Gemini health food during the coronavirus pandemic

26.04.2020 Medicine
Gemini health food during the coronavirus pandemic

Thanks to a properly designed diet that meets the needs of Gemini, not only the labor activity of people born under this wonderful zodiac constellation, the problems of chronic diseases can also be solved. People who engage in heavy physical labor, requiring high energy costs, can not do without meat products. However, Gemini is such a sign that patronizes intellectual work more, therefore, among the representatives of this sign you rarely see miners, masons or movers. The main specialties of Gemini are related to working on a computer or require dexterous and skillful hands.

The main health problems of Gemini

Gemini most often complain about visiting a doctor for liver problems. When the therapist sends the patient for a blood test, blood clotting abnormalities are usually detected. Therefore, the basis of the Gemini's diet should be products that regulate the level of coagulation factors in the blood. In particular, they must be provided with plenty of high-protein foods. The second element necessary for the energetic and cheerful activity of Gemini nutrition is calcium. This microelement has a beneficial effect on normal coagulation processes, supports the central nervous system, forms strong bone tissue. In addition to natural products with a high calcium content, Gemini is recommended to additionally receive calcium with medications. In order to absorb calcium well, Vitamin D must also be added to the Gemini diet. The next compound that enriches Gemini nutrition is potassium hydrochloric acid or potassium chloride.

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In addition to the diet for Gemini, lifestyle is important

Impressive Gemini easily tire. Frequent change of routine, walks in nature, sunlight will bring many benefits for well-being. Gemini has a fine mental organization, very vulnerable. They are easy to break like a toy. Self-discipline and self-mastery training will help maintain balance. If Gemini has mastered these two important qualities, then he will not only survive in everyday storms, but also organize a successful personal life.

The list of products necessary for the health of Gemini

1. Sources of protein - beef pulp, river and sea fish, turkey meat, rabbit. Mandatory vegetable proteins in the form of walnuts, peanuts, soybeans, buckwheat. For those Twins who do not eat meat, there should be enough eggs, cheeses, mushrooms in the daily menu. 2. Calcium. Gemini can be harmed by eating pork and lamb. These foods interfere with the proper absorption of calcium. It is better to eat more dairy products. Bell peppers, cabbage, turnip leaves are also good. 3. As for potassium chloride, this mineral salt is contained in sufficient quantities in asparagus, beets, corn, a lot of it in green peas, plums, grapes and peaches. Pineapples are recommended for their tropical fruits. 4. Vitamin D and other vitamins. To fully cover the need for vital biologically active substances, Gemini needs seasoning herbs. These are oregano, hops, oregano, celery, licorice and rosemary. Gemini should abundantly flavor food with the above herbal supplements.


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