The language is not cleaned before boiling. Rinse it in cold water, put in a pot of boiling water. When the water boils again, tighten the fire to a minimum, salt the water and let the tongue cook for 2 - 2.5 hours.
To add the boiled tongue of the aroma, you can put a whole peeled onion, carrot, celery root or parsnip into the pan. You can also add dried herbs and allspice. You can try the readiness of the language by piercing it with a fork. Veal tongue boil less time.
Prepare a bowl of cold water. When the tongue is cooked, remove it from the pan and place it in a bowl, hold it there for a minute and clean it. Whitish, dense skin should be removed easily and effortlessly. In places where it has not separated from the meat, pry or cut it with a knife.
After that, you can put the tongue back into the pan so that it is saturated with its aroma and the taste of vegetables and spices. Let it cool in the pan with the broth.