You will need
  • - sturgeon;
  • - cutting board;
  • - knife.
Defrost the fish if it was stored in the freezer. Make it better beforehand by shifting sturgeon in the refrigerator or leaving in the room for a while. If there’s no time for slow defrosting, use function “defrosting” in the microwave or, in extreme cases, put the fish in a bowl with cold salted water.
Douse the sturgeon very with hot water so that all the mucus comes off and the flakes on the sides are lighter remove.
Put the fish on a table or on a cutting board and with a sharp knife, separate the head and head fins. Carefully remove the gills, as they will add bitterness to the dish. It’s easy to remove the fins a> using kitchen scissors. With a well-ground knife, cut the dorsal fin, which must be removed with a small strip of leather.
Cut the tail from the carcass and remove the elm (chord of the spine). Vyaziga is located in the spinal column. To remove it, you need to pry it with your finger and pull it out as a long cord.
Cut the fish along the entire length of the back, dividing it into two layers. Make sure to cut the carcass along the spinal cartilage. The cut should go through the middle of the fat present on the cartilage.
Slice the fish into portioned pieces called links. Divide too large links into 2-4 parts. Vyazig can not be removed immediately, but directly from each link.