Furuncle in the groin in men: description with photos, causes and treatment methods

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Furuncle in the groin in men: description with photos, causes and treatment methods

Boils in the groin of men are a common disease. These neoplasms can appear at absolutely any age, but in older people they are less common. In the absence of adequate and timely treatment of a boil in the groin in men, this pathology can take a chronic form with further relapses. Such boils can act as an independent disease, as well as secondary, if the body has a focus of infection. The appearance of a boil in the groin in men can depend on the season. In most cases, their appearance is observed in the summer, when there is steady hot weather on the street. In this article, you can learn in more detail what the boil in the groin of men is, what are the causes of its appearance, symptoms, and treatment features.

General description

Externally, the boil represents a small abscess, which appears due to the inflammatory process of the hair sac. They can form in absolutely any part of the body and can be massive or single. Boils in the groin are often formed in men, which can be treated at home easily.

a boil in the groin of men

However, in groin these formations need special attention, since they should be intensively treated. The delicacy of this problem is not considered a reason for postponing a visit to a doctor. At the site of the formation of the boil in the groin in men, the photo of which is presented in this article, a deep pustule appears, that is, abscess inflammation.

A dense infiltrate with necrosis, which is located in the middle of the neoplasm, is visible. As a rule, it does not exceed the diameter of an average pea, but sometimes it can grow to the size of a walnut. As it ripens through the skin, the core shines through.

A boil in groin area in men causes a lot of inconvenience and discomfort, but it is more unpleasant when this chirium forms on the genital member. The abscesses on this organ are a complex problem that requires the consultation of a qualified dermatologist.

If the house is not properly treated for a boil in the groin, a man can develop serious pathologies. This can cause boils to spread to healthy parts of the body. They need to be treated immediately, since there are a large number of vessels in the penis and the skin is very thin, which makes it difficult to open the abscesses at a more advanced stage.

When treating a groin in the groin in men, you should also pay attention to the fact that the scrotum is also considered a vulnerable area of ​​the skin for such a neoplasm. Boils in this area provoke swelling that affects the entire area of ​​the scrotum.

If you do not know how to treat boils in the groin in men, improper therapy can provoke inflammation of the testicles, which have a wide vascular network. This inflammatory process can provoke varicose veins. With the formation of a boil in the intimate area, do not be shy to seek help from a doctor. It is he who should advise the patient on the correct treatment of the furuncle in the groin. Otherwise, self-medication can result in serious consequences for a man.

how to treat a boil

Causes of occurrence

What are the causes of a furuncle in the groin in men? When staphylococci fall into the hair sac, they begin to cause an inflammatory process. This action is considered the main cause of the formation of boils. During this, an inflammatory process occurs in the surrounding tissues. Onion begins to fill with pus, unpleasant painful sensations form. But what are the reasons for staphylococci getting into the hair sac, after which a boil forms in the groin of the guys? They are as follows:

  1. A weakened immune system. The human body can no longer withstand various harmful bacteria.
  2. Unfavorable living conditions that do not comply with the sanitary norm. Non-compliance with hygiene. All this can contribute to the weakening of immunity in men.
  3. Contamination of the skin. This is considered a favorable environment in which ulcers form in the groin.
  4. Overcooling. The slightest draft can provoke the formation of boils on the body.
  5. Wet skin. If a person has excessive sweating, it is necessary to take a shower as often as possible.
  6. Poor nutrition. The daily diet should be balanced, include the necessary amount of useful trace elements and minerals. However, you should not allow an excess of carbohydrates, as this will disrupt the metabolism and reduce the immunity of the man.
  7. Vitamin deficiency.
  8. It happens that boils in the groin indicate the development of infectious diseases. It is the main pathology that needs to be treated.

Note that the inguinal zone is most susceptible to these factors. The probability of the formation of a boil in the intimate zone in men is quite high.

boil in men


These abscesses are easy to differentiate from a simple acne. Boils in the groin area have the following symptoms:

  1. Infiltrate.
  2. Sensation of severe itching in the area of ​​formation.
  3. Strange malaise and lethargy.
  4. If you click on the resulting growth, then a little pain is felt.
  5. Abscesses are traced on the periphery.

Stage of development

You should pay attention the fact that the signs of the appearance of a boil can change with the development of this inflammatory process. At the initial stage, there is slight discomfort in the area of ​​future localization of the growth. There is also a slight change in the shade of the skin in this place.

After this, the soreness intensifies, and a seal is felt directly inside the reddened spot. At this stage, tingling and itching can be felt.

At the next stage of development of the boil, pus, blood and lymph begin to form under the skin. The pain is more severe, and the compaction in size begins to increase.

A white dot forms in the center of the formed tubercle. The acute course of this disease can be accompanied by an increase in body temperature. After this comes the so-called purulent-necrotic stage, during which the inflammatory process reaches its critical point.

At the last stage, the boil is opened independently, and all the purulent contents come out. Swelling subsides, soreness passes and the healing stage begins. The whole cycle usually takes no more than 10 days.

boil structure

Danger of boils

When inflammatory the process is more difficult, various complications can occur, for example:

  1. Inflammation of the lymph nodes and blood vessels.
  2. The formation of colonies of abscesses, this phenomenon is called furunculosis.
  3. Vein blockage.
  4. Phlegmon and tissue abscess.
  5. Metastatic abscesses.

If it is absent treatment, it can provoke blood poisoning, as well as other serious consequences.

Methods of therapy

When a boil in the inguinal region matures, it is strictly forbidden to open it yourself. This procedure is painful and can also cause infection. That is why all therapeutic measures should be carried out only under the supervision of specialists.


Method elimination of the boil will depend on the site of localization. When they formed in the groin area, conservative treatment should be carried out, which is as follows:

  1. So that the growth does not rub on clothes, the affected area should be sprinkled with talcum powder.
  2. The abscess must be treated with a special antiseptic. To do this, you can use cucumber lotion, as well as propolis tincture.
  3. To eliminate puffiness and the inflammatory process, an antihistamine is used.
  4. Some experts recommend drinking beer for the fastest maturation, but more effective brewer's yeast is considered.
  5. The Levomekol ointment, as well as the sintomycin emulsion, are notable for their effectiveness. You can make a compress based on Vishnevsky ointment.
  6. Some experts prescribe an antibacterial agent that can stop the development of the inflammatory process. When the chirium was opened on its own, it must be lubricated with an antibacterial ointment. Without this, Dermatics ointment is used, as well as Meliform.
  7. To normalize blood supply in the affected area, heparin ointment is used.
how to treat a boil in the groin in men

Note that if the boil is localized near the lymph node, you should resort to antibiotic treatment. During the treatment of growths in the groin area, sometimes a specialist recommends that the patient adhere to bed rest. Movement must be limited if the lymph nodes in the intimate area have increased. If this is not done, then the pathogenic microflora can spread through the lymphatic flow.

Surgical treatment

When the boil has greatly increased in size, the inflammatory process begins to affect healthy tissue areas, becoming infectious. In this case, surgical intervention is required to treat. To do this, an operation is performed, during which an abscess is opened. The specialist dissects the boil, and then cleanses the purulent mass of its entire cavity. After this, the wound is treated with special optical means. After this operation, this area should be properly looked after. Over the course of several days, the wound should heal and the skin color will recover. A scar may remain on the body after opening a large boil.

what is a boil

Folk remedies

Use Alternative medicine at home can also help in the fight against a groin in the groin. Below will be presented the most effective recipes of traditional medicine using onions, flour, laundry soap, etc.


You need to take one medium-sized onion, bake in the oven. Then the onion is cut in half, applied to the tumor on the body. This tool significantly speeds up the maturation of the boil.

Laundry soap

To prepare the remedy, the soap must be grated. The resulting soap chips are cooked for 10-15 minutes on low heat. Ready slurry is placed on a gauze bandage, and then the resulting compress must be applied to the abscess in the groin area. During the day, the dressing is replaced three times.

Rye flour

To prepare a folk remedy, you need to take rye flour, mix with milk. You should get a thick paste consistency. The mixture is used in the form of a compress, which is applied to the boil. This compress changes several times a day.


It is important to note that self-treatment is unacceptable if the size of the boil in diameter is more than 5 mm. If there are no symptoms of intoxication, and the growth is small, then you can use traditional medicine recipes, as well as the recommendations that have been described above. Despite the effectiveness of traditional medicine prescriptions, do not neglect the visit to the doctor.



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