Dream interpretation of Smurova: interpretation of dreams and distinctive features of the book

31.08.2019 Dream book
Dream interpretation of Smurova: interpretation of dreams and distinctive features of the book

Olga Borisovna Smurova has been collecting information and analyzing dreams for many years. On the basis of her experience, she published books, one of which is The Big Universal Family Dream Book.

What Olga Smurova’s dream book introduces the reader

First of all, I’ll talk about two types of dreams: fast and slow.

Quick dreams are paradoxical, saturated with unusual plots of vision, which sometimes can not be explained logically. They are vibrant, fantastic and can leave behind a variety of feelings, such as joy or anxiety.

Slow dreams. At this time, a person does not receive new information, his brain is busy with an analysis of what is important for a sleeping person today, and he solves top-priority real problems.

Olga Smurova’s dream book

Usually, after a phase of slow sleep, a person plunges into a fast dream, during which he sees various symbols and images that give clues in solving many issues, the main thing is the correct interpretation of dreams.

In the dream book of Smurova Olga Borisovna also advice is given on what you should first pay attention to. For example, do not take seriously slurred dreams, in which there are no clear images, and there is no logical plot.

It’s another matter if there is a sense of real presence in night visions, the picture is bright, and you feel an active influence on the actions taking place at the same time. Real dreams can and should be considered those in which the dreamer communicates with relatives or loved ones, receives any information from them.

dream interpretation of dreams

Interpretation of dreams is a creative process in which it is desirable to pay attention to an intuitive approach.

The distinctive and unique style of Smurova’s dream book and the interpretation of dreams offered to the reader will be very interesting for any age.

Some facts about dreams

Many scientists are trying to explain the nature of sleep, but this phenomenon remains beyond knowledge. The following is known for sure:

  1. Dreams do not let us go crazy, prevent the development of psychoses and hallucinations.
  2. People who do not develop intellectually do not solve any questions or problems , are not interested in anything other than everyday activities, very rarely see dreams, because their brain is also sleeping.
  3. It is curious that the former smokers see the most vivid dreams.

What is the use of sleep

During sleep, the following occurs:

  1. Providing a complete rest for the body.
  2. Restoring immunity.
  3. Cleansing the brain of harmful waste products.
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Apparently, dreams are only beneficial.