How much can a man without intimacy? The opinion of experts

02.09.2019 Medicine, Men's health
How much can a man without intimacy? The opinion of experts

How much can a man without proximity? This question was probably asked by every woman. The answer was sought by psychologists and sexologists. Let’s figure out whether sex is a basic need, how long a man can refrain from intimacy, and what consequences it can have.

Basic need

How much can a man do without intimacy? Sexologists say that sex is a basic need. But what is this basic need? This is an incentive system that forces you to act to avoid death. Exhaustion or thirst, heat or cold, fatigue or malaise require a safe environment. Basic needs are food and water, sleep and air, in the absence of which the body dies.

how much a man can do without proximity in 40

So Is sex a basic human need? And how long can a man do without intimacy? If intimacy really was one of the basic needs, a person could hardly last long without sexual intercourse, but some people can do without sex for a long time and at the same time do not experience any discomfort. And there are people for whom a few days of abstinence is a big problem.

It turns out that there are both men who are absolutely indifferent to sexual intimacy, and women who cannot day without sex. This often raises a problem such as mismatch of temperaments and intensity of desire with a partner. But back to the question of whether sex is a basic need. Not. Rather, it is an incentive-incentive system.

Types of arousal

Most men (about 75%) have a spontaneous type of arousal, that is, a desire appears rather quickly as a result of some kind of stimulus. Only 15% of women have this type of arousal, and 30% are characterized by a response style, that is, a desire appears when a partner begins to take the initiative. Slightly more than half of women (55%) have ways to experience both types of arousal depending on the circumstances.

How desire is formed

To understand how healthy a man can be without intimacy, you need to understand how attraction. This is an unconscious desire that can provoke a visual stimulus or natural body odor. The main reason that forms an addiction to a certain type of the opposite sex is the type of parents. So, if a man was raised by an overly emotional mother, then in adulthood he usually finds a partner, inclined to sort things out, scandalous and moody. It is almost impossible to build strong relationships with such a woman, but it is for this man that this type of woman represents a sexually attractive object and causes desire.

how long a man can do without proximity

How much can a man without proximity? Exactly as much as it takes to see another sexually attractive object. As soon as this happens, a desire will appear that (depending on the length of the period of abstinence, temperament, state of health and age of the man) will sooner or later become obsessive. This either leads to satisfying sexual hunger, or to sublimation - redirecting energy to an acceptable goal.

Sexual activity

The activity of the stronger sex and attitude towards sex change significantly with age. As long as a man can not be close in 40, so much will be difficult to withstand twenty. At 20, testosterone levels are very high. Psychologists say that self-assertion is important at this time, the quantity (of sexual contacts, sexual partners) is more important, not quality. Young men cannot last long without sex.

At age 30, the stronger sex is no longer so fixated on sexual intimacy. Other values ​​and priorities appear: usually a family and a career. A man marries, has children, seeks financial well-being. This is very tiring, so sex often becomes just a means of relieving tension. During this period, sexologists note, there will be a great deal of variety in sexual life.

In addition, you have to adapt to the rhythm of life. It is possible to make love with a partner only when the children are still / already sleeping or are outside the house. A person can easily redirect sexual energy into the professional sphere, so it seems that proximity at this age is already much less.

Age features

The most difficult thing to do without regular and quality proximity is for men under the age of twenty-five years and women after twenty-seven to thirty-two. The peak of male sexuality occurs during puberty and lasts until approximately twenty-five. At this time, a prolonged absence of sex can lead to physical malaise and even serious depression, psychological problems.

This condition can be quite painful, but usually all problems are effectively solved by masturbation. Physiologically, an orgasm experienced independently and an orgasm experienced with a partner are no different. But the lack of sex in the presence of sexual desire leads to a decrease in the quality of life. The question of survival is not worth it, but emotionally a person can suffer quite enough.

Male masturbation

How long can a man be without intimacy? Given the absence of differences in the orgasm obtained as a result of masturbation and sexual contact with a partner, such a question is not at all worth it. Usually men don’t think about how much they can do without sex when a partner can be replaced by “manual work.”

For a man, achieving an orgasm is a way of discharge, and for a woman, it is a way to get close, feel the partner’s love and tenderness , its attractiveness. According to statistics, 80% of men regularly masturbate. And these are adults, most of whom have beloved women and strong families. Fighting masturbation is pointless and, in principle, not necessary.

Midlife crisis

How many men can be without proximity in 40 years? At this age, many are faced with the problem of the “midlife crisis”. According to sexologists, there is no significant difference between the representatives of the stronger sex at 30 and 40 years old, but from a psychological point of view, the differences are obvious. The level of hormones decreases, so the attraction does not occur so often. Often fears are added, which also drive away thoughts about sex.

middle-aged crisis

A man at this age usually begins to take more care of his health take time to physical fitness. The main fears are sexual dysfunction and prostatitis. But in reality the situation is not catastrophic. After forty men become sensual lovers who focus not on the number of sexual victories, but on the quality of relationships with a regular partner.

Opinion of sexologists

How much can a man without intimacy? Experts agree that it is almost impossible to determine. Much depends on the age and personal temperament of a man, the presence and temperament of a constant partner, visual and other stimuli that stimulate sexual desire. Sexologists say that a man can do without sex as much as he wants and considers it necessary.

However, in most cases, patience is enough for a maximum of three weeks. Further, due to abstinence, dissatisfaction appears, the quality of life deteriorates noticeably, and physical and psychological disorders arise. It is believed that the male body without regular sex ages much faster and wastes physical health. The psyche of the stronger sex is especially affected. The brain eventually blocks sperm production, which in the most difficult case can lead to infertility.

Female features

How many days a man can without proximity, of course - about 21 days. What about women? Indeed, the "laws of attractiveness" of the sexes are very different. Experts argue that women can do without negative consequences for psychological and physical health without intimacy for two months. Women, for example, often refuse sex during pregnancy. This is due to hormonal changes and fear for preserving the fetus.

At the same time, the weaker sex is by no means proximity as such is not alien. Each for various reasons there are breaks in intimate life. Usually women find a way out the same way as single men - for those who do not accept casual connections, masturbation helps pretty quickly and efficiently. Someone sublimates the libido, lives physically active, explores their sexuality on their own, or simply analyzes their own sexual past. A visit to a sexologist or psychologist who specializes in such problems will help establish a sexual life.

What is frigidity

There are (albeit rarely) serious cases - a woman has no desire for a sensual atmosphere , during sexual intercourse there are no pleasant sensations, it is not possible to experience an orgasm, there is fear and aversion to sex. In this case, sexologists talk about frigidity, which is a pathological deviation.

frigidity in women

All the reasons that lead to frigidity are usually divided into several groups: symptomatic frigidity occurs in painful conditions of various kinds, retardation is associated with the maturation of sensuality (the ability to experience an orgasm in some women is formed only by the age of 23-25), the constitutional assumption Gaeta complete or almost complete lack of libido

Men's frigidity too, is -. and it is not impotence. In this case, a man may not want sex for quite some time, up to several years. Sexual desire usually arises again when the causes of frigidity (illness, stress or fatigue) are eliminated. A little more complicated with age, the artificial suppression of sexuality (when a man has been in a same-sex environment for a long time), the development of homosexuality.

The consequences of abstinence

Long-term abstinence threatens health problems. During sexual contact, hormones are released that increase mood and restore psychological balance. Without them, the risk of developing depression increases with its consequences.

how much a man can do without proximity

According to sexologists, the rejection of sexual life leads to unreasonable aggression and loss of control over emotions. The other side of the issue is physical health. After abstinence for more than one year, potency may not be restored. In some cases, the intervention of doctors helps, but not always.



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