How do cigars make at home?

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How do cigars make at home?

Judging by numerous consumer reviews, smoking a cigar rolled in person is much more pleasant than shopping. This is explained by the fact that it’s just nice to be aware of your involvement in its creation. How do cigars make? According to experts, they can be twisted manually or using a special device. However, true connoisseurs like those cigars that are manually twisted. In Cuba, which is the birthplace of this tobacco product, making a cigar by hand is a real art. To enjoy it, it is not at all necessary to go to a specialized store. A good alternative to a branded product would be a cigar made at home. You will learn how to make cigars at home from this article.

how to make cigars from tobacco leaves

About tobacco leaves

In addition to the question of how cigars are made, many beginners are interested in what types of tobacco are used in this area. According to experts, a cigar is formed from the following types of tobacco:

  • Fortaleza 1. This tobacco leaf has a small strength. It has perfect flammability, so cigars smoke easily and quickly.
  • Fortaleza 2. Unlike the previous view, this sheet is much stronger and smokes longer. In addition, it has a bright aroma. Judging by the reviews, in this version the taste is better conveyed.
  • Fortaleza 3. This tobacco sheet is used to form the cigar structure. The fact is that it almost does not burn. It has a bright aroma and a distinctive tobacco flavor.
how to make cigars from tobacco

The above sheets represent the cigar filling, namely its internal component. To prevent the cigar from decaying, all its components are connected with a special capote sheet. The shape is attached to the next fifth element - the “sarah” wrapping sheet. He does not have any practical properties, but only completes the appearance of the product. In general, he is a designer “clothing”. Cigars wrapped in this leaf of tobacco look very aesthetically pleasing.

Workplace arrangement

To make a home-made cigar, you need not only to choose high-quality tobacco, but also correctly prepare the place, which is called a twisted shop at the enterprises. You need to work on a flat wooden surface. Home craftsmen use a table and a wooden board for this purpose.

how do Cuban cigars

Your main tool will be a flat knife with a semicircular end . You will also need a special guillotine, through which the edges of the finished cigars will be cut. Vegetable glue in a separate vessel should be near.

In the manufacture of cigars, masters use exclusively natural binder mixtures. Cook vegetable glue for a long time. In addition, it undergoes multi-level processing, due to which it not only reliably fixes tobacco sheets, but also provides the product with an additional taste.

Where to start? Processing tobacco for the filling

Those who do not know how to make cigars from tobacco leaves and where to start, experts recommend preparing raw materials first. This is the tobacco that makes up the cigar filling, strapping and cover sheet. Through the latter, the product is shaped. It takes several years to prepare the tobacco composition for the filling. In order for the mixture to have a characteristic taste and aroma, according to which cigars are classified into various varieties and types, it should be subjected to a fermentation procedure. It consists of three cycles. This explains why cigars have been smoking for so long. Preparation of raw materials is a rather meticulous and lengthy process. The fact is that it is performed only manually. How do Cuban cigars do? First, tobacco leaves are taken out and carefully inspected, which will later be used as a filling. Raw materials are cleaned from dust, debris and any other components. If there is excess moisture, then it is also removed. Further, the tobacco should be infused in oak barrels for three years.

Preparation of the tobacco leaf sheet

The fermentation procedure of the leaf sheet consists of one cycle. How to make cigars? How to process the cover sheet? If you are new to this business, experts will advise you to maintain the integrity of the tobacco leaf. This will be possible if the central core of the leaf remains in place. Only small veins are removed. At the end, the cover sheet is wetted and sorted. How to make cigars in brand factories? According to experts, only women are allowed to process cover sheets. The fact is that this element of the cigar must be elastic with a design texture and a uniform shape. Rude male hands will not work for such a job.

What is needed for manual twisting?

Before making cigars from tobacco manually, get the following:

  • A sharpened knife.
  • Cover sheet.
  • Mold.
  • Binding sheet.
  • Special glue. With it, the edges of the cover sheet will be connected to each other.
  • Tobacco filling.

We make cigars with our own hands. The first step

At this stage you have to work with the initial tobacco leaves. Before twisting, peel the tobacco stalks. Then the raw material is slightly moistened and left for some time. It is advisable that the room has high humidity. To make the cigar durable, you should take at least three sheets in one bunch.

how to make cigars at home

Place them on the board so that the leaf with veins is inside. The remaining two are folded in a stack or accordion. It is important that the weak leaves appear at the beginning of the cigar - they will light up, the strong ones at the end. Thus, the strength of the cigar during smoking will increase. Next, the already prepared filling should be twisted with a bundle, and tied with a tie sheet on top. After completing these steps, the cigar blank is considered finished.

Second step

Now you have to process the blank in a special mold. This device is two wooden bars that will press your cigar. To give the product a familiar shape, the boards were equipped with special recesses. The cigar should lie down for at least an hour under pressure. As a result, the tobacco bundle will have a clearly formed design and contour.

Production of tobacco products.


At the very end you should wrap the tobacco filling. For this purpose, a cover sheet is provided. Previously, a tape is cut out of it along the edge with a sharp knife, directly with which your product should evenly turn around. Judging by the reviews, this procedure is considered the most delicate. You will have to be very careful. Otherwise, the cigar will look unpresentable. Of course, you do it not for sale, but for yourself. However, a beautifully designed cigar is much nicer to smoke. After your cigar is wrapped, carefully trim its edges. Now the tobacco product should be infused for two weeks in a room with an air humidity of at least 30%. Your product will not lose its integrity during smoking if uniform tension is observed during the wrapping phase. To wrap the bottom end of the cigar, you have to cut a special cap for the product. As a material for her, the remains of a saroy are suitable. At the very end, with the help of a well-sharpened guillotine, trim the cigar and seal it.

About machine twisting. Tab Tobacco

If you do not know how to make cigars using a special device, you need to do the following. First place the tobacco in the appliance. It should be distributed evenly and so that the machine closes without difficulty. Bookmarking too small is impractical. After loading the tobacco leaves, close the machine and start rolling the rollers. Do this counterclockwise. Judging by the numerous consumer reviews, you can limit yourself to five turns. If everything is done correctly, the leaves should acquire a cylindrical shape.


At this stage, the machine is seasoned with a specific tobacco sheet, which will wrap cigars. Insert the sheet so that it is with its adhesive side pointing down. The adhesive ability of the cover sheet is activated after you pass along its edge with a special composition. Now you need to turn the rollers and remove the finished tobacco product from the device.

In conclusion

The cigar is a rather complex and multifaceted product. In Cuba, many applicants read specialized literature before settling in a factory. For beginners, special technical institutions are provided in which they learn the skill of twisting cigars, and then are registered as apprentices for several years.

how to make cigars

Only professionals with many years of experience are allowed to make large and thick tobacco products. In total, one person makes up to 150 cigars per day.



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