Finishing an apartment with your own hands: step-by-step instructions, necessary materials, tips from masters

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Finishing an apartment with your own hands: step-by-step instructions, necessary materials, tips from masters

Currently, acquiring a property is not an easy task. The cost per square meter is growing every day, and salaries at this rate are not indexed. Future residents want to save on buying, buying housing in new buildings, usually with a rough finish. But to call in and live in such conditions is unlikely. Therefore, the new owners decide to start decorating the apartment with their own hands.

What it is without decoration

Today, in the primary housing market there are apartments with different stages of decoration:

  1. With a rough finish. The apartment is a room with bare walls made of brick, blocks or concrete slabs, floor without screed, ceiling without decoration. Of communications, only batteries. The front door in such a dwelling is the simplest, double-glazed windows. Conducted electricity, usually one shield with a gun. The water supply is presented in the form of risers of cold and hot water with sealed meters, there are inexpensive taps. From the sewer - a riser with a tap. If the house provides for gas stoves, gas wiring is also introduced and a meter is installed. Do-it-yourself apartment repair with rough finish will be the most expensive. The plus is that, starting from scratch, it is possible to do everything efficiently, build the desired layout and establish long-term communications.
    Removing the walls in the apartment
  2. Finishing. In this case, the apartment is fully prepared for decorative decoration. The ceiling and walls are plastered, the floor is flooded, the layout is completed, all the necessary plumbing and heating appliances are installed. Draft finishing of the apartment with your own hands will no longer be needed, however, a lot of effort and money will be required here.
  3. Finishing. These are apartments where repairs from the developer have already been completed. A room fully prepared for living will be distinguished by inexpensive repair, simple decoration of the ceiling, walls, floors. Communication devices from the budget line, a simple front door, thin wallpaper and unreliable double-glazed windows. All that is needed is furniture and lighting fixtures. Among the shortcomings of the finished apartment, it is worth noting that the developer often unjustifiably increases the cost of the premises with a fine finish, using the cheapest and low-quality materials during the repair.

This article will present tips on decorating the apartment with your own hands from scratch.

The first difficulty

At the initial stage, it is difficult to determine the layout, design, materials. Completely high-quality repairs end no earlier than a year and a half, since the newly built house in the first year of operation shrinks, which can be expressed in the appearance of cracks in the ceiling and walls. In order not to waste your efforts and finances, it is necessary to carry out the finishing work in stages, carefully considering everything to the smallest detail.

Where to start decorating the apartment with your own hands?

Apartment with draft finish

The first thing that needs to be done is the layout. The personal comfort of the owners depends on how competently space is planned. However, it is worth remembering that the construction of new walls and the elimination of existing ones should be agreed with the BTI. In addition, there are several more nuances that need to be approved:

  • Any changes to the facade of the building.
  • Change in the supporting structures of the housing.
  • Change in area or full transfer of the toilet or bathroom.
  • Any work related to gas.

A qualified interior designer can help develop an apartment plan. After that, it must be approved by the relevant organization on the basis of current legislation. Once permission is obtained, you can begin laying engineering communications, given the location of the plumbing and electrical wiring.

What can’t be done?

At the time of planning the apartment there are a number of events that are strictly not recommended:

  • Connect the underfloor heating communication to the common hot water supply system.
  • Transfer the central heating batteries to the veranda, balcony or loggia.
  • Increase the loads exceeding the permissible values ​​on supporting structures.
  • Lay or reduce valve systems
  • Install and lay cables of electric or piping in the seams of wall panels.
  • To equip a kitchen or living rooms without windows.
  • Place the bathroom above the living room or the kitchen of the neighbors.
  • Set the entrance to the bathroom from the kitchen or living room.
  • Combine the kitchen area, which has a gas stove, with the living room.

All of the above activities can negatively affect the apartment building as a whole or harm neighbors.

Allowed when planning

Actions that may repent when planning a new housing that does not require coordination with the BTI:

  • Move non-supporting partitions at your own discretion.
  • Install additional partitions if they do not increase the load on the bearing structures.
  • Installation or dismantling of doorways in curtain walls.
  • Glazing balconies or loggias.
  • Relocate plumbing fixtures within the framework of the original premises.

In this case, it is enough to notify the relevant organization.

Removing the walls

Subsequently, during the operation of the premises, without permission and notification, you can carry out the following activities:

  • Change the appearance of the balcony or loggia.
  • Relocate the gas stove or heating appliances.
  • Install doors, arches or display cases, without increasing the size of the room.
  • Mount antennas, ventilation systems, protective nets on the building facade.
  • Mount or dismantle the built-in mezzanines and cabinets.
  • Change the location of the electric stove as desired within the kitchen.
  • Perform redecoration of the room.
  • Install new engineering equipment, while technical specifications cannot differ from the previous installation.
Paint Tools

The dirtiest work will be done at the initial stage:

  • Installation and dismantling of partitions.
  • Electromon major work.
  • Installation of plumbing and equipment.
  • Alignment of walls and ceilings.
  • Installation of the underfloor heating system.
  • Floor screed.

After that, the flight of fantasy is unlimited. Materials for decorating an apartment with your own hands can be different, both in price and in quality. The ceilings can simply be whitewashed or the installation of a hinged structure can be done, the walls can be wallpapered or painted, linoleum can be laid on the floors or parquet can be laid. It all depends on the personal needs of the residents.

Walls: which is better - wallpaper or paint?

Wall decoration in the apartment with your own hands does not require special skills or knowledge. It is enough to determine the material, stock up on the necessary tools and get to work. Before making a choice of what the walls should be in the room, experts recommend weighing the pros and cons of a particular finishing material.


In general, the material is very in demand. Any store is ready to present to your eyes thousands of types and colors - from ordinary paper to thick multilayer and washable canvases. The width can also be different, the standard sizes are 53 cm and 100 cm. Wider ones can be difficult to paste.

Advantages of wallpaper:

  1. Easy to work. Wallpapering is considered the simplest type of wall decoration in the apartment.
  2. Choosing paper or non-woven wallpaper will be an additional advantage because this material does not cause allergies.
  3. Wallpapering does not require special preparing the walls. The surface of the material will hide small irregularities and cracks.
  4. The paper surface of the wallpaper “breathes”, which prevents the formation of fungus and mold.
  5. A huge selection of material is available on the modern market that can satisfy the taste of the most capricious owner .
  6. Wallpaper is pleasant to the touch and creates warmth and comfort in the house.

Despite the large number of advantages of covering the walls with wallpaper, it is worth noting the disadvantages of the material:

  1. Complex dismantling.
  2. Even with washable wallpapers, it is difficult to remove heavy dirt.
  3. Pets tend to sharpen their claws on walls, thereby rendering the material unusable .
  4. Short life.

Wall painting

Painting the walls with paint

Gone are the days when the paint caused bouts of nausea and pain in the eyes. Modern materials are odorless and have other advantages:

  1. Low cost of the material.
  2. In case of pollution, it is enough to repaint only the area that has lost its appearance.
  3. Painted walls can be washed.
  4. Pets cannot damage the surface.
  5. A wide palette of colors.

But it is worth remembering that the surface under the paint needs additional treatment with various antiseptics and a primer. And also:

  1. Before painting, putty and grout are a mandatory step during the work.
  2. Alignment of the wall surface will most likely have to be entrusted to a professional, only he will be able to perform the work qualitatively, and this is an additional cost.
  3. Even the most persistent paint loses its presentable appearance over time.
  4. A long preliminary stage of work.

It is worth noting that various patterns can be applied to painted walls, which over time will perfectly refresh the appearance of the room and add a touch of individual ualnosti. In the photo - do-it-yourself apartment decoration.


Door or arch?

The entrance to the living room you always want to make original, because this is a room for guests, friends and acquaintances will come there who want to impress, show how wealthy and good the family is.

A simple wooden door today does not surprise anyone, but the finish RCTs in the apartment with his hands - quite a feasible task even for a layman. It is carried out at the end of the repair, after the completion of the main works.

Material for the arch: which is better?

Installation of the structure largely depends on the material, which is given an advantage. So, for example, decorating with decorative stone in an apartment with your own hands can cause a lot of trouble. If there are no basic working skills, there is a risk of spoiling expensive material. In this case, it is recommended to use the services of a wizard. In the photo - do-it-yourself arch finish in the apartment.

Arch in the apartment

The arch, finished with cork, will be a completely environmentally friendly design. It is much easier to work with cork if you have certain tools.

Decorating the arch in the apartment with your own hands from decorative plaster will create the look of natural stone. The luxurious look of the material will add wealth to the home. The material can be painted, which in many ways refreshes the overall interior.

With regard to textiles, care should be taken not to spoil the general appearance of the room with banality and simplicity.

Finishing the arch in the apartment with your own hands must begin with the preparation of the wall selected for construction. It should be smooth, clean and free from defects, then the decorative element of the interior will delight the household for a long time.


Ready apartment with repair

Finishing an apartment with your own hands is not an easy task, which takes a lot of time and effort. The cost of repair depends not only on the type of materials, but also on the total area of ​​the room. Still, some nuances should be entrusted to specialists, only they will be able to qualitatively perform a particular job. Professional designers will help to recreate the full picture that will be obtained after the repair is completed, modern technologies allow you to do this at any stage of decoration.



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