Female hormones for men: functions in the body, causes of abnormalities, regulatory methods

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Female hormones for men: functions in the body, causes of abnormalities, regulatory methods

The article will describe what the benefits and harms of female hormones are for men.

All hormones produced by the human body control chemical and physiological processes . They are divided into male and female. A person’s gender is determined by the type of hormone present in his body.

female hormones for men

Testosterone and estrogen

The predominant hormone in the male body is testosterone, and in the female estrogen. For the normal functioning and activity of the body requires a balanced hormonal background. Its disturbances can occur as a result of an overabundance or deficiency of active biological substances.

Female hormones in men are always present in a certain amount, but if an imbalance occurs, the body begins to undergo various changes.

Functioning hormones

The main male hormone is testosterone. In the body of a man, testosterone is produced in large quantities, so that the stronger sex have a number of distinct differences from women:

  1. The presence of the genital organ, the ability to lead a sexual life.
  2. Coarser features faces, voice (compared to women).
  3. Increased hairline on the chest, limbs.
  4. Narrow hips, broad shoulders.
female hormone in the male body

Female hormones in a husband rank in the body are present, but their concentration is low. Oxytocin, progesterone and prolactin are varieties of estrogen and are produced by the pituitary gland and adrenal glands. This is due to the fact that men do not have ovaries producing these hormones in women.

The main female hormone in the body of a man is estrogen. It is he who contributes to the formation of secondary characteristics in the fair sex, and also provides the ability to give birth to children.

The functions of estrogen in the male body

In the body of men, the female hormone estrogen is no less important, but its functions are different:

  1. Increases potency, sexual desire.
  2. Promotes the activity of the brain.
  3. Promotes the normal functioning of the heart.
  4. Takes part in metabolic processes.

During the synthesis of oxytocin, the level of testosterone decreases, as a result In this way, the psychoemotional state of a man is regulated, irritability decreases, a sense of attachment develops, and blood pressure levels are controlled.

Progesterone in women is produced during pregnancy. In the male body, this substance plays a special role - it prevents the appearance of neoplasms in the prostate, and prevents the development of other dangerous tumors. In addition, this biosubstance controls estrogen production, stimulates brain activity, regulates blood sugar levels, and increases the strength of skeletal elements. Any deviations from the norm can result in equally dangerous consequences.

Prolactin in men is responsible for the normal production of sperm. The substance is synthesized by the pituitary gland. Often, prolactin deficiency leads to infertility. Experts confirm that prolactin is a natural anesthetic. Under its influence, the person's sensitivity to pain decreases, as a result of which men become tolerant to it (if large amounts of prolactin are present in the body).

What is the danger of increased female hormone in men?

The danger of imbalance

Female hormones are an integral part of a man’s body, some functions are impossible without their influence. However, the normal functioning of the male body is possible only if the amount of female hormones is at a certain level. Deficiency or overabundance of progesterone, prolactin, oxytocin, estrogen leads to the beginning of destructive processes.

Imbalance of estrogen

female hormones in tablets for men

The most dangerous consequences occur when estrogen is unbalanced. The imbalance may be absolute or relative. In the first case, the adrenal glands produce an excessively large amount of estrogen, in the second case there is a deficiency of testosterone, while estrogens are at a normal level.

When male hormones are elevated in men, it’s hard to miss the signs.

With such hormonal imbalances in the male body, the following changes occur:

  1. The amount of hair decreases in places characteristic of men (legs, arms, chest, groin, face).
  2. Overweight builds up in the abdomen.
  3. Stamina disappears physical stress.
  4. The libido decreases.
  5. There is a disturbance in the psychoemotional state.
  6. The tone of the voice increases.
  7. Breast growth is noted.
  8. The body takes on a clear female shape.

With insufficient production of estrogen, the following changes are noted:

  1. Loss of muscle mass, weight loss.
  2. Violation of blood pressure.
  3. Lack of sleep, impaired appetite.
  4. Impairment of ability to concentrate , memory.

Violation of the level of progesterone and prolactin

As a result of exceeding the permissible levels in the male body, progesterone and prolactin can cause no less serious complications. With an excess of these substances in a man, there may be a complete lack of sexual desire, which, in turn, can lead to testicular atrophy and, as a result, infertility.

The synthesis of prolactin can increase in a situation where a man is very nervous, loads the body with physical work, and experiences psychological trauma. An imbalance of prolactin causes a disruption in the synthesis of estrogen, which is responsible for reproductive function.

With an imbalance of progesterone, the carbohydrate metabolism required for the normal functioning of the CCC and the brain worsens.

Imbalance of oxytocin

An increase in oxytocin leads to inhibition of testosterone, resulting in the following consequences:

  1. Deterioration of sperm production and, as a result, the development of infertility.
  2. Development of pathologies of the genitourinary system.
  3. Drowsiness, lethargy.
  4. Erectile dysf ounce.
  5. Decrease in physical endurance.

At decrease in level of oxytocin it is observed:

  1. Violation of the heart, increased blood pressure.
  2. Aggression, irritation, outbursts of rage.
  3. Decreased brain activity (mental activity, attention, memory).
  4. Increased potency, causing discomfort.

If a man has increased female hormones or decreased, he should consult a doctor.

men have increased female hormones

Causes of deviations from the norm

Hormonal disruptions do not depend on age. But there are times when men can have hormonal imbalances. The most calm period is considered to be the age of 19–29 years. Most often, hormonal disruptions are observed during the development of men.

Hormones in the synthesis of hormones during puberty are due to the early onset of puberty, late development, and false signs indicating premature maturation. The latter situation is associated, as a rule, with congenital dysfunctions of the adrenal glands, the use of a large number of meat products, the steroids were used to grow them.

This pathology can be developed if a boy aged 14 has such symptoms :

  1. The prevalence of the female body type.
  2. Breast enlargement.
  3. Undescended scrotum.
  4. Lack of hair in characteristic places.
  5. The length of the penis is not more than 6 cm.

In old age

In scrap age hormonal imbalance can be triggered by the following reasons:

  1. Obesity, lack of mobility.
  2. Heredity, relapse of hormonal pathologies.
  3. Depression, depression, decreased self-esteem, lack of interest in life.
  4. mood swings.

Often, hormonal failure occurs due to liver dysfunction, as a result of which biological substances are retained in the body. In addition, a malfunction can occur due to the development of cancer in the organs that produce hormones.

Also, the development of hormonal malfunction contributes to the misuse of medicines, bad habits, genetic pathologies.

female hormones in men signs

The effect of female hormones in tablets on men

In order to prevent hormonal failure, doctors may recommend the use of synthetic female hormones in tablets form. In this case, the independent selection of drugs is strictly prohibited, as this is fraught with even greater violations in the hormonal background.

To determine substances in short supply or in excess, you need to contact an endocrinologist or andrologist. The specialist will conduct a series of studies and select the most appropriate therapy. Taking one hormonal pill, of course, will not entail any consequences, except for the probable upset stomach. To get a tangible effect, hormonal pills should be drunk in courses of up to 90 days.

Thus, the administration of female hormones to a man is indicated in two cases:

  1. If he wants to change sex. However, it is necessary to consult a specialist before taking it.
  2. If the results of the studies indicate a natural hormonal imbalance that provoked a health problem.

For men who drink female hormones, it is important to fully comply with the recommendations of the endocrinologist.



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