How to clean aluminum utensils at home: methods, tools, instructions

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How to clean aluminum utensils at home: methods, tools, instructions

Aluminum utensils are much lighter than other utensils, and also heats up faster. But when it is used for a long time, the material darkens, carbon deposits appear on the surface. In order for the containers to serve as long as possible, it is necessary to properly care for them. How to clean aluminum cookware at home is described in the article.

Nuances of use

Aluminum cookware has some properties, due to which its use in everyday life is limited. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account certain nuances of cooking:

  1. The material interacts with various acids. If you cook and leave porridge or soup in the dishes, then after a while they turn sour and spoil the container.
  2. In aluminum utensils, products for various preparations for the winter, for example, jam, are often boiled. But they should not be stored in it for a long time, since acid from fruits and berries negatively affects the walls of the product.
  3. To prevent an unpleasant outcome, water and salt are boiled in a container in proportion to: 1 tsp before use. . salt for 5 tsp water.
  4. These products do not have a non-stick coating. If you overlook the cooking, the contents will burn up, a dark coating forms on the walls. The outer part turns black after contact with the hob.

How to clean aluminum dishes in at home? Eliminate soot from this dishwasher by washing will not work. You must use effective methods to resolve it.

Terms of use

Aluminum is a soft metal that is prone to oxidation Scratches form due to cleaning powders, metal washcloths and sponges. But even prolonged use of the products helps to preserve the excellent appearance of the dishes, if some recommendations are followed:

  1. Do not use abrasive cleaners that include solid particles of chalk. Calcined soda and other materials that can lead to mechanical damage to the product are negatively affected. For cleaning you need liquid detergents, gels.
  2. Do not clean the bottom and walls with a knife or sandpaper.
  3. To maintain shine, to prevent the formation of dark spots, it is forbidden to use aggressive substances with alkali and acid.
  4. To protect the metal from darkening due to the action of water with elevated temperature, you should not wash the products often in the dishwasher.

Since it easily appeared on products are dirt, dark spots, streaks of food, water, chemicals, you should know how to clean aluminum cookware at home. It is important to use proven products and not to use harmful substances. The cleaning method depends on the type of contamination.

Carbon removal

How to clean aluminum dishes if carbon deposits appear? There are methods that make containers shiny. Allow the product to cool before cleaning. Otherwise, it will change shape upon contact with cold water.

household soap for washing dishes

Effective means include the following:

  1. Laundry soap for washing dishes will be an excellent tool to improve the condition of the aluminum container. The product is soaked in a soap solution, which consists of half a piece of soap, which was dissolved in 5 liters. warm water. It is not worth leaving the container for a long time so that spots and stains do not form on the surface. After this procedure, minor efforts and a sponge for dishes are necessary to eliminate carbon deposits from the walls. This recipe is used when the plaque has not yet been eaten.
  2. The classic way to clean aluminum dishes from soot is based on the fact that the container is rubbed with a sponge and soda until the defect is eliminated. If this does not happen, then the product must be lowered into a bucket or basin, pouring water (10 l) there, pouring out soda (glass). The solution is boiled for at least 5 minutes and until the pollution is eliminated. For a qualitative result, a piece of laundry soap, silicate glue (150 ml) is added. After completing the work, rinse the dishes with warm water and leave to dry.
  3. Instead of soda, table salt is suitable. When the container is contaminated inside, brine is boiled in it so that the carbon deposit begins to be removed. If the defect is noticeable from the outside, then the dishes are boiled in a bucket or tank, adding a lot of salt to the water.
  4. How to clean aluminum dishes at home in another way? Sludge is eliminated by citric acid, which is used during the preservation of vegetables. Pour water into the container so that it conceals the blackness, add 2 tbsp. l lemons, and then boil for 15 minutes. At the end, dishes are washed under running water with a special product.
  5. Vinegar 9% is also used. It must be poured into the container for 3 hours. Then it is washed under running water using a hard foam sponge. To enhance the effect to vinegar, you can add 0.5 pieces of grated laundry soap. It is also used with PVA glue. To do this, create a mixture of 1/3 of a piece of grated soap, glue (1 tbsp. L), water (4 liters) and boil a container.


B shops sell professional cleaning products for aluminum dishes. In this case, you do not need to prepare homemade solutions. The best tools include the following:

  1. “Shumanit” is a potent and effective preparation used to clean dishes.
  2. Amway is an effective and aggressive solution.
  3. “Cistern” is not highly effective, but affordable.
solution of soda ash for washing dishes

Any purchased products must be used according to the instructions . Then they allow you to quickly eliminate pollution, give the product its original shine.


If the tap water is hard, then limescale often appears on the inside of aluminum objects. When rubbing it, there is a chance to scratch the product. Cleansing is carried out in the following ways:

  1. If the scale is stable, boil the product in a mixture of components from soda, soap, silicate glue.
  2. If the scale is small, use ammonia in an amount of 5 -10 drops, which are dissolved in half a glass of water. Also added 1/3 of a piece of laundry soap, 1 tbsp. l drinking soda. With the prepared product, you need to wash the product and rinse it with running water.
  3. The scale is removed with vinegar, for this water is poured into the container, table vinegar (4 tbsp. L) is added. The solution boils for 15 minutes, and then drains. Wash the product with water.

All of these recipes are effective for cleaning the surface without damaging the material. Moreover, they are affordable.

Removing fat

When improperly cleaning aluminum pans from grease, they lose their original appearance. Scratches appear on the surface. In order not to spoil the appearance, you need to know how to properly clean the container from fat. The following recipes are effective:

  1. Warm water is poured into the contaminated product, in which 1 tbsp. l detergent. In this form, leave for 30-60 minutes, and then wipe the surface with a soft cloth and rinse.
  2. The dishes should be filled with water, add vinegar and lemon juice (2 tbsp. Each). The pot is put on gas, brought to a boil and boiled for 15-20 minutes. Then it needs to cool, the fat is removed with a foam sponge.
  3. To eliminate fat, the same method is used as for tanning - using soda, soap and silicate glue.
detergents for cleaning aluminum dishes

Soda ash

Not all housewives know that soda ash is used for dishes. Pure sodium carbonate can be used for cleaning. The powder is poured onto a sponge from a pack, and then the surface of the dishes is treated. You can use a solution of soda ash for washing dishes. To do this, add water and soda in an amount of 3 tbsp. To the basin. l powder per 1 liter of liquid. A container is placed in the resulting solution. Soak for 2-3 hours, and then wash in the usual way.

dishwashing sponge

There is another effective way to clean the utensils. Soda ash is mixed with dishwashing detergent and silicate glue. The components must be taken in the same amount (2-3 tbsp. L), mixed until smooth. The resulting product must be applied to the dishes for several hours, and then the contaminated place is cleaned and rinsed in clean water.

Eliminate old fat and plaque allows boiling dishes with soda ash. This method is more suitable for forks, spoons, knives, small bowls, lids. Kitchen utensils are folded into a metal basin, filled with clean water. Also added 0.5 packs of soda and shavings of laundry soap (1 piece rubbed on a coarse grater). The basin is installed on the stove, after which you should wait until the water boils. Then the fire is reduced and the solution is boiled for 15 minutes.


Thus, various means are used to clean aluminum dishes. All methods presented in the article are effective. Their use allows you to return the product to its original form.



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