Wine, consumed in small doses, can improve a person’s well-being and even have a positive effect on health. For example, white wine can be used to prevent cancer, and red wine can be used to regulate blood pressure. To choose a quality and appropriate drink, it must be remembered that dry white wine is optimally combined with vegetable, fish dishes, white meat and mushrooms. Dry red - with fried meat. A semi-dry wine, although it can be served with main dishes, also successfully sets off the taste of desserts and fruits.

Dry wine - how to get it

Dry wines are obtained from grape juice by fermentation. No sugar is added to the composition, so the taste of the drink is light and delicate. For the manufacture of dry wine choose the juice of the first squeezed . The taste of such an alcoholic beverage will be a little tart, it is a pleasant sourness. It is she who is able to express the aroma from the grape variety used for the production of dry wine. In dry wines, the sugar content should not exceed 1%. There are also drinks with zero sugar content, the strength of the wine will not be higher than 11%. Ripening of dry wine takes about 3-4 months, during which time the wine self-lightens and takes on a delicate bouquet. In color, dry red wines have pomegranate, ruby ​​hues, and white wines are similar in color to golden champagne. Tart dry wine is distinguished by a fruity aroma.

Semi-dry wine - what is the difference

Semi-dry wine is distinguished taste neutrality, this drink seems to be between sweet and sour, so such wines will be appropriate in combination with almost any dish. Unlike dry wines, semi-dry varieties leave a slightly sweet aftertaste. Preparation of semi-dry wines is based on partial fermentation of sugars, alcohol is not added to the mass. The process of fermentation of the material is stopped when the percentage of sugar does not exceed 2.5%. Then the aromatic drink matures within a month in a closed container, the strength of the wine during this period does not increase. It averages from 9 to 14%. Therefore, semi-dry wine is ideal for family feasts. Like semi-sweet wine, dry and semi-dry wine is not suitable for long-term storage - they do not improve the taste bouquet over time, unlike dessert drinks. These table wines with sophisticated aromas and smells can deliver true pleasure to connoisseurs of quality alcoholic beverages.