Glue 88 Luxe: description and specifications

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Glue 88 Luxe: description and specifications

You can use 88 Luxe glue to solve the problems of construction and repair. This tool is sold in hardware stores. We’ll deal with the features of such a product, how to use it, and consumer feedback about it.

Product Composition

Adhesive 88 Luxe is based on a synthetic rubber polymer or natural rubber mixture with phenol and formaldehyde added. For such a structure is particularly complex. These numerous molecular compounds can be used to characterize the originality of the product. It differs in terms of elasticity and water resistance.

Benefits overview

88 Luxe adhesive is notable for its lightness and comfort of application. Another positive point is the economy of use. 300 mg of adhesive is enough to cover one square meter.

88 Luxe adhesive can withstand the influence of extreme temperature conditions in the range from +70 to -50. The use of the substance is not affected by weather conditions. They can glue all kinds of objects.

Maximum stability

This shoe glue is stable in structure. Even when water affects it. Indeed, it is difficult to do without it. Sealed objects will not fall apart. The substance is also safe to use. It does not contain hazardous elements that are harmful to health.

The formation of such substances is excluded during the use of the product. Therefore, if the adhesive is used indoors, it will not cause a general deterioration in health.

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Glue for shoes has earned positive reviews due to its anti-corrosion properties. Regardless of the time of application, the seam does not lose its elasticity. The use of 88 Luxe Rogneda glue (universal, waterproof) is suitable for moving materials. For this durable and reliable product, there is always a place on the farm. The product is not afraid of strong vibration.

Features of the product

In accordance with the technical characteristics of the adhesive 88 Luxe is a composition that looks like a thick viscous mass. Its color, according to reviews, can be either gray-green or beige. Hue may vary.

The composition of the substance is as follows:

  • rubber;
  • formaldehyde resins;
  • ethyl acetate;
  • nefras in solution.

The properties of the substance are:

  • water resistance;
  • heat resistance;
  • plasticity;
  • fast grip.
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Product Options

The adhesive is manufactured in several versions:

  • For bonding hard-to-assemble building materials.
  • For bonding vulcanized rubber and concrete or plastic. Differs in low heat resistance.
  • Means of a wide range of use, strong, waterproof regardless of temperature changes and influence of moisture. Used in the furniture, construction industry, to create cars. There are no volatile elements in the substance - evaporation during solidification is excluded.
  • It uses synthetic resins, gasoline, various additives. It is used to connect rubber, metal, wood and fabric elements. Used in industrial and domestic applications. It is worth noting that the product meets the requirements of GOST.

Adhesive for universal use, judging by the reviews, is characterized by good stickiness, which is the advantage of the product.

Best of manufacturers

If you buy glue made by Rogneda, you can glue rubber, leather and metal parts to the highest quality. If properly stored, the duration of use of the glue will increase significantly.

Ways to use glue

For applying glue, you can choose one of the methods:

  • Hot. A thin layer of glue is distributed on the surface. After half an hour of cooling, the glued objects are heated to a temperature of 90 degrees and sent under the press.
  • Cold. It consists in a uniform distribution of the substance on the surface of the object. After cooling for 20 minutes, you will need to apply another layer of glue. Then the parts are left under pressure for a day.

Useful tips

To protect the glue from thickening, benzene or dichloroethane is added to it. After 6-12 hours, the product is ready to use.

When diluting the product, several rules should be taken into account. It should consistency like liquid sour cream. Glue should be stored in sealed packaging at a temperature of 10-25 degrees. Subject to such conditions, the period of use of the adhesive is one year. But, as practice shows, this period can be significantly extended.

To summarize

The farm can not do without universal glue. For a quality connection of parts, it is recommended to purchase a reliable tool. Glue 88 Luxe belongs to this category. It is produced by several companies, but the best characteristics are different from Rogneda.

Glue refers to the varieties of universal products. It is resistant to moisture and temperature extremes. If stored properly, the substance will be stored longer than the manufacturer specified.



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