How long will the coronavirus pandemic last?

01.04.2020 Medicine
How long will the coronavirus pandemic last?

When the COVID-19 pandemic will end

Epidemiologists and virologists are cautious in their forecasts . COVID-19 is a new strain of the virus that has yet to be studied by specialists. Therefore, the opinions of scientists differ, and they call different deadlines for the end of the pandemic.

One thing is clear for sure that the spread of infection in many countries is still at the initial stage. Among them is Russia. Moreover, the situation in these countries is rapidly deteriorating. Experts expect them to increase the number of cases in the coming weeks, and maybe months.

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Many virologists believe the pandemic will last two years. According to German scientists from the oldest Institute of Robert Koch, who specializes in the study of infectious pathologies, COVID-19 will spread in waves. However, experts cannot say how fast they will be.

At the moment it is not clear whether this is a seasonal virus and whether it will be active in warm weather. Only time will tell. According to forecasts, a pandemic infects up to 70% of the world's population.

Why did the coronavirus provoke a pandemic

It is noteworthy that COVID-19 from a biological point of view, many times weaker than the influenza and Ebola viruses. However, he was able to sow panic throughout the world. The reason lies in its novelty. Humanity first encountered COVID-19, therefore, vaccines and effective drugs against this strain do not exist. While scientists study the virus, precious time is being spent. Doctors have no effective treatment protocols; as a result, people are dying en masse, and an epidemic has spread all over the world. A fatal outcome often occurs not because of COVID-19 itself, but because of the delayed effects.

Turning the tide will help develop a treatment plan, medication, and vaccine. Several countries and pharmaceutical corporations are puzzling over the latter. However, its development requires a lot of time, usually several years. Perhaps a pandemic will accelerate this process. Even if a vaccine is invented tomorrow, its clinical trials will take several months.

How much coronavirus quarantine in Russia will last

In many regions of the country, educational institutions sent students to unplanned quarantine in mid-March. It will last until April 12th. On March 25, the president quarantined the adult population, introducing the so-called non-working week. Experts believe that one week will be difficult to do. Most likely, quarantine will be extended for at least another 1-2 weeks. Probably, the Russians will stay in a state of siege until the beginning of summer.

Of course, a lot depends on the citizens themselves, or rather on their consciousness. Thus, non-compliance with the quarantine regime delays the end of the pandemic.


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