How is ejaculation in men?

02.09.2019 Medicine, Men's health
How is ejaculation in men?

A visual image of an erotic nature, tactile stimulation are the factors that make a man enjoy an aesthetic and physical pleasure. All these components contribute to the excitation of the penis. If the process of arousal is maintained during intimacy, masturbation, then at the end there is male ejaculation, or ejaculation. How does ejaculation occur? We will talk about the norms and deviations associated with ejaculation.

Ejaculation - what is it?

Normal ejaculation in men is the process of ejaculation from the penis during intimacy. From the urethra, seminal plasma is released that looks like a liquid. This is a natural process of completing sexual intercourse, which is commonly called ejaculation, or ejaculation. Why ejaculation occurs in men, how, we will talk further.

how the ejaculation occurs

The process of ejaculation in men

Ejaculation - quite a complicated process. How does ejaculation occur? In several stages, namely:

  • sperm are secreted from the epididymis;
  • male cells enter the prostate part of the urethra (due to the contraction of the smooth muscles that allow the movement of the seed);
  • secretion is combined, which is produced by the seminal vesicles, prostate and bulbourethral glands together with the male seed.

Consequently, seminal fluid is formed. This is the first phase of male ejaculation.

The second phase is characterized by rhythmic contractions of the muscles during ejaculation. This is the beginning of the onset of orgasm. It is sometimes distinguished by the brightness of the sensations experienced.

How is ejaculation in men? The process of ejaculation occurs during each sexual intercourse. After the release of seminal fluid, the male genital organ loses its firmness. During the ejaculation, the man experiences an orgasm (voluptuous sensations), which are externally manifested by a convulsive trembling of the body.

As soon as the bulbospongial muscle contracted (responsible for the release of sperm) for the first time, it is impossible to stop the ejaculation. Sperm is pushed through the urethra (this is the channel through which the ejaculation takes place) until it finds a way out of the narrow ejaculatory canal.

The seed can simply protrude from the head of the penis, or it can “shoot” for some distance. It all depends on the structural features of the male body and the specific situation.

The ejaculate comes out portionwise from the head of the penis. At first, sperm comes out weakly. In the middle of the process, the ejection is at its peak and later subsides. After ejaculation, the man completely relaxes and the ejection does not occur again.

The secretion of the prostate passes through the urethra first to lubricate the inner surface of the canal and provide favorable conditions for sperm movement.

why ejaculation occurs in men why premature ejaculation occurs

How ejaculation occurs if seminal fluid there are blood impurities and dark spots that look like particles of ground coffee. This condition occurs when the capillaries are torn apart. Usually due to too rapid ejaculation. If the cause of the appearance of bloody impurities lies in the damage to blood vessels, then the blood in the semen will be disposable. However, if a man observes such a process repeatedly, then this is an alarming “bell” that cannot be ignored. Perhaps the body develops chronic catarrh of the urethra, prostatitis, a malignant tumor of the prostate or bladder.

Sensations during ejaculation

During sex, ejaculation and after it, certain changes occur in the male body. Not only the genital organ undergoes changes, but also all processes. The body is configured to ensure that the ejaculation is successful, and the man enjoys it.

We found out how the ejaculation occurs. But what changes are taking place in the man’s body:

  • blood pressure rises;
  • a large flow of blood starts to the genital organ, because of which it increases in size, and the head of the penis becomes not so hard, but turns red and also increases;
  • the opening of the urethra is moistened due to the secret of the cooper glands;
  • the volume of the testicles and scrotum increases;
  • the pulse increases and respiratory rate;
  • the muscles of the penis tighten so much that any touch can cause a convulsive state Ie;
  • blocking mental ability and control over consciousness during ejaculation.

Some men sneeze during ejaculation due to the fact that blood rushes to the nasal mucosa in including.

The process of male ejaculation is painless and brings a pleasant, passionate, sweet sensation.

The brightness of the sensations of orgasm is affected by the change of posture in sex.

Normal ejaculation

How long does ejaculation take place? On average, these instants last about a minute.

The volume of ejaculated sperm is also different in different men. An important role is played here: the situation and the structural features of the man’s body.

The average rate is 1.5-7 ml. Sperm hue is also different in everyone. It can be either a whitish color and a light yellow uniform shade, with and without blotches.

how does ejaculation in men

Successful ejaculation in men must meet three criteria:

  • bring pleasure and orgasm. Satisfaction should be not only physical, but also emotional;
  • the amount of sperm at the end of sexual intercourse should be from 1 ml to 10 ml. Scientists have proven that many factors influence sperm volume. The more sperm secreted during ejaculation, the more acute the sensation of a man. In 18-20 years, the amount of sperm ejected reaches 10 ml. But for men who have crossed the fifty-year milestone, the amount of sperm excreted is less.
  • sperm quality must comply with "quality standards". In order to know the quality of his sperm, a man must go through a spermogram. This is a detailed special analysis of the characteristics of the seed. In a special laboratory, the number of sperm in the ejaculate, their viability and even morphology are determined. Such an analysis is recommended, in particular, to those men who plan to have children in the near future.

Sperm quality is affected by such indicators, namely:

  • sperm motility and quantity;
  • blood testosterone level;
  • duration of abstinence from sexual intimacy;
  • male age;
  • nutritional quality .

If the indicators of the norm coincide with the individual indicators of a man, then he is completely healthy sexually. A man is suitable for the successful fertilization of his woman to continue the birth.

That seminal fluid, which is released during the first sexual intercourse, is considered the most reproductive. It has sufficient volume, sperm motility and viscosity. If the couple plans to become pregnant, many doctors recommend having sex once every three days. At the same time, consider the days when a woman's egg matures. You can plot a basal temperature.


How does ejaculation in men occur in the pre-ejaculation period? This process precedes ejaculation. It is expressed in the release of a special fluid that is thrown out by the bulbourethral glands.

The prefamily is developed before sexual intercourse is performed. It protects the penis from the partner's vaginal genital environment. Discharge is a natural lubricant that prepares the urethra for ejaculation.

after how much ejaculation takes place

Eruption of the seed is accompanied by an orgasm and occurs at the end of intimacy.

Signs of a violation of ejaculation

Disruption of the ejaculation process is a pathology that is associated with the problem of the functionality of the male reproductive system.

Both long and too fast sperm neighing is considered a violation.

Why is early ejaculation? You should know that accelerated ejaculation is usually divided into two categories: early and premature.

Prolonged sex does not always end with ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is divided into all categories: absolute and relative.

Absolute premature ejaculation is characterized by the release of seminal fluid immediately after the man introduced penis in the vagina. Sometimes it happens even up to this point.

Relative premature ejaculation is one in which a man does not bring his partner to orgasm. Why does premature ejaculation occur? The main reason is prolonged abstinence. This is due to a lack of partner experience or due to strong sexual overexcitation.


Prolonged intimacy is not always good. In this case, it is generally accepted that a man has a disrupted sensitivity or erectile function is weakened. In this state, the seed does not stand out or erupt weakly. Such sex gives a man pain in the groin area and severe discomfort. In this case, the man for a long time can not experience an orgasm. In almost all cases, an oral or manual stimulation supplement will be required.

Why is ejaculation not occurring? Perhaps it is necessary to talk about inflammation of the male reproductive system. Consider the factors that provoke erectile dysfunction:

  • impaired regulatory functions of the brain;
  • diabetes mellitus of any form;
  • dysfunction of the reproductive system;
  • psychogenic factors;
  • urethritis;
  • colliculitis;
  • undergone surgery on the pelvic organs;
  • hip fracture ;
  • spinal injury, damage to the spinal cord;
  • overly frequent masturbation;
  • when taking antidepressants;
  • alcohol abuse.
  • >

Pathology may occur against the background of art. essa, fear of failure when using the method of interrupted sexual contact.

One-time delayed ejaculation is a sign of dry friction with an insufficiently moistened vagina.

Slow ejaculation is often found in men over 35. This is due to the fact that age-related changes occur in the body. You should not panic. The main thing is to visit a doctor on time and find out the reason for the deviation.

If a man has noticed abnormalities in the process of ejaculation, he needs to urgently see a doctor.

Why is there a rapid ejaculation

Normally, ejaculation occurs 5-15 minutes after the start of sex. For the onset of orgasm, a man may need 20-40 minutes. If the last figures coincide with the first sexual intercourse, then this is already a violation.

If ejaculation in men quickly occurs, there is a physiological explanation for this. Premature ejaculation is due to the fact that the head of the penis of a man is too sensitive. This reason is considered quite common. Pathology can be expressed in two forms: acquired (phimosis, balanoposthitis) and congenital.

The duration of ejaculation increases with sex with a condom and with the use of artificial lubrication.

Doctors recommend applying lubricant with anesthetic on the head of the sex prisoner 15 minutes before sex.

As a treatment for rapid ejaculation, circumcision is resorted to. This treatment is considered the most effective. When circumcision, the foreskin is removed, which causes a 2-3-fold increase in the duration of sex.

Perhaps the reason for the rapid ejaculation lies in such pathological diseases:

  • chronic vesiculitis - the seminal bubbles. Ejaculation comes quickly, even before the onset of sex. Alcohol intake before intimacy aggravates the situation;
  • damage to the functionality of internal organs;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • poisoning with nicotine, alcohol and other toxins.

Doctors highlight symptoms of rapid ejaculation that were caused by psychological factors:

  • irregular sex life;
  • first sexual experience;
  • thoughts on an abstract topic;
  • alcohol abuse.

If the reason for the rapid ejaculation lies in a psychological factor, then you can turn to a sex therapist or psychologist for help.

Ejaculation during sleep

In a dream, ejaculation most often occurs in adolescents. Such a process is called pollutions. Usually, emissions begin to occur in boys from the age of 12. During this period, puberty occurs.

Pollution occurs due to overflowing seminal vesicles and irritation of nerve endings. The impulse enters the brain. During oozing teenagers may have erotic dreams. As a result, ejaculation, an orgasm sets in.

Pollution is a normal physiological process.

If ejaculations in men occur frequently and are accompanied by painful sensations, this indicates that the body develops pathological process.


Lack of ejaculation - a deviation from the norm at any age of a man. This process is associated with a functional disorder of the reproductive system and is called “anejaculation."

The absence of ejaculation is divided into the following types:

  • primary - an orgasm occurs, but the seed does not come out;
  • secondary - ejaculation is achieved only through masturbation;
  • complete - a complex pathology that includes several forms.

Forms of complete anejaculation:

  • aspermatism - violation of ejaculation, there is no orgasm;
  • retrograde ejaculation - the orgasm weakens, and the ejection of the seed occurs in the urinary bubble;
  • violation of the flow of seminal fluid into the urethra. Sperm lingers in the vas deferens. During this process, there is an orgasm, but a very weak one.
why the fast ejaculation occurs

Most often, full anejaculation occurs in men if they have a congenital malformation of the genitourinary system. In other words, there is no vas deferens. In this case, ejaculation occurs inside the genitourinary system. This is considered a pathology. As a result, the development of inflammatory diseases.

If a man noticed ejaculation disorders at home, then he needs to seek qualified medical help from an andrologist or a urologist.

How to deal with premature ejaculation and weak erection?

It will take treatment to get rid of quick ejaculation. It is necessary to establish the cause, after which the attending physician selects the optimal treatment option:

  • drug therapy;
  • microsurgical correction of ejaculation;
  • physiotherapeutic method of treatment.

Effective drugs for rapid ejaculation: “Sealex”, “Lidocaine”, “Viagra”, “Levitra”, “Cialis”. These drugs increase potency and increase the duration of sex.

You should not engage in self-medication. Because you can only aggravate the condition.

Rapid ejaculation is a common problem that needs to be treated. Psychologist, urologist, sex therapist - qualified to help deal with the problem once and for all.



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