How to choose a runbike for a child of 2 years: review, rating, useful tips

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How to choose a runbike for a child of 2 years: review, rating, useful tips

Even young children need to develop coordination and a sense of balance. At a very young age, such a modern means of transportation as a runbike is suitable for this. It is comfortable, with wide wheels, but without pedals, which kids just can not handle. How to choose a runbike for a child of 2 years? We offer a number of tips and a rating of the best models.

Runbike - a modern children's transport

Runbike is a variation of the bike, in which there are no pedals. For movement, the child needs to sit down and move, pushing off with his feet. Runbikes are suitable for children over 2 years old, although there are models designed for very small ones. Structurally, the transport includes a frame, a seat and two or three wheels. How to choose a runbike for a child of 2 years? We offer a number of tips and tricks.

Determine the correct size

Each manufacturer offers models with seats located at different heights. In the case of runbikes, the step size, that is, the distance from the ground to the top of the seat, plays an important role. To determine it, you need to measure the length of the child’s legs along the inner seam. It is necessary to ensure that while riding there is a power reserve, which is important for the convenience of repulsion. The height of the child at 2 years old is approximately 86 cm, and this parameter must also be taken into account

We take into account age

To buy a runbike is for children who are already confidently walking and running. Although many manufacturers offer models from 1 year. For the youngest you should buy a runbike with a handle for riding, children from 1.5 years old can use models with wide rubber wheels, but from 2 years old you can choose almost any bike.


How to choose a runbike for a child of 2 years? Many parents can not decide on the type of material. Most often, this transport is made of wood, metal or plastic:

  • Wooden ranbikes are lightweight, durable, environmentally friendly, but most often such models do not transform. In addition, there may be certain difficulties with operation in bad weather: under the influence of moisture, dirt, the tree may lose its appearance, become deformed and become cracked.
  • Steel or aluminum models are the most durable, they can be adjusted to the child’s height in 2 years or 3 years. Despite the fact that they are made of metal, the scooters are light and convenient to use, they do not rust when exposed to moisture due to paint and polymer coating.
  • Plastic models are the most reliable, since they are not afraid of any weather conditions. Due to the manufacture of heavy composite plastic, such runbikes are practical, resistant to decay and corrosion.

When choosing a material, you need to consider where the vehicle will be used - only on the street or at home, too. In the latter version, it is worth giving preference to models that will not harm the flooring in the house or apartment.

Wheel type

How to choose a runbike for a child of 2 years, so that the transport is convenient to operate? Experts advise paying attention to the type of wheels. They are airless and airy. The first are lightweight, do not require maintenance, suitable for driving indoors or outdoors. But the tire gradually wears out, and with abrasion it will be necessary to change the entire wheel. Air wheels make the ride softer and more comfortable by absorbing road bumps. Among the shortcomings can be identified the need for maintenance, as the air tires are easily punctured.

Brakes: are you needed?

Runbikes are convenient because the child can brake with his feet. However, a number of manufacturers produce this type of transport with brakes. It should be noted that very young children simply do not have enough strength to cope with the brake system. Therefore, for them, a simple bicycle is enough for them to learn how to keep their balance.

To summarize. To successfully choose a runbike for a child of 2 years old, you need to consider certain points. The main selection criteria should be:

  • the ability to adjust the seat,
  • a comfortable seat shape,
  • the presence of a stand for legs, so that it is easier for kids to learn to ride and keep your balance.

Also do not forget to buy a helmet for a runbike. At 2 years old, the child may still not maintain balance, so falls happen. As a rule, helmets are adjustable in size of the head with the help of straps, have soft pads inside to make the landing comfortable, and ventilation holes. These are the most important rules to keep in mind before buying a runbike. Now let's figure out which brands are considered the best and why.

Does a child need a runbike?

As children grow and develop, their priorities, interests, and toys change. From early childhood, we buy kids some kind of vehicles based on their age. A runbike, which is produced without pedals and is designed just for use by the smallest ones, has become a popular transport of recent years. Does a child run for 2 years? The answer to this question depends on the parents themselves.

It is noteworthy that in Europe and the USA, runbikes are already displaced bicycles due to their greater convenience and ease of development. In fact, the child needs to sit on the seat and hold the steering wheel to move around. Here are the reasons for buying a runbike:

  • the child’s vestibular apparatus develops, and he regulates the intensity of his training;
  • coordination of movements develops, arms and legs strengthen, the child learns to maneuver;
  • while riding, his legs are in a comfortable position, so there is no load on the joints;
  • it’s easier for kids to learn how to balance while riding a runbike;
  • models are designed for children from one and a half years and older.

It is also important that when riding a child performs a variety of movements tions, which develops not only the musculoskeletal system, but also the brain. The only drawback of a runbike can be considered its cost, which is often high. On the other hand, you can buy transformer models and thereby get two vehicles at once that will bring joy to the kids.

The best universal models

easy runbike for children from 2 years old

The rating of runbikes for children from 2 years old we decided to start with a description of the most versatile models that are suitable for kids of this age:

  • Strider ST-4 is a compact option for children from one and a half years. The design of the runbike is thought out so that during riding the child develops balance and coordination of movement. Suitable for use in winter and summer. Among the advantages - adjustment of the saddle for the growth of the child, the ability to install a soft saddle, a set of pumped wheels, brakes. This model can be used by children under 5 years old.
  • Small Rider Pl is the most beautiful ranbike that kids will like for its bright and stylish design. It is made of plastic, has a steering limiter, lightweight construction, and good grip on any road surface.
  • Bellelli B-Bip Pl is considered the most reliable runbike for children 2-5 years old. The bike-free bike is complemented by hand protection, has a sturdy plastic case and stable wheels. The model is designed for a maximum load of up to 30 kg.
  • Milly Mally Dragon is the most comfortable runbike, which is also equipped with an adjustable seat. The model is characterized by good stability on any surface. Suitable for use by children under 5 years old.

All universal models are equipped with a comfortable steering wheel, seat, light weight, so they are suitable for use by children from one and a half years. The seats are made of soft fabric, so even with a long ride the child will not experience any discomfort or inconvenience.

The lightest runbikes

Does a 2-year-old child need a run

For children to use bicycles conveniently, they should not only be safe, but also easy. The following models are included in the rating of runbikes for children from 2 years of age in terms of design weight:

  • Begoo: a steel runbike weighs only 2.5 kg, differs in a simple design and functionality. The model is complemented by light tubeless wheels and a lightweight frame, which is made curved for convenience. The bike is designed for children whose height is not lower than 86 cm. The steering wheel and seat height are adjustable, which is very important.
  • RunBike Beck is another lightweight runbike for children from 2 years old, whose weight is only 2.6 kg The steel frame is equipped with an integrated footrest. The ranbike is height-adjustable for the height of the baby, it can be used by children from 78 to 125 m tall. For greater safety, the handles are protected and the steering wheel is fixed.
  • Strider 12 Classic weighing 2.9 kg - light and maneuverable run with large diameter wheels. Thanks to good cushioning, the vehicle is stable on rough roads. The seat and steering wheel are adjustable, and children up to 112 cm tall can use the runbike.

The easier the runbike, the easier it will be for the child to cope with it, especially at the initial stage of getting to know such a vehicle. Yes, and it will be easier for parents to lift it to the fifth floor if the child is tired of the toy.

The best three-wheeled runbikes

Three-wheeled runner for children from 2 years old is the best solution . Models are distinguished by reliability, stability, safety due to the three wheels in the design. The following runbike models stand out in this category:

  • Puky Wutsch. The peculiarity of this model is in the balancing helm stance, which is important for very young children from 80 cm tall. Due to the fact that the helm stance can tilt to the right or left side, the child learns to balance and coordinate movement faster. The model is equipped with small silent tires, so you can ride on it both at home and on the street. The wide wheelbase makes the structure stable.
  • The Hoppop Locco is a pretty three-wheel runbike. It has a sturdy and reliable design with a height-adjustable seat. Perhaps this is the best runbike for a child of 2 years and even younger.
  • VipLex is a pedalless bike designed for children from 2 to 5 years. Stable and durable, it is suitable so that even the smallest can work out coordination of movements when driving. Among the advantages of this model, solid wheels on rubber and small sizes stand out.

Three-wheeled models are an excellent solution for children who are just starting to learn to ride. The design is stable, so it will be easy, comfortable, and most importantly safe for kids to move around.

Transformer runbikes

A review of runbikes for children 2 years of life will be incomplete if you do not include transforming models in it. Their convenience is that they increase in size as the child grows. In addition, with a flick of the wrist they can be turned into a scooter or a bicycle with pedals. It is clear that such models will cost more, but thanks to this design, the runbike can be used for a longer time and for a variety of purposes. The most popular models in this category are:

  • Scoot & Ride ghway Baby Plus. This transformer runbike is made by the German brand. With impressive dimensions, the model is lightweight and safe. The line contains runbikes of different colors. The uniqueness of German-made runbikes is that at the touch of a button they easily turn into a scooter. Moreover, even a baby can cope with the transformation
  • Scoot & Ride ghway Freak is another model that easily turns from a runbike into a scooter. It comes with only two wheels, while the front wheel is large. Due to this, it is stable, and the scooter itself can easily withstand weight up to 50 kg. The steering wheel with comfortable rubber handles can be adjusted in height. The cushioned seat provides comfortable riding even for a long time.
  • Chillafish BUNZI FAD is a runbike that is suitable even for children under 2 years old. The three-wheeled model is equipped with rubberized wheels, so it rolls smoothly and better adheres to the road surface. Thanks to these wheels, the runbike can be operated even on the floor and linoleum without the risk of damage to the flooring. If necessary, the model can be easily transformed into a gurney or a bicycle balancer.
  • Hobby-bike Original is a chic two-wheeled runbike for children from 2 years old, which can be used with and without pedals. This is a great option for those who are just starting to ride. The convenience of the bicycle balancer is that it can be used up to 5 years for sure. The unique patented bicycle system allows a child from 2 years old to learn how to ride it. Once the child is comfortable with the runbike, you can put the wheels in and teach him to ride a full-fledged bike.

Transformer runbikes are a convenient solution, because when you buy one vehicle you get two at once. It can be changed into a scooter or a standard bicycle with pedals, allowing the child to improve his skills and learn something new, gradually moving forward in his development.

We draw conclusions

We gave several ratings The best models of runbikes in different categories. What to choose depends only on the preferences of the child and the capabilities of the parents. In any case, there are so many options that there will definitely not be a problem with the selection of the right model. For very small ones, you should opt for three-wheeled structures that are more reliable and stable. For older children, transformers are suitable. If desired, the child can turn a runbike into a scooter at the touch of a button and vice versa.



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