Uggs are not a model of elegance, but they look pretty cute, and those who happened to vilify them in severe frost give them part of their heart - it’s so comfortable and warm in their legs boots - bumps. If, even on a frosty day, a dirty puddle accidentally gets in the way and a pair of unsightly spots appear on the light surface of the boots, then you should not immediately say goodbye to your shoes. You can try to return them to their previous attractiveness. The main thing is calmness and reasonable actions.

  • Even if the ugg boots are wet, then you can’t put them on the battery or on the stove, and even more so on the heater. Leave them to dry at room temperature, without additional exposure to warm air.
  • If clumps of dirt adhere to the surface of the boot, then they should not be touched either, you can only aggravate the situation. After waiting for the boots to dry, you can begin to clean the dried dirt with the gentle movements of a small brush. Even an old toothbrush will do for this.
  • If the dirt is very dirty, you can use a penknife. You can prevent the deep penetration of dirt into the surface of the boots using a special suede spray, which should be sold in the same store where ugg boots were purchased.

And let your legs in any shoes always look good