Each evening , after coming from the street, suede shoes must be cleaned. You can do this with a brush for shoes soaked in a solution of water, soap and a few drops of ammonia. After you clean the shoes with this mixture, you need to wipe it a little with cold water and leave to dry, but in no case at the battery.
If suede shoes or boots are a little shiny in some places, the ammonia will help again. Dampen a cotton swab in liquid ammonia and wipe the greasy spots. You can also hold the shoes over the steam or rub the eraser.
How to clean suede shoes at home
Stains from suede shoes can be removed with gasoline or talcum powder. You just need to wipe the contaminated area with gasoline or sprinkle it with a calf (it absorbs fat very well). Then the shoes should be left alone for several hours, and then brushed.
How to clean suede shoes at home
Rough and dirty places on suede shoes can also be cleaned using milk. Mix half a glass of milk with 2 drops of ammonia and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Put a solution on the places of pollution, wipe. The shoes will become clean.
How to clean suede shoes at home