Early ejaculation: causes and treatments

01.09.2019 Medicine, Men's health
Early ejaculation: causes and treatments

Early ejaculation, also called premature ejaculation, is a sexual dysfunction. This condition is a serious physiological and psychological problem for a man (often for his woman), as well as the reason why they do not get sexual satisfaction.

What are its causes and symptoms? How to get rid of this problem? The topic is relevant, and therefore it should now be studied in a little more detail.

Briefly about the condition

Early ejaculation accounts for 25% to 60% of all forms of sexual functional disorders. This is not a disease, but sexual dysfunction. It manifests itself in the inability of a man to control ejaculation sufficiently, which is necessary to achieve satisfaction with both partners.

According to WHO, this problem is relevant for 40% of men of different ages around the world.

What are the criteria for evaluating premature ejaculation? The first is a temporary factor. The act lasts 1-2 minutes (it does not count for the first time after a long abstinence). The second factor is the number of frictions (from 8 to 15).


You also need to talk about them. According to the results of numerous studies in the field of andrology, the causes of early ejaculation are psychogenic in nature.

Prerequisites are formed in the teenage period. Guys suffering from early ejaculation usually have persistent failure syndrome, which is influenced by the following factors:

  • Lack of sexual experience.
  • Lack of theoretical knowledge.
  • False reviews of sexual experience with peers.
  • Unsuccessful sexual intercourse , even if it was once.

As a result, a reflex arc forms, which in the future becomes the cause of early ejaculation.

The approaching sex for a man becomes a signal to which he reacts with fear, excitement, sometimes even panic, and focuses not on the pleasure and relaxation it receives, but on thoughts on how to prolong the process and not disappoint to a partner.


The question about how to get rid of early ejaculation, most men care for one reason - they and their women can not fully enjoy the intimacy. And not everyone thinks that this condition is fraught with other consequences.

May, for example, develop colliculitis - inflammation of the seminal tubercle. This condition is fraught with the appearance of blood streaks in the sperm, strange discharge from the urethra, problems with urination, as well as involuntary ejaculation, erased orgasms, pain, etc.

The consequences of colliculitis, in turn, may lead to involvement into the inflammatory process of the prostate gland.

Therefore, with this condition, you must consult a doctor. After examination and diagnosis, he will not only tell you how to treat early ejaculation, but also prescribe anti-inflammatory therapy that will avoid the above problems.


It begins with a patient survey. But the information received from his words will be scarce, of course. An andrologist will definitely carry out a number of tests, including tests with lidocaine and a condom.

early ejaculation treatment

It is also necessary to examine the patient for urogenital inflammation. When the comprehensive diagnosis is complete, the andrologist will tell the patient how to treat premature ejaculation. The course of procedures aimed at correcting sexual dysfunction is prescribed individually.

The purpose of therapy is to restore the normal duration of sexual intercourse, as well as rid the man of the syndrome of failure caused by psychology.


It necessarily includes a course of treatment for early ejaculation. A psychologist will surely teach a man a technique by which he will be able to control ejaculation.

Sexopathologists believe that the best cure for early ejaculation is therapy. With its help, it is possible to successfully formulate recognition of preorgastic sensations.

But the effect will be achieved if a constant partner also takes part in psychotherapy. Her adequate response and sincere empathy are very important.

A very good result is given by the stop-start method ", Which not only helps to prolong sexual intercourse, but also generally increase an erection. Efficiency is observed in the period from the 2nd to the 10th week - for everyone differently. But the result must be fixed, which takes 2-3 months. The main thing is mutual patience of partners and the absence of negative emotions during intimacy.

The technique, by the way, consists in slowing down or stopping movement with conscious muscle relaxation at the moment of “climax” approaching.


Now you can also list pills from premature ejaculation. “Dapoxetine” refers to a group of antidepressants. It does not reduce perceptibility, but reduces the transmission rate of nerve impulses. Taking this remedy, you can gradually prolong sexual intercourse for up to 2-3 hours.

These serotonin reuptake tablets from early ejaculation have a complex effect. They reduce stress and help create the right mood before sexual intercourse.

There may be side effects - dizziness, nausea, migraine. Such reactions occur in men with cardiovascular diseases and allergies, and therefore you can not start drinking Dapoxetine without first consulting a doctor.

By the way, the drug has an analogue - and this is Primaxetine.


Another popular pill for early ejaculation. This is a herbal preparation - each capsule contains 200 mg of extracts that have long been used in the treatment of impotence. Absolutely all components not only harmonize, but enhance each other’s action.

Plus, the tool provides tonic effect on the body, improves circulation, increases performance and stamina.

The drug is truly unique. It contains extracts of yohimbe bark, ginseng and licorice root, green tea, dwarf palm fruits, garlic, as well as zinc oxide, B vitamins, folic acid and L-arginine.


Men suffering from early ejaculation should pay attention to this drug. This herbal remedy helps to eliminate various manifestations of sexual dysfunction, improve sperm composition, as well as increase its volume, increase sperm activity and prolong their life cycle. The tablets even normalize the level of testosterone.

The product has two analogues with a similar composition. The first is Impaz tablets that treat erectile dysfunction.

The second is Ajanta Stamina. This product is available in capsule form. Taking them, you can not only normalize sexual function, but also strengthen the body and increase physical endurance.


Another tablet preparation, which is a selective inhibitor of serotonin reuptake. It quickly helps to cope with depression, panic attacks and social phobias - the phenomena that many men experience with an approaching sexual intercourse.

tablets for early ejaculation

The onset of ejaculation is also delayed, but this is not the main effect of the drug. If you cannot find this tool, then you can search for analogues - Zoloft, Serenata, Misol, Emoton and Serlift.


They say that the use of local anesthetics also helps to cope with early ejaculation. Since their effect helps to reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis, and therefore prolongs contact.

However, you also need to understand that such drugs also affect the mucous membrane of the female genital organs. This reduces its sensitivity.

Therefore, it is better not to use the product itself, but special barrier contraceptives, the inner surface of which has already been treated with lidocaine.

However, men who do not use such protection with a partner are all -so make a choice in favor of local anesthetics. Then it’s better to choose a quality product - for example, "STUD 5000", designed specifically for this purpose.

Oak bark

This natural component is a very powerful aphrodisiac. Tannins, pentosans, pectins, sugars, flavonoids, proteins, starch, vitamins - the bark contains many components, most of which are necessary for the male body.

From it you can make an effective tool. It is necessary to fill a 10-liter capacity with crushed powder bark (8 tbsp. L.) And completely pour boiling water. Then cook for one and a half hours.

When the composition cools down, you can start taking it - drink throughout the day like tea. Enough 2-3 glasses a day. The resulting volume should be enough for a long time.


Another phyto-remedy that helps to strengthen men's health and get rid of the problems associated with early ejaculation.

Lovage - valuable component, including malic and ascorbic acids, rutin, carotene, vitamins (PP. B, E, K, C, A), phosphorus, potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, selenium, zinc, resins, starch and tannins.

To prepare a healing product, you need to 1/3 fill a liter jar with chopped dry root and pour vodka. Then tightly cork the container and send it to a dark, cool place for three weeks (sometimes shake).

After the time has passed, strain. Then you can take it - two or three times a day for half an hour before eating 1 tsp.


About the folk remedy made from this component, you also need to tell. The composition of the periwinkle includes more than twenty different alkaloids - therefore, medicines made from it must be taken with caution and in very small quantities.

How to prepare a healing product? Take 1 tbsp. l herbs and pour a glass of water. Then send to a water bath to boil - just 15 minutes.

The finished liquid should be filtered through gauze. Drink only 10 drops in the morning and 5 drops in the evening. So do 5 days in a row, then you need to take a break for three days. It is better to dilute the product in a small amount of water.


It can also be recommended by a doctor. Nowadays, there are many physiotherapeutic methods - ultrasound, laser, bioenergetic and magnetic.

Well-recommended baromassage, implying exposure to the method of negative local pressure. Often the patient is referred for ultrasound procedures, accompanied by intradermal administration of drugs.

Acupuncture is also common. Of course, they are not being introduced where some men who worried about the safety of their organ might think - only through the skin on their bodies.

tablets for premature ejaculation

Experts in this field believe that the release of seminal fluid is regulated by the nerve serotonergic ganglia - acupuncture is aimed at correcting their work.

It is assumed that the impulses resulting from this procedure ry, provoke the accumulation of serotonin in the synoptic gap, and eventually the sexual act is prolonged. But the result, of course, becomes noticeable only after a few such sessions.

Other recommendations

All of the above funds, as well as any others that the doctor will advise, will be powerless if the man does not change the image of life. Because the state of the body indirectly or directly depends on a lot of factors.

Here's what a man will need to do:

  • Start eating right. Refuse salty, fried, greasy, spicy and spicy foods, fast food, soda and all harmful products. It is recommended to diversify the diet with products that are beneficial for men's health.
  • Normalize body weight. An overweight man always has a hormonal imbalance. If he is close to obesity, or already suffers from it, then he most likely has a duration of sexual intercourse, most likely 1.5-2 times shorter than usual.
  • Start playing sports. Regular physical activity will help get rid of stagnation of blood in the veins of the small pelvis, improve circulation and increase endurance.
  • Refuse bad habits. Nicotine and alcohol should be excluded from your life. It is interesting that men who drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes do not always have problems with intimate life. But those with whom they are observed have to give up bad habits.
  • Try to avoid stress. Psychological pressure does not lead to anything good. And certainly it will not improve the sex life.

And yet, by the way, just before the intimacy you can do a relaxing massage. It helps significantly relieve stress.



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