How sick men are. How to support a man when he is sick?

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How sick men are. How to support a man when he is sick?

No one is safe from disease, but if a man falls ill in a family, this is most often a universal catastrophe, although there are different cases. How do men get sick? It depends on the type of representative of the stronger half: some are afraid of being sick, others like being demonstrative, others are being in the spotlight, still being capricious, etc. But there is always a common feature - they become completely defenseless and dependent on female attention. Even the temperature becomes a drama for them and they are urgently going to die.

Elementary men’s common cold pushes into the background everything - illnesses of the wife, children, problems in the family, floods and tornadoes, etc. About how men get sick there are so many reviews of women. A woman should never relax in such a situation, even if both have caught a cold. She becomes a nanny-mother, and a man, whimpering from under his feet, blankets an old man on his deathbed or a baby who is unbearably pressured by a diaper.


about how sick men are

How do men get sick? Judging by his behavior, a man’s cold is always fatal. Temperature 37, mild coughing is a clear sign of consumption or cancer.

All households urgently revise their first-aid kit, look for thermometers, potions, heating pads, mustard plasters, etc. - there is a general mobilization, no one sleeps at night.

Relatives must have time to pay their last debt to the dying and line up for him to say goodbye, God forbid, do not have timeA man looks at all this with a tragic expression on his face, obliges everyone to tiptoe along the walls, talk in a whisper, no amusement.

How the men get sick further: getting ready for death, they think over who to leave their favorite moped, the temperature threatens death - already 37.1. An urgent wife should call all friends and warn that a friend is terrible and contagious, that you can only wait for him at the bachelor party, fishing and football at home in the evening, he can’t go out.

In the evening, you can drink beer and watch football and through the power to eat, so as not to upset the household. Well, there’s some kind of morsik or kompotik, cheese pancakes with powdered sugar, liver cakes with sour cream, lettuce, a pie with cabbage - God, well, I don’t want anything at all, all by force

Explanations of the doctors

how men behave when they get sick

It turns out that there are scientifically sound reasons why men are sick more often. Not only because their bodies are arranged differently: the speed of biochemistry, the structure of the skeleton, etc., and the psychology is different, but also because testosterone predominates in the body. It reduces immunity and a man gets sick no less than women. But the woman has estrogen protection, so she quickly heals and transfers more and more on her legs, but she has more complications. And in men, the same testosterone has anti-inflammatory properties, so the consequences are less.

Another thing is that as a truly strong and healthy creature, a man easily panics at the slightest ailment and the picture of world sorrow described above begins. In such a panic, a man, at the same time, is afraid of hiccups, dentists and white coats before hiccups.

Reviews of women about diseases of men at home

Sick a man sneezes and coughs the same way, but everyone is sick in his own way. Everything, like L. Tolstoy. About how men are sick, women have many reviews filled with humor and irony. But this concerns, of course, banal ordinary colds, muscle sprains, etc. Serious diseases do not fall into this category.

  1. If you have a cold, you don’t drink tablets, lie on the couch and die, but with breaks for a smoke break and beer in the evenings. After all, he is sick.
  2. Recently, a gentleman stepped on a piece of glass on a carpet. Well, a little blood leaked ... I screamed to call an ambulance, disinfected them, plucked my leg and urgently took me to the hospital, otherwise there would be tetanus.
  3. With a tiny cut on his finger, he fell into bed with a cry: “ I may have suppurationOr maybe even blood poisoning !!Something needs to be done ... ”.
  4. With a cold, a man with a proudly raised head says that the body must fight by itself. Usually on day 5, when she can’t speak anymore, her head doesn’t feel the temperature, the wife takes the “bull by the horns”, quickly stuffs him with all the medicinal quick-acting preparations + teas + groundings, etc. In the evening, he’s almost a “cucumber” and then a sweet one flies in because the woman spoiled the whole picture of the body, because he only began to fight himself, and then all these medicines prevented him.
  5. “And how will I go to work tomorrow at this temperature? .. What? Normal? Normal is 36.6. And 36.9 is a disease. We need to call the boss".
  6. " Maybe turn off the light? " Come closer. Give me a hand. Stay with me until the morning. You are the best that I have in this life ... Yes, so what, what is now 12 noon?!?What does this change? ”.

The dying swan

a man is sick what to do

is defenseless and requires attention. Ever since childhood, he learned that if he is sick, he is the center of the universe (the deeply hidden complex of a little boy). Now you can do nothing and let everyone tiptoe, look after and pet - he has a full carte blanche.

You have no more and no less than how to reveal yourself from the best side: personally prepare him a healthy chicken stock before his death, feed him from a spoon, stick a blanket and watch only his favorite films with him on a DVD.

Type of persistent tin soldier

There is another category of men - until the last they will assure that everything is fine with them. If you yourself find out in some way known only to you that he is sick and ill, they will assure you that it seemed.

There may be a flash of aggression that you do not give him freedom, you control everything, command and he will not come here anymore, etc. A man has no weaknesses, so don’t confess.

In such cases, it can often be that a man tolerates a fainting state when only analgin can no longer help. But even in this case, he will twitch that everything is fine and will not go to bed.

He categorically does not want to drink medicine, and he must be cunning, like with a child: cough syrups - into tea, powders of medicine - to food.

The best thing for these men is prevention. Most “tin soldiers” are supportive of such measures and willingly take immunomodulators if they do not know that this is also a medicine.

Type of folk healer

How do men (when they are ill) behave with this type of worldview? Such a comrade will not go to the doctor. He is not shy about being sick, but only in his own way. It is good if the recipes of the traditional healer are folk, and not homegrown. Then the experiments are unpredictable. Give him folk medics, in which doctors are indicated among the authors, buy herbal products for him only at a pharmacy and from well-known companies.

Thomas the unbeliever

He does not believe in anything, in any medicine. Are men of this type sick? He does not believe doctors, but calls home, does not believe in medicines, but buys in a pharmacy. Doctors do not understand anything, but they need to be called, there will be no help from them, but he requires it.

To treat him, you need to find authority for him. This may be his boss, a respected neighbor, politician, or the chief medical officer of the country Tishchenko. Only then can he be convinced of the need for treatment. And so that he did not interrupt the course of treatment after the first pill, you can again point out the opinion of the authority: “So Tishchenko said that 1 pill would not help, and after the course, as you can see, it’s completely healthy.”

BWM - often sick men

When questioned, they sigh heavily, the face becomes painful. They will tell you in more detail about a bunch of problems with the intestines or stomach. She stubbornly resists sympathy.

At the same time, homeless people do not panic - they are callous people. They love to drink BWM drugs: both on the recommendation of a doctor and on their own. They especially require care and attention.

Big child

why men get sick more often

He can squish his nose for weeks, and do nothing, and say that he does not know what to do.

It is not difficult to treat it: with a strict "mother's" voice, tell him to measure the temperature, put on socks with mustard and open his mouth to swallow the medicine.

Only take his hand to the doctor, it’s better to go to the doctor with him together. Questions about well-being confuse him. He wants to leave his office faster, hesitates and will not name half the symptoms.

To recover, he needs to be praised more often, given with medicines and tea with jam, carefully covered for the night.


This one understands everything: it’s bad to get sick, treatment is necessary, but that’s all. A visit to the doctor is constantly delayed, the tablets are dusting on the nightstand. The forgetful repents and forgets everything again.

Sometimes forgetfulness helps to avoid injections. It is better to provide clear instructions with the numbers of cabinets and telephones and ask how it is done. The main thing is without criticism and irritation. To consolidate the effect, one can quote the “complications” column from the medical encyclopedia, especially the potency.

The sickest man in the world

Such men are more often ill because of their inner convictions. He calls this doctor himself, and not one - from the district doctor to the familiar resuscitator and connoisseur of Chinese medicine.

He has a lot of difficulties: allergy to fruit drinks, liver pricks from broth, and melancholy from color of plaid. Such men are often sick with a pathological fear for their health, hiding general anxiety or simply a low pain threshold. You have to distract such people with funny films, walks, change the situation. Just do not moan and do not call his mother with him.

The healthiest person in the world

The most common type of “sick man”. The essence of behavior is the same - fear of ailments. But the policy is ostrich - to pretend that nothing is happening. He goes to football, doesn’t go for tests, and doesn’t drink a pill because of the temperature - because they are strong, they can’t take down. One can only invoke a sense of responsibility and convey to the knowledge that the virus will kill the whole family without treatment.

How to behave in such situations (naturally, we are talking about minor diseases)?

Men always have a lower pain threshold. Therefore, a woman with minor diseases feels a slight malaise, and a man becomes really ill.

A man is sick - what should I do? Syusyukat and feed from a spoon is not necessary, it's overkill. Make dinner, but don’t take time off from work to warm it up for your loved one.

By any means make the man visit the doctor. You convince that now there is a new type of flu, and there can be the most terrible consequences for the head, heart complications or potency. Therefore, it is important to see a doctorBetter yet, together

Squeeze out the benefits of the home from the situation. While he is on sick leave, load it with light homework - tidy up in your locker or fix the nightstand. And self-pity will go away somewhere.

Behavior after the clinic

how sick men are

How to behave? Is the man sick? The task is quite solvable. Listen carefully to what he wants to say. If a man has already visited a doctor, it is better to look at his card, even call the doctor back, because he will not tell even half of what he owes.

But do not do this with him, so that he would not take care of him for mistrust. Buy the medicine yourself, read their instructions and remind yourself of the rules of administration so as not to clog your husband’s head with trifles.

If a man has a set of persistent illnesses, learn how to help him yourself. For example, with joint inflammation, poisoning, injuries, if it is associated with hobbies or work. Understanding and trust should be in everything.

Provide support, if everything is serious

How to support a man when he is sick? Show understanding, care. Do not just take care, but be interested in his well-being, show affection. The more serious the situation, the more affection. Due to illness, he cannot feel useless, inferior, and useless to anyone. He must know that he is valued and loved - show him that.

Be considerate, no lamentations, only recommendations in the form of a wish.


It should be at the forefront. A man can become irritable and moody, grumbling. Make a discount on the disease and do not judge strictly. Do not be offended by the sharpness of words in case of illness. Try to smooth the corners, do not get annoyed in response. For the time of your husband’s illness, focus more on him.

Your mood

Next to him radiate optimism, no gloomEverything is as usual, there is no tragedy. And one more thing: do not forget about yourself. Look for positive, chat with friends and family. Go in for sports, eat well. If you have an optimistic attitude and a large margin of patience, the patient next to you will also feel comfort and confidence.


An effective way to help is to try to distract him. Suggest a hobby class - go fishing, watch a new movie, do crafts. Try to find entertainment for your half and distract from problems. Behave naturally, involve him in helping yourself, do not hush up the problems that exist.

How to cheer up the patient?

Do not show your panic. Do not stop talking. The psychology of men is sick, which means that it requires not oblivion, but communication. Talk to him, even if you want to sit on the sidelines. Speak without cursing as if he were healthy. No sympathyIt will make you sad. Keep up with your family’s usual topics.

Be Silent

Be Silent and Silent, but stay close. Sit down, take his hand. It is sometimes necessary and natural, do not be shy about it.

Emotionally men are more constrained, but you can discharge it and help remove the emotional block. Share news and events at your workplace or during the day, ask for advice. He should know - they still value him and value his opinion. In a difficult situation of the disease, anyone can become depressed, flushed and irritated. Your moral support must be understanding and generous.



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