The problem is that I don’t want to devote anyone to my difficulties, but finding the right psychologist-consultant on the vast expanses of the Internet is difficult, because there are a lot of psychological services. In addition, the highly scattered price range for the services of a professional psychologist is embarrassing.

What is psychological counseling

Psychological counseling is the provision of psychological assistance by a professional psychologist- consultant to a mentally healthy person (s).

If you do not mind using the services of a professional psychologist, check out the 5 steps for finding a psychologist.

Step 1. Clearly state the problem

Before choosing a psychologist on the Internet, precisely state the problem for yourself, the solution of which requires professional help. To do this, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What bothers me the most right now?
  2. What questions would I like to find answers to?
  3. What I want from a psychologist-consultant, how can he help me: listen, advise, provide the necessary information, suggest, explain the reasons, give more in-depth information (and what is behind it), redirect to a specialist, say what exactly I need to change how to do this, to hear his opinion from a professional, just talk, settle emotions, etc.?

Step 2. Determine the amount of remuneration

Browse the Internet for the average payment for psychological counseling in your area. Having found the answer to the question, decide on the amount of remuneration to the psychologist.

Any deviations in one direction or another will require a more detailed study of the description of the psychologist. Remember: not always lower / higher price of a service is an indicator of low / high professionalism.

Step 3. Determine what type of counseling is needed: individual or family counseling

There are consultant psychologists who work individually with the client. Such a consultant will pay attention at meetings to the development and growth of the client, his growing up, gaining the necessary experience. At the same time, a psychologist-consultant can work in different directions and in various ways, helping to solve issues related to personality development.

Example of a problem: a capable, intellectually developed and well-socialized boy for several months became unsuccessful in his studies. The exceptions are those periods when divorcing parents jointly discuss and try to solve the problem of unsuccessful son. Then the son does his homework, actively responds to lessons, behaves very roughly, and everyone is happy with him (including himself).

An individual psychologist-consultant helps the child find the resources that are needed to cope with problems and accompanies his development and growing up in a difficult period of life.

There are psychologists-consultants who work in a family system approach, when a lot of attention is paid not to the individual characteristics of the client, but to the features of his relationship with members family.

This is a deeper, but also more effective work. In this approach, it is believed that the problem with which the client comes to the consultation is not so much his pain as a sign of his family’s “illness”, which does not cope with certain tasks and demonstrates this through the problem of one of its members.

A systemic family psychologist would solve the above-mentioned problem in several directions:

  1. work with spouses on the subject of emotional completeness of divorce;
  2. work with parents on the subject of agreement on parental obligations and their effectiveness as p parents in a difficult period of life;
  3. parent-child work to strengthen the child’s relationship with each parent;
  4. work with the child about relationships in the presence of the family.

The result of both individual and family psychological counseling is improving the quality of life.

Step 4. Make a list of prospective counseling psychologists

Find a professional website for psychologists-consultants from your city (if a personal meeting is important for you). Identify those who can help, focusing on an individual or systematic family approach.

In the publications of psychologists about yourself, pay attention to the basic education of a psychologist, to long-term continuing education or training programs (long-term education is the guarantor of professionalism in differences from a scientific degree), on the dispersion of professional interests (if there are too many of them, then the question arises of the level of professionalism: it is impossible to be a good specialist in many areas), on personal qualities and professional values ​​(ask the question: “Do you like him as a person?”

Step 5. Determine if this is your psychologist

After after compiling a list of several candidates for the role of “your” psychologist, ask the question: “Do I want to be near this person and am I ready to receive psychological help from him?”

If the answer is yes, feel free to contact for help. Efforts were not in vain.

So, if you want to find “your own” psychologist-consultant, it is important to spend time on this and take 5 mandatory steps. Then 90% of the choice will be right, you will get the result in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.