Dream Interpretation. Why dream gold earrings with stones: the meaning and interpretation of sleep

31.08.2019 Dream book
Dream Interpretation. Why dream gold earrings with stones: the meaning and interpretation of sleep

Have you thought about what gold earrings with stones dream about? It is worth noting immediately that in order to interpret the plot with jewels, it is necessary to take into account a huge number of the smallest nuances. And we are talking not only about the appearance of the jewelry, but also about the general emotional background, as well as the behavior of the sleeping person. To learn the secret of the future and try to change your life with the help of a prophetic plot will be possible only if you correctly compare all these factors with reality.

Opinion of Gustav Miller

I dreamed a dream with gold earrings with with stones? The well-known psychoanalyst is sure that the interpretation of such a plot will affect not only the sleeping person, but also those people with whom she is accustomed to communicate. For example, if a dreamer had a chance to find jewelry on the street, then soon he will meet an influential person who will be able to motivate the owner of visions to grandiose accomplishments or even help him financially.

But trying on a luxury item - quite a negative phenomenon. Most likely, the sleeping person is in reality a very narcissistic person who is ready to sacrifice any of his relatives in order to achieve his own goals. Although it should be noted that such an interpretation is relevant only for men. As for the fair sex, the vision speaks of their natural beauty, which they are very proud of.

To dream of gold earrings with stones in the hands of another person means to feel a sense of envy in reality. Most likely, the sleeping person is striving by all means to translate the desired into reality, but she does not manage to do this. As a result of such failures, a person begins to make himself a victim and even envies his loved ones. However, Miller assures his readers that such an attitude will not lead to anything good.

Ancient esoteric reference book

To find gold earrings with stones in a dream means to get a big material profit in reality. It is worth noting that such an interpretation does not in any way affect the professional sphere of activity of a sleeping person, since the amount will be really impressive. Most likely, the owner of the vision will win the lottery or get an inheritance. Be that as it may, the money received should be disposed of wisely.

But polishing jewelry to a shine is not a good sign. In the near future, a person will be struck by a rather serious disease that will require immediate medical attention. It will be possible to avoid such a development of events only if you undergo a comprehensive examination in a good clinic. Otherwise, a dangerous ailment will make itself felt too late.

To dream of gold earrings with stones means to try by all means to make a dream come true. The ancient interpreter assures his readers that for this they will have to make even more efforts, as well as try to think positively. For a person who has been looking for a soul mate for a long time, such an image in Morpheus’s kingdom promises to meet an interesting person who will soon turn his head to the master of visions.

Interpretations from the Middle Kingdom

Dreamed of gold earrings with stones? The Chinese interpreter recommends trying to remember what color were the inserts present in the precious metal. Red rubies promise a rich and happy family life. Blue sapphires portend to face detractors in the professional field. And the green emeralds speak of the wishes of the sleeping person to quickly establish relations with one of the friends.

Beautiful gold earrings.

Meet an old acquaintance if silver plated earrings with diamonds were to be found . However, an interpreter from the Middle Kingdom assures his readers that such an event could end in a noble drinking party, as a result of which the master of the vision would do a lot of stupid things. To prevent this from happening, you need to monitor the amount of alcohol you drink or refrain from meeting with an old friend at all.

And why do you dream of gold earrings with stones that were in a chest with other jewelry? In most cases, this plot is for individuals who have long planned a trip to another country or city, but all the time postponed the event for various reasons. Fate warns the sleeping person that in the near future she will have a wonderful opportunity to finally fulfill what she wants.

Sigmund Freud's interpretation

Had a chance to hold gold earrings with stones in their hands? In the dream book from a famous psychologist it is clearly said that such a plot is directly related to the intimate life of a sleeping person. However, for a more detailed interpretation, it is important to consider even the smallest nuances. Here are just the most common interpretations that deserve your attention (only relevant for adults who are at least 16 years old):

  • holding the jewelry of a loved one is a sign that in real life in the world, a sleeping person wants to have sex with her soulmate;
  • to steal a jewel from her mistress - to understand her feelings about her sexual partner;
  • to see expensive jewelry in her hands on the eve of the wedding - the personification of the great hopes that are entrusted on wedding night.

Freud also mentions that in order to interpret such plots it is important to take into account the general emotional background that was present in the realm of dreams at the sight of jewels. For example, if a person experienced the joy of holding an expensive thing in his hands, then in the real world he will encounter excessively large desires from a sexual partner. But aversion to gold can talk about serious diseases of an intimate nature.

Meaning from the Book of the Wanderer

In the kingdom of Morpheus, did you see gold earrings with stones in your ears? Dream interpretation Terenty Smirnova recommends starting to pay more attention to your loved ones. Most likely, a sleeping person with his head immersed in hard work, so she simply does not have time to spend it with a loved one or children. It’s worth taking a few days off, otherwise close people will have a big offense.

The little girl is sleeping.

For the fair sex, who is in an "interesting position", a vision with jewels is very favorable. Soon, a wonderful baby will appear who will delight his parents with his first achievements very soon. As for the birth itself, they will pass relatively quickly and painlessly. Therefore, there is no reason to wind up yourself with possible complications.

Why do I dream of gold earrings with stones that I saw in the ears of a representative of the opposite sex? Such a vision is uniquely positive for a person who has been trying for a long time to find his soul mate in this world. Soon, one of his close friends confesses to the sleeping person in love, which should be reciprocated, because this person will be ready to make the dreamer happier.

Mayan prophecies

Had to see dream with gold earrings with stones (different)? Interpretation for such a plot can be found in the popular famous interpreter, which is very popular in our time. The plot will turn out to be very positive for entrepreneurs and businessmen, because it promises big profits, which will be caused by the signing of a business contract. But a family man such a dream promises to get rid of all domestic problems.

Gold amber earrings.

To learn about someone else’s secret is a person who not only saw the jewel in the kingdom of Morpheus, but and twisted it in his hands, looking in every possible way. Soon someone from close friends will tell you reliable information about a common acquaintance. The knowledge gained can be used to establish relationships with others or even get material profit. However, in the latter case, the "boomerang" will definitely return to the sleeping person.

Judging by the Indian dream book, gold earrings with stones can also personify the sleeping person’s self-confidence. A similar trait will help a person achieve great success in the professional field of activity. However, the Mayan interpreter warns that one should not confuse self-confidence with narcissism. It is also necessary to rationally evaluate one's own strengths and be able to ask for help in case of urgent need.

What do the French think?

Had to find gold earrings with stones? The dream interpretation from France assures its readers that it is worthwhile to be especially wary of such a plot, because it can portend great disappointments in life. Most likely, here we are talking about someone from close people. However, it is quite possible that you will have to be disappointed in the professional field of activity or any hobby.

The man is sleeping with an alarm clock.

Becoming the owner of a family heirloom in the realm of dreams is a very favorable phenomenon for those who decided to start to realize some grandiose project. Such an event will turn out to be a great success, especially if a person makes every effort to bring his dream to life. Just prepare in advance for the fact that the result will not be perfect. Mistakes and various difficulties cannot be avoided.

To lose a large sum of money will be the person who lost the jewel in the kingdom of Morpheus. To prevent such a turn, you should refrain from large financial transactions in the near future, as well as carefully sign any cooperation agreements. If a person neglects such advice, then he risks becoming a victim of fraud and lose most of his savings. jewelry, promises to bring to a sleeping person not material, but spiritual wealth. This interpretation is especially relevant for a vision in which it was possible to purchase an expensive product in a store. In reality, a sleeping person will become the owner of great wisdom that can be used to change her life for the better.

But acquiring a fake instead of a real jewel is a very negative phenomenon, portending a fraud with side of a loved one in the real world. However, one should not regard such a gesture as betrayal. Most likely, the deceiver simply did not want to cause problems to a person who already had enough of them. Therefore, it is worth forgiving a loved one and forgetting about an unpleasant incident.

But to see expensive earrings behind the window, but not to have money with you in order to acquire them is a sign that the sleeping person experiences waking love feelings, but cannot admit to them. However, Wang is sure that a great opportunity will soon appear for this. Therefore, you should gather all your will into a fist and tell the person what you feel for him. The chances of becoming rejected are extremely small.

A large family dream book

This popular interpreter will also find the answer to the question of what gold earrings with stones dream of. For example, if a person polished them to a brilliance in the realm of dreams, then in real life he will face a lot of household chores that will have to be done independently. Most likely, households will not be able to help the dreamer, because they will not have free time for this. However, you will have to do away with all the troubles.

You should expect guests to visit if the jewelry was presented to a sleeping person by someone from close relatives or friends. Soon this person will visit the owner of the vision and ask him to give a warm welcome. If a person agrees, then a lot of trouble awaits him, which in the end will turn into a solid material profit. Otherwise, the sleeping person will worsen their relationship with this person in reality.

It is strongly recommended to refrain from unplanned trips if in a dream you had to inherit a jewel from a long-dead relative. The dreamer's life is in terrible danger, so fate sends him a similar warning. The more expensive the jewelry from the kingdom of dreams looked, the less the sleeping person had a chance to escape. Therefore, extreme caution should be exercised, especially if there were diamonds in the earrings.

Interpretations of the 21st century

This esoteric guide assures its readers that it is important to pay special attention to the size of the earrings. Small jewelry suggests that the sleeping person will experience a feeling of regret that she missed an important opportunity in her life. But large and expensive jewelry is a symbol of happiness that awaits the dreamer in the near future.

The young mother is sleeping peacefully.

You should also pay attention to the shape of the jewelry. Earrings in the form of rings are a symbol of great luck, which will lie in wait for the owner of visions in almost all areas of activity. Long pendants promise to face worries about close relatives. Well, cross-shaped earrings indicate that a sleeping person should pay more attention to his mental health (there is a high probability of developing depression).

Had a chance to sell your gold earrings because of an acute need for finance? An interpreter of the 21st century says that in reality a sleeping person also lacks money. In order not to be on the verge of poverty, the interpreter recommends thinking about additional sources of income, as well as switching to a regime of total savings. Otherwise, the dreamer will plunge into the debt hole, from which he will get out for several years.


We hope you now better understand what the gold earrings with stones dream about. Yes, today there are quite a few esoteric reference books that can give quite contradictory interpretations even for almost identical stories. However, this is not surprising, since it will be practically impossible to draw up a universal interpretation suitable for everyone (men and women, rich and poor, adults and young people, etc.). Each person has his own unique character traits and unique characteristics of the psyche. Because of this, the emotions that arise when one or another image is seen in the realm of dreams, will be completely different for everyone. Therefore, one should learn to compare written information with the real world. Well, or you can try to look for a true interpretation in the depths of your own subconscious.