How to apply iodine mesh correctly

21.07.2020 Medicine
How to apply iodine mesh correctly

Mechanism of action

The action of such a treatment procedure as an iodine net is based on the same mechanism as in bank therapy. But drawing on the basis of a brownish liquid should be regarded as a more gentle option for helping the patient.

With various inflammatory processes in the lungs and other target organs, tissue edema is observed. In the focus of inflammation, blood flow is disrupted, and immune cells stop renewing. An aqueous-alcoholic solution of iodine has an irritating effect on the affected area and provokes reflex vasodilation of those organs that are located in the projection of the areas of the body treated with iodine. As a result, blood circulation is restored, "cleaning" of the inflamed area is accelerated, which has a positive effect on the overall dynamics of recovery. How do you do this?

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Rules for applying the "pattern" to the skin

Despite the fact that the iodine mesh is a simple procedure, it requires adherence to certain rules, otherwise you can get burned. Their essence boils down to the following:

  • "drawing" should be applied to clean skin and only with a stick, at the end of which there is a cotton ball;
  • iodine should not be applied to birthmarks;
  • 5% alcohol solution of iodine should be used as an antiseptic;
  • the optimal mesh size of the iodine mesh should be 1x1.
  • iodine mesh should be applied to the affected area and without additional pictures.

RememberVertical iodine lines for tracheitis and bronchitis are applied to: the sternum (there can be 2 or 3 of them, depending on the width of the latter) and one strip on the right and left, retreating about 1 cm from the midclavicular line (i.e., the vertical line, conditionally drawn through the middle collarbone). Behind with the same diseases, 2 vertical lines are drawn: one through the inner (vertical) edge of the clavicle, the second between the spine and the first line. When applying horizontal lines both in front and behind, it is necessary to try to apply them to the intercostal spaces, since this is where the nerves and vessels associated with target organs pass, the blood supply of which must be normalized.

In osteochondrosis, the principle of drawing lines is the same, but the stripes are drawn only on the back, and their length is not limited (it all depends on the location of the damaged area).


Before using the iodine mesh, it is necessary to remember about contraindications. These include: body temperature above 38 and individual iodine intolerance. How to check if a specified chemical element is an allergen? Before performing the procedure, apply a strip of iodine to a delicate area of ​​the skin (for example, on the inner surface of the wrist) and wait 10-15 minutes. If she is not very reddened, there is no swelling, and the burning sensation is insignificant - the risk of individual intolerance to the component is minimal. In the presence of the listed symptoms, the procedure should be abandoned.


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