There are several recipes. 1. Ginger tincture with garlic Mix the ginger root (4 cm), peeled and sliced ​​thinly, with 2 chopped garlic cloves. Transfer the ingredients into a thermos and pour boiling water. After an hour, strain the drink. 2. Ginger tea with lemon Grate the root of ginger (2 cm) and transfer to a glass bowl. Squeeze 1/2 lemon, if you prefer a more acidic taste, use the whole fruit. You can add honey to taste. Pour boiling water and cover with a towel, leave for an hour. You can drink a drink no more than two liters during the day. 3. Ginger tea with orange Grind in a blender ginger (2 cm), cardamom (1 pinch) and pepper mint (1 tablespoon). Pour boiled water over the mixed ingredients and leave for half an hour. After an hour, strain, add the juice of lemon (80 ml) and orange (50 ml). After as a drink you can completely cool down you can add to your taste honey. Drinking ginger drinks , do not expect rapid weight loss. However, when the expected result is achieved, the effect will remain noticeable longer.