You will need
  • - knife;
  • - rolling pin for dough;
  • - glass bottle;
  • - wooden potato masher;
  • - frying pan.
You can beat meat in the absence of a special hammer with a knife. This will require a heavy and thick knife. Cut the meat into pieces and beat them not with the sharp, but with the back of the knife in different directions. You can use the pen knife if it is wide enough.
Make the meat soft the power and regular glass bottle , more precisely, its neck. When beating them, pieces of meat are even more tender and airy than when beating with a hammer. To do this, just tap on a piece of meat with a neck. However, you can beat it off with the bottom of the bottle. In this case, it is better to pre-fill it with water.
A rolling pin for dough and a wooden crush for mashed potatoes do a good job with the function of a hammer. Just don't overdo it. Excessive beating can turn juicy meat into dry meat.
You can beat off the pieces of meat with the flat side of the pan. Only previously they should be wrapped in plastic wrap or plastic bag for hygiene purposes.
Stone will do the job of a meat hammer. To do this, you need to find the cobblestone of weight, put it in a plastic bag and only after that start beating the meat.
A piece of meat can be beaten off with the base or edge of your palm. True, to repel is loudly said. Rather, you can just soften the meat.