in the house? Sleep promises a large material profit, which will be directly or indirectly related to real estate. It is possible that a person long ago planned to sell his house or apartment, but there was still no suitable buyer. It’s worth managing the funds received wisely, otherwise the owner of the vision runs the risk of poverty several months after investing in a dubious enterprise.

A fly is sitting on the ground.

But dine surrounded by flies is among hypocrites in the real world. It is strongly recommended that you refrain from telling your secrets to unfamiliar personalities, as this information can be used against a sleeping person. In addition, it is recommended that you carefully analyze your closest circle of friends to exclude as many potential traitors from it as possible.

Predictions of the Bulgarian seer

Many large flies in the house are a sign that soon, annoying acquaintances will surround the person, who will demand to render them a service (free of charge or for a small fee). It should be politely refused, since participation in such a case would be unprofitable for a sleeping person. But if a loved one asks for the service, this can lead to a stronger relationship with a relative.

The little boy is sleeping peacefully.

Sleeping with a fly that couldn’t be killed in any way promises great opportunities that it does not notice master of vision. Over a rather long period of time, fate sends signs to the sleeping person that it is time to change their life for the better, however, she continues to ignore them, finding hundreds of ridiculous excuses. Sooner or later, such an attitude will lead to the fact that luck will turn away from the dreamer for many years, and it will be very difficult to return it.


We hope you now understand what the flies dream of . Yes, such an image has a lot of different interpretations. Sometimes it seems that dream books are ready to give completely conflicting information even for completely identical stories. However, this should not be surprising, since it is simply impossible to draw up a universal interpretation. The thing is that each person has unique character traits, because of which the emotions caused by the sight of flies will be completely different. So learn to listen to your inner voice.